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Former Saudi Royal Beverly Hills Mansion Sells for $90 Million

By ki0nk May15,2024

The home in greater Los Angeles that has been refurbished and spans 28,500 square feet is currently being offered for a price that is three times higher than what it was sold for in 2021.

An estate in Beverly Hills with nine bedrooms that was formerly owned by members of the Saudi royal family has been put up for sale at a price of $89.9 million, which is more than three times the amount it was at its previous sale in 2021.

The mansion is located in Beverly Park, a neighborhood that is popular among celebrities and has been home to the likes of Denzel Washington and Adele. It is a residence that spans 28,500 square feet. The freshly renovated home, which is located not far from Mulholland Drive and offers views of the city and the ocean from its expansive 2.6-acre lot, is equipped with a total of 22 bathrooms, a primary suite that is 5,000 square feet in size, and commercial-grade kitchens both inside and outside.

Both the property and the surrounding 1.8-acre plot have been in the possession of the Saudi royal family ever since they were initially constructed in the middle of the 1990s till the present day. According to the property records of Los Angeles County, Prince Turki bin Nasser Al Saud advertised both properties, which together comprise a 4.5-acre compound, for $40 million in the year 2020. The following year, he managed to sell them for $28.5 million.

A limited liability company (LLC) that was controlled by Todd DeMann, the owner of the real estate company Paradigm Developers, which specialized in the development of one-of-a-kind and prominent single-family homes, was the purchaser. Following the acquisition of the property, Paradigm, in collaboration with the design company Harrison Design and Mike Moser Studio, made modifications to the residence, transforming its size and elegance into a more contemporary experience. This resulted in the North Beverly Park Homeowners Association being dissatisfied with the project.

The association sued DeMann over some of the upgrades in L.A. Superior Court in January, claiming that the addition of a cantilevered pool deck and the expansion of the larger lot were among several changes that violated the HOA’s rules, but the case was settled late last month, leaving the property clear of any legal hurdles.

Hilton & Hyland’s David Kramer and Andrew Buss are the ones who are in charge of the listing. According to the agents, the adjacent property on Beverly Park Lane is also available for purchase separately after the market has closed.

According to The Real Deal, Prince Turki’s complex was one of four Beverly Hills houses that are known to be held by the Saudi royal family. This was the case when he was the owner of the property. The prince amassed his wealth throughout the 1970s and 1980s, in part by means of a notorious arms transaction between the United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia, which eventually resulted in allegations of wrongdoing among the parties involved.

He was also one of the several high-profile princes and ministers who were jailed in 2017 during the so-called corruption crackdown that was conducted by Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman. He worked for a period of time as the minister of meteorology and environment for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He was 72 years old when Turki passed away in the year 2021.

A mansion in Beverly Park that is 28,500 square feet in size and was built by a Saudi prince is being offered for sale by Paradigm Developers at a price of $89.9 million.

house Global said that the Sawtelle-based agency managed by Todd DeMann has included the recently renovated house located at 73 Beverly Park Lane in their listing of properties for sale. The 2.6-acre estate was formerly a part of a two-mansion compound that was held by the late Saudi Prince Turki bin Nasser. The compound was located within the gated Beverly Hills Post Office area, which is home to celebrities such as Denzel Washington and Adele.

In the year 2020, Prince Turki put the 4.4-acre estate up for sale for a price of $40 million. In the next year, the company owned by DeMann purchased the entire spread for a total of $28.5 million.

Hilton & Hyland’s David Kramer and Andrew Buss are the ones in charge of promoting the property on the 28,500-square-foot house that is situated within the boundaries of the city of Los Angeles. There are nine bedrooms and twenty-one bathrooms in the estate, which corresponds to a price tag of $4.28 million for each bathroom. Also offered off-market is a location that is 1.8 acres in size and is located next door, according to the brokers.

Harrison Design and Mike Moser Studio renovated the white contemporary-style home from the ground up. They replaced the orange tile roof that was originally planned in the Mediterranean style with what looks to be slate-gray metal.

The manse, which extends over two stories and is located in the hills close to Mulholland Drive, offers breathtaking views of the Los Angeles Basin and the Pacific Ocean. The highlights include a dining room that can accommodate 18 people and is encircled by glass doors that go from floor to ceiling, a master suite that is 5,000 square feet in size, commercial-grade kitchens both inside and outside, and an infinity pool that is 85 feet long. In addition, there is an orchard that contains unidentified types of fruit.

The remodeling of the home was met with opposition by the property’s neighbors, who filed a lawsuit against DeMann, claiming that the addition of a cantilevered pool deck and an extended lot violated the terms of the homeowner association.

According to Mansion Global, the lawsuit was resolved by the end of the previous month for terms that were not published, so removing any potential legal obstacles from the property.

Since the middle of the 1990s, the Saudi royal family has owned the estate that the prince resides in, and both of the mansions were constructed in 1995.

The prince, who passed away in 2021 at the age of 72, had amassed a fortune over the course of several decades, including participation in armaments agreements between the United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia.

During the year 2017, he was one of the hundreds of members of the Saudi royal family and government officials who were taken into custody under the command of Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman as part of what was allegedly an effort to combat various forms of corruption.

The declaration of his “absolute loyalty and allegiance” to Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz and Crown Prince Salman was made before he was released from incarceration in a Ritz-Carlton hotel in Riyadh at the beginning of 2018.–

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