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After ‘OT’ and ‘Red Queen’, Amazon Prime Video debuts in Spanish.

By ki0nk Mar20,2024

Amazon Prime Video is planning a new installment of Operation Triumph, which it has the gall to bring to streaming platforms.

The show has a Spanish feel. Its most recent big fiction release, Red Queen, is also available in Spanish. The platform has officially confirmed what most people suspected: there will be a second season. One interesting information was revealed in a note with last year’s most popular Spanish films and series a few weeks ago: the three most popular Spanish movies of 2023—Culpa mia, Awareness, and the series Los Farad—received an average of 80% of their reproductions from outside Spain.

In an interview with EL PAÍS, James Farrell, who is VP of local original content at Prime Video, attempted to outline, during his recent visit to Spain for the premiere of Red Queen, the reasons why Spanish productions captivate consumers. The manager acknowledged the clear benefit of a language with 600 million speakers, but he also cited the storylines, the caliber of the writers and producers, and the narrative rhythm as important factors.

It’s not easy to create something that does well both domestically and internationally. In response to a question regarding the show’s high international viewership, he said, “It is difficult to think of any country that does this as well as Spain.” He expressed his desire for the platform to replicate this success with Red Queen and other upcoming titles like Viaje de end of course and Your Majesty.

According to Farrell, one thing that sets Spanish productions apart is how they prioritize the characters over the plot. According to the manager, “in most places, when they tell you about a possible new project for a movie or a series, it’s usually ‘it’s about this war’ or ‘it’s set in this period of history’ or ‘it’s about a kidnapping.'” However, even up to this point, they have told them about an idea that involved a war, but it wasn’t about the war altogether, but about a particular general. “Perhaps the attraction lies in the characters’ personalities, as opposed to other works that prioritize plot.”

Prime Video is also taking use of partnerships and co-productions in Spain through its agreements with Mediaset and TVE. Everything from platforms and television to TikTok, YouTube, movies, social media, and more is filled with content. With the right distribution partners, a picture can start its theatrical run, then make its way to Prime Video, and finally, free television.

Instead of creating exclusive content for Prime Video—which is nice and all, but it’s hard to communicate that message multiple times a year—if you can find strong partners to build joint strength, that would be great. One approach to have your tales seen by more people is to team up with talented people who can complement you on both free-to-air TV and in theaters. That way, people may choose between seeing it in theaters or on television.

Managers at Amazon Video often state that their platform is not concerned with numbers but quality. The head of original programming at Prime Video Spain and Portugal, María José Rodríguez, stated that “in these years, and in these last months, it has been seen that we like ambition and risk,” using OT as an example. If we were a television network or a streaming-only service, we would require a large amount of content.

We are fortunate to be a part of Amazon. I don’t know how many premieres a month a streaming-only service needs, but a channel needs something every hour of the day. The pressure to produce a large quantity is off, so we can concentrate on ten or twelve projects in Spain each year, Farrell recalls.

Beyond the realm of fiction, Prime Video believes that Operación Triunfo has paved the way for platforms to explore new territory. When asked about Amazon’s history in live sports, Farrell highlights that the company has never had such success with the debut of a live music competition, reality show, or talk show. Farrell believes that Amazon doesn’t realize the genuine risk that OT posed. There must be other platforms that have been keeping a careful eye on this.It might be a game-changer for how consumers perceive platform capabilities.

“The public has embraced OT and incorporated something that originated from regular open consumption into their regular consumption, which shows that we have paved the way for something new,” Rodríguez continues. Do you think Prime Video will keep looking into more conventional TV formats? “What are the downsides?” “We don’t have to look at the space where it is broadcast, but rather at what the consumer is looking for,” he says, ending his answer.

Join us for an evening of fun and entertainment. The majority of us have our roots in classic television, which serves as a perfect illustration of the kinds of shows, formats, and stories that viewers enjoy. Let us not forget that fiction also began in entertainment as more linear television productions; now we just bring it straight to streaming services.

After the platform wars ended, we questioned Prime Video’s management about the status of their service. Year after year, we discover new things about the business, and it evolves. Take overtime as an example; it was completely out of the question a year ago.

To find out what is and isn’t working, you should review your plan annually. We are pleased with our progress thus far, and our goals haven’t changed much. Yet, we shall persist in changing course. Maybe middle-aged people were more of our target demographic a few years ago. Now that we’ve seen how well Culpa mia and The Summer That I Fell in Love did, we’re thinking maybe we can reach a younger demographic by focusing on that. We are pleased with our current position, but strategies change over time,” Farrell says.–65fa742bb28e9#goto5430

By ki0nk

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