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Columbia University cancels its big graduation.

By ki0nk May7,2024

After three weeks of student anger that was criticized by Joe Biden and crushed by the police, Columbia University is the core of the pro-Palestinian protest on American campuses. On Monday, Columbia University announced with great hoopla that it was “giving up” its graduation ceremony.

Students are celebrated in front of their families at the end of spring during these ceremonies, which comprise the grand institutional gathering of university and school life in the United States. These events take place at the conclusion of spring.

The private and exclusive New York establishment in northern Manhattan, which was the location from which students and activists were forcibly removed by hundreds of riot police on the evening of April 30, has decided to cancel “the grand ceremony of university scheduled for May 15.”

Columbia University, which has 37,000 students and hundreds of teachers and staff members, has said that “all scheduled ceremonies” on campus, which are currently under police guard, will be “moved” to a closed athletic complex starting immediately.

Due to the fact that “our students […] these smaller-scale ceremonies are the most important for them and their families,” the university excused itself by recalling that “these last few weeks have been incredibly difficult.” Graduation ceremonies that are more informal and “festive” will be place from May 10 to May 16.

A petition received 1,400 signatures, and there were approximately one hundred angry people who demonstrated outside of the university. Academically speaking, Ally Woodward, who is a student of political science, expressed her “angry” feelings at Columbia University for “having a lot of money and choosing the worst solution.”

The word “torment”
Demonstrations and the takeover of a building and a lawn have been causing this prominent university, which is supported by wealthy benefactors and financial investments, to be shaken for several days.

In accordance with the formal request made by Minouche Shafik, the president of Columbia, these non-violent activists and students were first removed from their positions by the police.

In the same way as many institutions in the United States have done, their “village,” which consisted of a tent encampment, was destroyed.

These pictures of the cops using their force to intervene have been displayed all around the world.

Beginning with the Vietnam War and continuing through the civil rights movement of the 1960s and 1970s, Columbia has been a significant center of student protest throughout history. At the beginning of Israel’s assault against the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas in the Gaza Strip, it was one of the first universities to raise its voice in protest.

President Minouche Shafik, an American economist of Egyptian descent, was subjected to severe criticism for her decision to call the police. She claimed the “turmoil” and the “violent act” of demonstrators as the factors that contributed to the instability in Columbia.

After 2,000 individuals were arrested and some of them were prosecuted for “trespassing,” this movement for the Palestinian cause, which comprises young Arab-Muslims as well as anti-Zionist left-wing Jews, is now looking for a new beginning.

“Biden’s Vietnamese War”
In other parts of the United States, graduation ceremonies were disrupted. One example of this occurred on Saturday at the University of Michigan, where perhaps ten protesters screamed “you are financing a genocide” while wearing keffiyehs and Palestinian flags.

In response, other individuals displayed a banner that read “Jewish lives matter.”

On Monday evening, a few hundred individuals who had just left a public university in Manhattan were prevented from attending the expensive Met Gala, which is a gathering of celebrities and fashionistas from all over the world.

Not only are young people in the United States asking that the war in Gaza be stopped, but they are also demanding that educational links with Israel be severed and that colleges divest from economic assets.

The Israeli government has launched a devastating offensive in the Gaza Strip as a form of reprisal for the attack that Hamas carried out on its territory on October 7. They have condemned the nearly unqualified backing that the United States has provided for their Israeli ally.

On Thursday, President Biden, who had been silent for a considerable amount of time, maintained that “order must prevail” in the face of the possibility of “chaos.”

A contentious debate on freedom of expression, anti-Zionism, and what constitutes anti-Semitism has been reignited in a country that is polarized, six months before the presidential election between the Democrat and the Republican Donald Trump. The wrath of a portion of the youth against the war in Gaza has rekindled the issue.

Donald Trump called the protesters “radical left weirdos,” and Mike Johnson, the Republican President of the House of Representatives, condemned “students sympathizing with terrorism” on Monday. Both of these statements were made concerning the protesters.

Bernie Sanders, a senator from the left-wing party, believes that the movement “could be Biden’s Vietnam,” which increases the likelihood of losing “not only young people, but also a large part of the Democratic base.”

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