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A studio plans to release ‘PC Fútbol 8’ in May. Development presents endless challenges.

By ki0nk May7,2024

Although ‘PC Fútbol‘ is a franchise that has a long history, its latest version is also experiencing a number of historic setbacks.

Just a few weeks ago, it was reported that the next installment of the iconic video game tale about the king of sports, ‘PC Fútbol 8’, had been postponed once more. This announcement came just a few days after the game had been released. This franchise has experienced a multitude of delays and setbacks in its long-awaited comeback to Spanish computers. The current release has just gone a few weeks further, to May 17, but it is yet another example of the numerous delays and setbacks that exist. Too many for a series that has such a strong sense of heritage.

The year 1992 and beyond. Dinamic Multimedia, a legendary firm that was active throughout the Golden Age of Spanish soft music and kept its rights until 2002, was the company that initially created the first part of this football management drama, which dates back to the year 1992. After that, Gaelco Multimedia acquired the rights, and they were responsible for releasing the versions from 2005 to 2007. The third and last installment that was developed by this company was released in that particular year. Following the bankruptcy of Gaelco, the rights begin to divide into two distinct categories: a mobile version of Korner, which was released in 2018, and the brand new ‘PC Fútbol 2024’, which was announced in 2023.

In the year 2023, the exciting return. An announcement on the launch of a new installment by a recently established studio called Una Partida Más was made in March of last year accompanied by a pre-sale campaign that was conducted solely through the website of PC Componentes. Despite the fact that there was very little information accessible about the game (no pictures, no videos, and not even specifics about the possible licenses), the networks rallied and accused the studio of engaging in fraudulent activity. “PC Fútbol 2024” was the name that was still being used for the project at that time.

The initial withdrawal. It was determined that Una Partida Más was an independent studio that had been established only 27 days prior to the announcement of the beginning of the pre-sale. This was a significant development that brought the situation to a complete conclusion. The initial release date that was scheduled was December 23, 2023; however, there was not even a website in place to back up the statements that were made by the people who created it. Last but not least, Una Partida Más made the announcement on social networks that it was discontinuing the pre-sale and giving the money back to the initial purchasers. This was done in an effort to avoid the controversy over the matter.

Scam suspicions. An amateur was responsible for designing the game’s logo, the studio lacked experience, the game lacked licensing (although the franchise has never been immune to that), and the conduct on studio networks was typical of irascible fans. All of these decisions contributed to the game’s appearance of being quite amateurish. Among the most ambitious promises, ‘PC Fútbol 2024’ was intended to be translated into four different languages and would also include online play. However, it is evident that several of these promises have been retracted over time.

A fresh date. When the release date that had been previously scheduled was getting closer, Una Partida Más eventually showed the first photographs of the game. At the same time, they announced a new delay, which was going to be in April 2024. At the same time, they also revealed a new name for the game, which was ‘PC Fútbol 8’. According to the announcement made by the company, the objective of the update was to “remove the bad luck it has had with all the 200x versions and return to the classic line and improve from it.” In that moment, they were discussing a game that had reached an 85 percent completion rate.

Panorama of the “PC Fútbol 8” game. What was the new version that was released? “Everything that ‘PC Fútbol 2001’ had and a little more,” according to the findings of the research: “Referees, interactive nursing, a new training formula, temporary venue changes…” If the technology and rules of the time were in place, it would be possible to play any match that occurred after 1993. In the event that turf heating is implemented, for instance, the likelihood of our players sustaining injuries in the stadium that we are managing will be lowered by ten percent. The ability to influence the development of the city itself, as well as the surroundings surrounding the stadium, is another intriguing novelty. This ability will surely have an effect on the results of the matches.

And there is a fresh delay. As we mentioned before, Una Partida Más announced a fresh delay, which would take place until May 17th, in order to debug some flaws that had just been discovered. This delay comes less than a week before the debut in April. The project continues to have a website that appears to be from the past century loaded with absolutely minimal content for what is claimed to be a project of a certain importance (half a dozen screenshots, no video). At the moment, suspicions are once again hovering over the project, which is only a week or so away from completion. In the present moment, we have made contact with the studio; however, they have informed us that they are not going to make any announcements for the time being, and it is possible that they will not do so until the game is just around the corner. There has been no comeback to the level of the great classic, and we are still waiting for it.

It is the intention of a studio to release ‘PC Fútbol 8’ in the month of May. Development is a never-ending race against the opponent. Hey, you guys at r/PCGaming are just amazing! Greetings, my name is Daniel Stubbington, and I am the founder of Stubby Games. I am also the developer of The Entropy Centre, a brand-new time-rewinding puzzle game that was released just within the past week!

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