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Already 40 million Netflix users watch ads: Netflix has thrived by taking controversial measures.

By ki0nk May21,2024

Netflix is at an all-time high following the implementation of two unpopular decisions: the prohibition on password sharing and the advertising restriction.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the most prominent streaming platform is Netflix. We have communicated with it in both an active and passive manner, either by announcing the conclusion of the streaming war or by describing the strategies proposed by its competitors to bring down the monster. However, the tale of his success has been full of ups and downs. For example, when he stated that he had lost subscribers for the first time in his career to number one, he was experiencing a significant setback. Alternatively, when he announced his plan to implement advertisements and to punish shared accounts, the response from subscribers was that they were quite unfavorable. There were numerous warnings about the possibility of service interruptions on the Internet and social networks.

Quite unexpectedly, it did not work. Netflix has recovered its usual ascending line of customers after a period of time (practically all of 2022) in which the platform was losing subscribers. For a few months now, Netflix has recovered its usual ascending line of customers, concluding 2013 with 13 million more subscribers and confirming it in 2024 with a first quarter with 9.3 million more subscribers. Currently, Netflix has made an announcement regarding the decline in the number of subscriptions in the ad-supported mode during its first year of operation, which is significant.

Fourty million. Netflix recently revealed in its most recent upfront presentation for prospective advertisers that the number of users who have subscribed to its ad-supported plan had topped 40 million. To put it another way, forty percent of new customers in nations where a plan is available choose the option that includes advertisements. A very significant number when compared to the overall number of subscribers across the world, which is 270 million.

The technological aspect of it. It was previously stated that Microsoft was providing assistance to Netflix in this particular area; however, according to the managers of the company, Netflix is presently working on its own technology in order to maintain and expand this portion of its business. In other words, the plan with advertisements is being implemented. They will make every effort to ensure that the experience continues to be excellent because it has become an integral component of their advantages. In terms of technology, it is imperative that we do not overlook the fact that Netflix remains the most advanced platform, despite the fact that it is lagging behind the competition. This is something that competitors like JB Perrette, CEO of Warner’s Global Streaming and Games, have acknowledged.

Sporting events that are live. Netflix has also talked about live sports, which are increasingly present in its catalog (in Spain it was done, for example, with the confrontation between Nadal and Alcaraz , and in the United States they are going more with specific matches from, for example, the league NFL football ), and without a doubt an essential type of programming when it comes to displaying advertising. One of the most recent developments that we are observing in the industry is the increased focus of platforms on live events, which includes more than just sporting events (remember the success that Prime Video had with ‘Operaci├│n Triunfo’).

The one responsible for everything. A person whose name is not well known to the general public, Greg Peters, who is also the co-CEO of the company, is one of the primary individuals responsible for this improvement in performance. As outlined by Bloomberg in this profile it has created of the management, he is to blame for the success of strategies such as the pursuit of shared passwords, the strategy with advertisements, or the firm’s growth into video games. These strategies also include the expansion of the company into video games.

YouTube is still a long way off. According to the post, throughout the course of the past several years, Netflix has produced revenues of about two hundred million dollars in advertising in the most recent year. 30-billion dollars were earned by YouTube, which is Netflix’s primary competitor in terms of internet video. According to the figures, Peters is now heading in the right direction, despite the fact that he still has a long way to go.

Amy Reinhard, the President of Advertising at Netflix, took advertisers on a tour of the company’s ad-supported plan, which includes 40 million global monthly active users, which is an increase from 5 million users a year ago. Reinhard also walked advertisers through the continuous growth and momentum of the plan. The ads plan is now responsible for more than forty percent of all signups in the nations that are included in the ads.

Taking a Look Ahead, In a recent announcement, Reinhard stated that Netflix will introduce an internal advertising technology platform by the end of the year 2025. New ways to buy, new data to leverage, and new ways to quantify effect will be made available to marketers as a result of this opportunity.

She stated that by bringing our advertising technology in-house, we will be able to fuel the advertising plan with the same degree of excellence that has made Netflix the industry leader in digital streaming technology today.

Additionally, during the summer of this year, Netflix will broaden its purchasing capabilities to include The Trade Desk, Google’s Display & Video 360, and Magnite, who will join Microsoft as the primary programmatic partners for advertisers.

Every single one of these improvements is aimed at making Netflix an even better service for its customers. Because we want our users to have an amazing experience, we are doing everything in our power to show advertisements in a manner that is extremely strategic. According to Reinhard, “We conduct in-depth consumer research to ensure that we remain ahead of the competition and bring opportunities that are better for members as well as better for brands.”

The Chief Content Officer of Netflix, Bela Bajaria, provided the following explanation: “Our audiences are highly engaged, and by engaged I mean that they are choosing to spend their time watching Netflix.” This is significant since engagement is the most critical factor in finding success in streaming. Netflix users receive a greater return on their investment, they remain on the platform for longer periods of time, and they are more likely to suggest our services to their friends when they watch our episodes and movies. This is important to each and every one of you because you all want to be in the same place where the audiences are.

More than seventy percent of Netflix’s customers who are funded by advertisements watch for more than ten hours each month, which is fifteen percentage points greater than the next closest rival, according to Nielsen. Members of Netflix also pay even more attention to what they are seeing three hours into the show than they do when they first begin watching. Additionally, due to the fact that they do, they are approximately twice as likely to respond to an advertisement in comparison to other streaming services and linear television.

Bajaria also discussed the fact that Netflix needs to provide its subscribers with a wide range of high-quality episodes, movies, and live events that they will enjoy throughout the entire year. These should span a wide diversity of genres, cultures, and languages. And in the years 2024 and 2025, they will actually receive just that.

Netflix has announced a number of new series, some of which are humorous comedies. These comedies include Golf, which stars Will Ferrell and is executive produced by Ramy Youseff and Rian Johnson, and Running Point, which stars Kate Hudson and is executive produced by Mindy Kaling.

Additionally, two new dramas will be arriving on Netflix: The Waterfront, a contemporary cowboy story starring Tim McGraw, and The Waterfront, an adult family drama directed by Kevin Williamson. The Waterfront is set in a small coastal town and features twists and turns that are inspired by true events. The critically praised series 3 Body Problem will also be returning for all new episodes, according to the announcement made by Bajaria.

For those who are interested in sports, Netflix has introduced a number of new shows, one of which is a documentary series that will tell the story of Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys during the 1990s. Additionally, the company has collaborated with the International Olympic Committee to produce three series: Simone Biles: Rising, which will follow the comeback of the greatest gymnast in history; a show that will highlight men’s basketball teams from around the world as they compete for medals; and Sprint, which will follow the 100-meter sprinters.

Among the new films that have been revealed are Happy Gilmore 2, which stars Adam Sandler, The Woman in Cabin 10, which is based on the best-selling novel of the same name and stars Keira Knightley, and a new picture directed by Kathryn Bigelow, who has won an Academy Award®.

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