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Biden and Trump will face off again in November 2024.

By ki0nk Mar13,2024

This past Tuesday, March 12, Democratic American President Joe Biden was able to secure a sufficient number of delegates within the Democratic camp to guarantee that he will be the official contender for the presidential election in the United States in 2024.

A few hours later, Donald Trump, the final candidate in the race for the Republican primaries, was successful in obtaining the nomination of his party. As a result, he will be the presidential nominee of the Republican Party in November of next year.

The outcome of their fight was no longer in question; it was officially announced on Tuesday, March 12: Following his victory in the Georgia primaries, Joe Biden’s place as a contender was solidified, according to Agence France-Presse, which cited numbers from American media. Donald Trump, on the other hand, passed the stage a few hours later.

When the competition, which consisted of approximately 10 contenders, was eliminated in recent months, the former president, who was 77 years old at the time, was the only Republican who was still in the running for the presidency candidate. On March 6, her most recent competitor, Nikki Haley, decided to give up the fight. He was still had to earn a particular number of delegates, and these delegates were expected to crown him at a convention that was scheduled to take place this summer. This task has already been completed.

In the Democratic Party, the nomination process is largely the same, and Joe Biden does not face any significant challenge from other candidates inside his party. It was confirmed by the American media on Tuesday evening that the Democrat had surpassed the minimum number of delegates necessary to secure his party’s candidacy. This was accomplished by declaring him the winner of the state of Georgia.

There is a possibility that Georgia, which was so decisive in the election of 2020 — it flipped the election by voting primarily Democratic — will be just as decisive in November. According to polls that were analysed by Agence France-Presse, the battle that has been announced is the same: Donald Trump will compete against Joe Biden, and the difference between them is quite narrow.

For the purpose of galvanizing the African-American and Hispanic electorate, Joe Biden traveled to Atlanta on Thursday, following the momentum of a particularly acerbic address that he delivered in front of Congress. Donald Trump has increased the severity of his attacks against migrants who are crossing the border with Mexico. This comes as he is having to contend with his most devoted lieutenants.

The states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Nevada are examples of what the United States of America refers to as “swing states.” These states have the potential to be crucial in the upcoming election.

Tuesday was the day that four states, one American territory, and Democrats residing outside of the United States held their primaries.

The outcome indicates that voters in the United States will have to face a repeat of the presidential election in 2020 in eight months’ time.

At the party conventions that will take place this summer, the nominations will be made official.

The president, who is 81 years old, expressed his gratitude to voters for supporting his quest for re-election on Tuesday evening, saying that he was “honoured” that they had done so “in a moment when the threat that Trump poses is greater than ever.”

His assertion that the United States was “in the middle of a comeback” was supported by favorable economic trends. However, he acknowledged that the country was facing challenges to its future as a democracy, as well as opposition from those who were pushing to enact abortion restrictions and reduce social programs.

“I believe that the American people will choose to keep us moving into the future,” Mr. Biden said in a statement that was released by his campaign.

Due to the fact that he was the incumbent, Mr. Biden had a natural advantage, and he did not have any strong competitors for the Democratic candidacy.

In spite of the fact that voters have consistently expressed concerns that his age may restrict his capacity to carry out the responsibilities of the presidency, the infrastructure of the party has rallied around him.

His campaign for a second term in the White House has focused on enacting more stringent immigration rules, including a promise to “seal the border” and undertake “record-setting” deportations. All of these promises are part of his campaign.

In addition, Mr. Trump has pledged to combat criminal activity, increase domestic energy production, impose taxes on imports from other countries, bring an end to the conflict in Ukraine, and reestablish a “America first” strategy to dealing with international issues.

Due to the fact that both men have been dominant in their races up until this point, the results that were announced on Tuesday night do not come as a surprise.

Despite the fact that polling indicates that Americans are displeased with the possibility of another showdown between Mr. Biden and Mr. Trump in November, both of their re-nominations appeared to be almost entirely decided.

The presidential primaries and caucuses in the United States follow a state-by-state format, with the goal of securing the most party delegates possible.











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