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Biden’s criticism prompts Netanyahu’s response. The proposal is confirmed in Rafah.

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Bibi expresses her disapproval of the American president for exposing the divides that exist among allies. In his statement, the Prime Minister of Israel stated that Israel is more united than ever before in its desire to destroy Hamas.

Disagreements between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and United States President Joe Biden were brought to the surface once more over the weekend, when the two leaders engaged in a verbal back-and-forth in interviews on Israel’s military operation against Hamas in Gaza.

In an interview that took place on Saturday with MSNBC, Vice President Biden stated that Netanyahu’s attack on Gaza was “hurting Israel more than helping Israel.” He also stated that he wants to “see a ceasefire” in the framework of a settlement that also takes back Israeli prisoners that were held there by Hamas.

In Gaza, where the number of civilian casualties has surpassed 31,000, Vice President Biden has been warning for months that Israel runs the risk of losing international support due to the growing number of civilian casualties.

In response, Netanyahu stated that the American president was incorrect in his judgment and vehemently defended his measures in Gaza, particularly a forthcoming ground operation into the city of Rafah, which is located in the southernmost part of Gaza and has been warned against by Vice President Biden and other international leaders.

“I don’t know exactly what the president meant, but if he meant by that, that I’m pursuing private policies against the wish of the majority of Israelis, and that this is hurting the interests of Israel, then he’s wrong on both counts,” Netanyahu said in an interview with Politico and the German media outlet Bild. He was referring to those remarks that Biden made about the prime minister being detrimental to Israel.

Rafah, which has been under Israeli bombardment for several weeks, is currently home to an estimated 1.5 million Palestinians who are seeking refuge there. Families there are living in a large tent city that is packed against the Egyptian border. They are living with acute shortages of food, water, medicine, and shelter, and they are constantly at risk of being killed.

During the interview that took place on Saturday, Vice President Biden stated that an Israeli assault of Rafah would constitute a red line. However, he made it clear that if Israel crossed this line, it would not result in any punitive actions being taken against Israel.

According to Biden, “I am never going to leave Israel,” despite the fact that it is a red line. “The defense of Israel is still of the utmost importance, so there is no red line by which I will cut off all weapons,” the speaker said.

Netanyahu stated on Sunday that he plans to proceed with the invasion, notwithstanding the warning that Biden issued and regardless of whether or not a truce and hostage rescue agreement is reached. However, he did not disclose any specifics regarding the timing for the procedure, stating that it would not take more than two months to complete.

“Well, we’ll go there. In an interview which took place on Sunday with the German news site Axel Springer, Netanyahu stated that “we are not going to leave (Gaza).” There is a red line that I have, you know. You are aware of the red line, which state that the event of October 7 will never occur again.

On the other hand, according to two sources from the United States, the administration of Vice President Joe Biden does not anticipate that Israeli forces will immediately expand their military operations into Rafah.

“As of this weekend, the Biden administration has not yet seen any kind of humanitarian or evacuation plan from the Israeli government that seeks to ensure the safety of civilians in Rafah before launching a military operation there,” the two officials from the United States said on Sunday.

According to the Gaza Ministry of Health, Israel has received tremendous assistance from the United States throughout its ongoing assault in Gaza, which has resulted in the deaths of more than 31,000 individuals and injuries to more than 72,000 others.

The increasing number of fatalities, widespread destruction, and the emerging humanitarian crisis have put a shadow over Biden’s attempt for reelection in 2024. This is because resentment over his administration’s handling of Israel’s war has prompted a drive to urge Democratic voters in Michigan to cast protest ballots.

President Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have known each other for decades and have had conflicts even before October 7th. One of these disagreements was the president’s discomfort with the far-right government that Netanyahu leads. As the crisis in Gaza has continued for a longer period of time and as pressure has increased from inside his party to rein in Israel, Biden’s criticism has gotten more public.

The war was branded as “over the top” by Vice President Biden a month ago, which was one of his most pointed criticisms since the combat began. At the end of the previous year, Biden and Netanyahu engaged in a public spat on their plans for Gaza after the war.

In recent times, the rhetoric that comes from the administration has only been more forceful. The previous week, Vice President Kamala Harris made a request for “an immediate ceasefire” and for increased humanitarian supplies to be delivered to Gaza. She stated that this was necessary “given the immense scale of suffering” in the enclave.

According to a statement that Biden made to MSNBC on Saturday, “It (Israel) cannot have 30,000 more Palestinians dead.” Additionally, in a message that was released on the same day that the Islamic month of Ramadan began, the President of the United States stated that the humanitarian issue in Gaza is “front of mind” for many people, including himself. “More than 30,000 Palestinians have been killed, the majority of whom were civilians, including thousands of children,” he stated.

Following Netanyahu’s State of the Union address the previous week, Vice President Biden expressed his dissatisfaction with Netanyahu in a candid exchange that was captured on a hot mic.

It was reported that Vice President Biden was overheard telling Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Senator Michael Bennett, “I told him, Bibi – and don’t repeat this – but you and I are going to have a come to Jesus meeting.”

Biden responded to a question about the situation by telling MSNBC that the phrase signaled he intends to have a substantive discussion with Netanyahu in the near future. I have known Bibi for half a century, and he was aware of what I meant when I said that.

That he has the right to defend Israel and the right to continue to pursue Hamas is what is happening, according to what Vice President Biden said.

In spite of this, he is obligated to pay a greater amount of attention to the lives of innocent people that are being lost as a direct result of the actions that have been performed.

According to statements made by Vice President Joe Biden to the press on Monday, there are currently no plans for a “come to Jesus” meeting with Netanyahu, nor are there any arrangements for him to address the Israeli parliament “presently.”–65effda9c7686#goto5207

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