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Twelve jurors have been chosen for Donald Trump’s trial.

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The criminal trial of Donald Trump, which will get to the heart of the matter as soon as a handful of alternate jurors are picked, began on Thursday in a court in New York, where twelve individuals were sworn in to try him.

The jury has been assembled. On Thursday, April 18, late in the afternoon, Judge Juan Merchan ratified the difficult selection of the twelve jurors for the historic trial of Donald Trump, which was held in New York. This sentence was much anticipated, and it was with this sentence that the judge ratified the selection. The magistrate continued by adding, “Let’s choose our alternates,” and he expressed his “optimism” over the possibility that the jury will be firmly constituted on Friday. This will be the day when five further alternate jurors, out of the required six, will have been selected.

During the time that the newly appointed jurors were taking an oath to judge the case in a manner that was “fair and impartial,” Donald Trump did not take his eyes off him. Since the beginning of the week, he has been required to participate in this essential and at times tedious selection stage. He is the first former president of the United States to appear in criminal proceedings.

After the hearing, the Republican candidate for the presidential election that will take place in November once again protested in front of journalists, saying, “I should be campaigning in a lot of different places.” “I have been sitting here for days, from morning to night, in this frozen room,” the 77-year-old billionaire moaned. “It has been freezing to the point of death.”

An unorganized recovery

Following the break that was taken on Wednesday, the trial continued on Thursday in a fairly chaotic manner. During this time, a juror who had previously been picked made a request to withdraw from the case because of the seriousness of the situation. Judge Juan Merchan began the proceedings by immediately stating that this New York citizen had finally aired “her concerns about being fair and impartial.” This announcement was made while Donald Trump had just sat down in the courtroom.

Her fears were confirmed by this juror, who was identified by the code B280. She also stated that she had been recognized by family, despite the fact that the jury is intended to remain anonymous in order to eliminate any outside pressure. During the course of the proceedings, the court urged all of the media outlets that were covering the trial to exercise “common sense” and refrain from providing, for instance, any physical descriptions of the jurors.

when a short period of time had passed, another juror was dismissed from the panel when the prosecution expressed concerns regarding the accuracy of his responses during the screening process. at the course of the interrogation, he stated that he had no prior convictions; nevertheless, at the hearing, an item from the 1990s was presented to the audience in which a man with the same name was arrested for tearing up political posters.

All of the possible jurors’ lives are being investigated.

On Wednesday, Donald Trump made a statement on his network, Truth Social, stating that he had just learned that the number of challenges to jurors was restricted. He then went on to call out the “witch hunt” that he believes was engineered by the government of Joe Biden, who is the Democratic president. In addition, the Republican candidate reiterated the statements made by Jesse Watters, a host on the extreme Fox News channel. Watters made the statement that “they are choosing undercover progressive activists who lie to the judge to be part of the jury.” His statement was made without providing any evidence to support his claim. On Thursday, as many as a dozen candidates admitted that they were unable to evaluate Donald Trump in an objective manner, they questioned their credibility once more.

A close look is being taken at the lives of the possible jurors, who are anonymous civilians who were suddenly thrust into a historic affair overnight. Not only are they required to respond to a lengthy questionnaire regarding their occupation, family circumstances, sources of information, centers of interest, and their opinion on Donald Trump, but they are also required to answer even more specific questions posed by either the prosecution or the defense. These questions are designed to uncover any indication of possible bias against the defendants, particularly in their publications on social networks.

The judge, Juan Merchan, expressed his expectation that the process of selecting jurors would be completed by Friday evening. If this were to occur, it would make it possible for the opening arguments of both the prosecution and the defense to begin as early as Monday.

False and fraudulent methods

In the case of undisclosed payments to purchase the silence of a former porn star, Stormy Daniels, the former president of the United States of America is currently on trial. This case was brought against him just a few days before the election in 2016, which he won by a razor-thin margin against the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton.

After left the White House in disarray for more than three years, Donald Trump theoretically faces the possibility of being sentenced to prison. In spite of the fact that this would not preclude him from running for president in the election that will take place on November 5, where he has expressed his desire to get revenge on Joe Biden, it would propel the campaign into the unknown.

On the other hand, if he were found not guilty, it would be a significant victory for the Republican candidate. Especially taken into consideration the fact that he was able to postpone his three other criminal prosecutions through the use of appeals. Two of these trials were for illegal attempts to overturn the results of the 2020 election, and the third trial was for his allegedly careless handling of secret data.

In the trial that started on Monday, Donald Trump is accused of falsifying accounting documents from his company, the Trump Organization. The documents are said to have been created with the intention of concealing, under the guise of “legal fees,” the payment of 130,000 dollars (122,000 euros) to Stormy Daniels by Michael Cohen, who was Stormy Daniels’ personal attorney at the time. As part of the agreement, the former porn star agreed to maintain silence on a sexual relationship that she had with the billionaire in the year 2006.

This relationship has been disputed by Donald Trump throughout his entire career, and his defense has always maintained that the payments were made in a private setting. However, Alvin Bragg, the district attorney for Manhattan, plans to demonstrate that they are, in fact, fraudulent techniques that are being used to conceal information from voters a few days before the election.—Beber-T%C3%A9-para-la-hipertensi%C3%B3/10642325–6154847

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