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A famous bullfighter marries his girlfriend:

By ki0nk Mar17,2024

Many speculated about a relationship crisis, which they denied.

A famous bullfighter and his girlfriend are making headlines, especially after reports of a crisis they had to refute. In Sandra Barneda’s Telecinco program Así es la vida, some have suggested that “I got OCD.”The couple that everyone is talking about is Enrique Ponce and Ana Soria, who removed her Instagram photos with her lover immediately. This led many to believe that the couple, who have been together since 2020, was in crisis and could have split. Ana Soria herself addressed these claims by clarifying why Enrique Ponce’s Instagram photos had disappeared.

“I have archived many photos because they were edited differently, I have him highlighted ,” revealed Ana Soria, assuring “it gave me the OCD of having them edited the same.” From crisis to marriage. According to Aludena del Pozo in Así es la vida, the couple may be considering attempting the altar. “I have spoken with super close to the couple and wedding bells are ringing,” she claimed on the program. During the summer of 2023, Cuarzo Producciones’ television program Así es la vida stood out on Telecinco, specifically since June 26. After Sálvame ended its cycle on June 23 after 3,639 episodes and 15 successful seasons, Sandra Barneda and César Muñoz proposed a new and vibrant alternative to the afternoon time.

Telecinco’s temporary programming change featured Así es la vida until September, when it was replaced by TardeAR, a new magazine helmed by world-renowned Ana Rosa Quintana and created by Unicorn Content. Due to low ratings, Mine is Vengeance was moved to Divinity and moved to 3:45 p.m. on Monday, July 17.

This is Life is a versatile magazine that covers social history, on-set interviews with current protagonists, gatherings with an outstanding team of collaborators, reports, reality show updates, and entertainment. He also follows current events and adapts to the situation. Using a framework that blends knowledge and entertainment, Así es la vida appealed to the people, offering a diverse and vibrant concept that fit the 2023 summer television environment.

Before writing this, I thought I would wait until I was recovered, but “recovery” is learning to cope every day. Please note that I still don’t have “answers” to my OCD questions. Acceptance is part of recovery. My OCD didn’t peak until I got engaged. It should have been my happiest time, right? However, I lived in a nightmare for months.

Before that, I think my first indicators of OCD were in high school, and I had no idea what it was. I loved romantic comedies and crazy romances. I craved a relationship and probably thought about boys often. See where this is going? Naturally, OCD affected relationships. Even though I desired a boyfriend, dating made me anxious. What if I was awkward? If I didn’t know what to do? What if he wasn’t my match? What if friends judged us?

This continued through college, worrying about boys and relationships and panicking when things got serious. If my compulsion was breaking stuff, I always gave in. I also spent too much time wondering why I couldn’t be in a relationship. It hurt, made me cry, and made me doubt myself. My OCD changed again. What if my homosexuality prevented me from dating a man?

This caused chronic anxiety and despair. I panicked whenever I found a woman appealing. Previously, I loved movies, but now it hurt. Of course, I checked my feelings, especially down there, to figure it out. I had some OCD relief after college. I contemplated the anxieties occasionally, but not for hours.

I moved to a new city and dated again. I didn’t question my sexuality or capacity to be in a relationship. I gained confidence after overcoming my fear of rejection, which I believed was related to commitment (probably true). I dated several people for months before meeting a person I clicked with. We shared a lot in common and liked the same things, but I didn’t have the obsessions and reservations I had with every other person I dated. He clearly cared about me.

We moved in together and discussed marriage within a year. I was excited about our future plans. But I was also relapsing into anxiety and sadness. Christmas came after months of feeling sad and unlike myself. As someone with Seasonal Affective Disorder, I ignored it.

As my anxiety increased, I realized I needed to see a therapist. I began having unusual, really troubling thoughts. At my first session, when I filled out an evaluation of my sentiments, I questioned if I should claim I had suicidal thoughts. I didn’t want to kill myself, but I saw a hook in our basement and envisioned hanging from it. But I was afraid the therapist would think I was suicidal, so I declined.

I was also worried about hurting my dog because I was using a knife and thinking about stabbing him. Pedophilia was in the news recently, so I was frightened. I was obsessed with being pregnant, which caused anxiety. Even with my lover, I wasn’t ready to have a child.

With all this going on, I had problems getting excited for Christmas, my favorite holiday. On Christmas morning, I was preoccupied and worried. I got through it and enjoyed the day. I had no idea my biggest surprise was coming. My partner and I opened our Christmas presents when we arrived home. Suddenly, he left the room. He returned with a hand behind his back, and I felt like I knew what was coming.

My immediate thought was “oh shit.” Not what you want to think when your partner proposes. I remember being excited, but the days after were filled with fear and anxiety. It was unclear why I wasn’t happy. I didn’t understand my doubts. I didn’t know if I was making my biggest mistake. I couldn’t overcome my gay dread.

My next therapy appointment was pushed up promptly. I feared telling her I was gay and concerned. First, I didn’t want to believe it. However, the thought persisted until I felt powerless. My therapist taught me that our thoughts don’t matter anything by having me list my boyfriend’s strengths and negatives. My straight/gay proofs.

As you can expect, this comfort helped, but then my obsessive fears returned. She gave me a chapter from an OCD book to study and explained that my doubts were caused by dread of uncertainty. She said I could ignore my thoughts. Nothing changed. I was anxiously ill. My heart raced, I couldn’t eat or sleep, and my fears played on repeat. I felt uncomfortable with my boyfriend and struggled to envision a future with him. I also began to notice the attractiveness of certain women and questioned my attraction to them.Still, I reminded myself: I adore my fiance. Not gay.

My anxiety was so high one night that I thought I had to phone my friend to ask him how he knew he was gay to find out what was wrong. Before I did, I anxiously googled “can anxiety make you believe things that are not real.” I discovered Intrusive Thoughts. Everything worked. They described exactly what I experienced! I was relieved that I might be able to overcome these sentiments of anxieties.–65f678ba60431#goto5363—kuwait-256322023


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