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“A major and prolonged impact”: the Baltimore hurt the economy.

By ki0nk Mar27,2024

Because the debris is preventing access to the port and maritime transportation is “suspended until further notice,” Joe Biden has pledged to reconstruct the bridge.

This is due to the fact that the issue is concerning from an economic standpoint.

Within the United States, the Port of Baltimore is considered to be one of the most important nautical centers. By using this line, Joe Biden provides a concise summary of the economic significance of the port that was impacted by the fall of the bridge on Tuesday, March 26. The bridge was struck by a boat. Since the spectacular collapse of the Francis Scott Key highway bridge in the vital port of Baltimore, which is located on the east coast of the United States, the authorities have utilized a variety of methods, including those that took place in the air, on land, at sea, and even underwater, in order to locate two survivors, one of whom was critically injured. The officials in the United States feel that the six people who have gone missing are now considered to be dead.

Hope is beginning to dwindle. On the evening of Tuesday, March 26, the American authorities decided to put a halt to the searches that were being conducted around the Francis Scott Key bridge in Baltimore. The bridge had fallen the night before after being struck by a cargo ship. At this point, it is thought that all six of the missing people have passed away.

“Based on the duration of the search that was carried out (…), the temperature of the water, at this time we do not estimate that we will find these individuals still alive,” stated Shannon Gilreath, the vice admiral of the guards ribs, during a news conference; she was speaking about the situation. There were two people who had survived, and one of them had suffered terrible injuries. The eight people who were first reported missing are believed to be public works workers who were working on the Francis Scott Key Bridge when it collapsed. An official from their company told the press that six of the workers were considered deceased at the time of the collapse. In essence, they were working on “fixing potholes,” something that had “nothing to do with a structural problem,” according to an official from the Maryland Department of Transportation.

According to Shannon Gilreath, “we are going to suspend the active research phase” because of the challenging conditions, which include “the tide and currents that make the work of divers dangerous.” He continued by saying, “We are simply moving to a new phase” of relief, and another official went on to explain that divers will be present at the location beginning in the early hours of Wednesday Morning.

Head of the American Transportation Safety Agency Jennifer Homendy revealed to the press from Baltimore that the data recorders on the container ship were “a crucial part of the investigation” that was carried out in conjunction with the Coast Guard. She stated that they should be picked up on Wednesday, “or maybe [Tuesday] evening,” according to her.

The Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden, has previously stated that he intends for “the federal government to pay the entire cost of reconstruction” in order to fulfill his promise that the bridge will be repaired. He has also acknowledged that the process will take some time.

four-lane bridge, which is 2.6 kilometers in length, is situated on a north-south axis that is essential for the economy of the east coast of the United States. This is the reason why the issue presents itself. According to the authorities, maritime transportation in that area has been “suspended until further notice” since debris from the bridge has obstructed access to the port.

The search will continue regardless of whether or not the weather conditions allow it, but the port of Baltimore will continue to be closed. There are portions of the bridge that have fallen into the water, which hinder passage to the Atlantic Ocean. As a result, it is inaccessible.

There are numerous repercussions that this has on the economic activity in the United States: this four-lane bridge, which is 2.6 kilometers in length, is situated on an important north-south axis for the economy of the east coast of the United States.

A total of 1.1 million containers were loaded or unloaded at the Port of Baltimore in the year 2023. Additionally, more than 52 million tons of foreign goods with a value of more than $80 billion landed at the port. Rebuilding the bridge is consequently an essential necessity for the president of the United States of America, as it will allow the port to be accessible once more. As Joe Biden has already pledged, “I intend to ensure that the federal government covers the entire cost of rebuilding the bridge,” he has stated his intention to do so.




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