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Biden capitalizes on Trump’s economic failure in Wisconsin.

By ki0nk May9,2024

Nothing to do with the “scams” that Donald Trump has been perpetrating, according to him: An enormous technological investment was announced by Joe Biden on Wednesday in the state of Wisconsin, which is a very important state in terms of elections. This investment was made in the very same location where his opponent had pledged to build a massive plant, but it never materialized.

“Under my authority, we make promises, and we keep our promises,” the President of the United States of America remarked as he formalized a project totaling $3.3 billion brought on by the multinational corporation Microsoft.

The 81-year-old Democrat was pleased to recall what continues to be a particularly resounding failure of his predecessor’s mandate. This was done six months before the presidential race that will put him against the Republican mogul who is 77 years old.

The promise of the “eighth wonder of the world” was made by Donald Trump through the use of a golden shovel when he arrived in this location. Joe Biden made a witty remark, “No kidding?,” referring to a phrase that was utilized by the Republican at the time of the opening of the site. He laughed disdainfully and said, “They dug a hole with those golden shovels, and they fell in.”

Foxconn, a Taiwanese company that manufactures computer equipment, made a significant investment announcement in 2018, and it was anticipated that this investment would result in the creation of 13,000 new jobs. The project did not meet its expectations.

“Foxconn turned out to be nothing more than a scam,” the president of the United States of America, who portrays himself as the champion of reindustrialization, said.

A center of servers and services designed for artificial intelligence must be constructed by Microsoft in the town of Racine, which is located in the southeast corner of Wisconsin. According to the White House, this will result in the creation of 2,300 employment during the construction phase, followed by 2,000 positions that are going to be permanent.

Brad Smith, the president of the American technology organization, gave his assurance that “everything we do here […] derives directly from the work of this White House, of this president.”

“Swing out of state”

During the time that Joe Biden has been in the White House, he has initiated massive public investment initiatives in the areas of infrastructure, energy transition, and cutting-edge businesses.

The state of Wisconsin, whose economy is built on agricultural operations as well as industrial industries that are focused around Lake Michigan, is the topic of a vigorous electoral contest.

Joe Biden is currently in the lead in Wisconsin, according to a poll that was conducted by Quinnipiac University and published on Wednesday. The poll found that fifty percent of voters intend to vote for Joe Biden, while forty-four percent intend to vote for Donald Trump in the event that the two candidates were to compete against one other.

On the other hand, when we include three other probable candidates, including Robert F. Kennedy, the disparity narrows to nearly nothing, with the Democrat receiving forty percent of the vote and the Republican receiving thirty-nine percent.

This so-called “swing state” is one of the few states, along with Arizona and Pennsylvania, that continue to possess the power to determine the outcome of the presidential election.

Some of these states are regarded to have already won either the Republican or the Democratic nomination, while others are considered to be swing states that could go either for Joe Biden or for Donald Trump. To give just one example, the Democrat was only 20,682 votes ahead of his opponent in the state of Wisconsin in the year 2020.

It is not a coincidence that the Republican Party has decided to conduct its nomination convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, during the summer of this previous year.

The Democratic Party decided to raise money in Chicago, which is also the location where Joe Biden is required to go on Wednesday.

In the event that the demonstration movement against the war in Gaza persists, the Democratic convention that is scheduled to take place in August may take place in a stressful environment.

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