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Former Trump defense adviser grill

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Michael Cohen, a longtime confidant of Donald Trump, was subjected to cross-examination on Tuesday by the defense team representing the former president of the United States, who is currently being tried in New York for allegations of making covert payments to an X-rated movie actor prior to the 2016 presidential election.

Before the elections that will take place on November 5, 2024, in which Donald Trump and Joe Biden will compete against each other, this historic criminal trial is becoming increasingly politicized. Mike Johnson, the leader of the Republicans in the House of Representatives, came to denounce in front of the doors of the palace of Manhattan justice the prosecution of prosecutor Alvin Bragg and the legitimacy of the court that Judge Juan Merchan is presiding over.

Mike Johnson, one of the most powerful persons in the state, expressed his outrage at justice that had been “instrumentalized” by the Democrats against his Republican opponent. Johnson’s statement was reminiscent of the previous president (2017-2021) who has been condemning “a hunt to witches” ever since the trial began.

Michael Cohen, the most important witness for the prosecution, did on Tuesday what he had done for five hours the day before: he proceeded to incriminate his former boss, while confessing that he “worshipped him” before turning against him in 2018. This took place in the courtroom, which was located fifteen storeys above the courtbuilding.

During the beginning of the cross-examination, the former president was seen with his eyes blocked.

At the time, Michael Cohen, who is now 57 years old, answered to Todd Blanche, who was representing the defense, by saying, “I wasn’t lying, that’s what I felt.”

Prosecutor Susan Hoffinger questioned why he paid porn star Stormy Daniels $130,000 at the very end of the 2016 presidential campaign. “Why did he do that?”

In response, he stated, “In order to guarantee that the story would not be made public and would have an impact on Donald Trump’s chances of becoming president of the United States.”

Stormy Daniels and Donald Trump were involved in a sexual connection in the year 2006, according to the report in question. The latter, however, refutes this.

Who was it that he acted on behalf of? The phrase “on behalf of Donald Trump”

The checks and the invoices
During this historic and unusual prosecution for a former president of the United States, the tycoon, who is 77 years old, is being charged with criminal offenses related to accounting falsification over 34 different counts.

It is alleged that the reimbursements to Michael Cohen, which were made in 2017 when Donald Trump was in the White House, were disguised as “legal fees” in the accounts of the family real estate business Trump Organization. This is according to the prosecution.

The prosecutor presented the court with eleven checks, the majority of which were directly signed by Donald Trump, as well as the invoices that made it feasible to reimburse Michael Cohen. This all took place during a time that was filled with passion.

That they indicated services that he had not provided and that it was about reimbursing him for the payments that he had made to Stormy Daniels was something that the former attorney repeated in a calm manner with each subsequent receipt.

It is possible that Donald Trump may be sentenced to prison, which would be the first time that a former head of state from the United States has been convicted of a criminal offense.

This would not preclude him from opposing Joe Biden in the election that will take place on November 5.

In 2018, after the affair was made public by the Wall Street Journal, Michael Cohen stated that he had paid Stormy Daniels on his own initiative, without alerting Donald Trump of his decision.

As soon as he was apprehended by the authorities in 2018, he changed his behavior.

“Don’t worry”
After that, Michael Cohen entered a guilty plea to both bank and tax fraud, as well as to lying in front of the United States Congress and breaching rules regarding campaign finance. The latter violation was directly connected to the payment that was made to Stormy Daniels. He was received a sentence of three years in prison, of which he was actually incarcerated for thirteen months.

During the search that was conducted by the FBI in April of 2018, Mr. Cohen stated that Donald Trump allegedly told him, “Don’t worry, everything will be fine, I am the president of the United States.” Mr. Cohen recalled feeling “reassured” because he felt “protected.”

As stated by the former attorney, Donald Trump made a payment to Stormy Daniels because he was concerned about the possibility of a “catastrophic” effect, or even “hatred” from the female electorate, during the presidential election that took place in 2016 against Hillary Clinton.

As a loyal follower of Donald Trump, Michael Cohen revealed on Monday that he had lied, intimidated, and threatened on his behalf. He did not refute the term “pit bull” and stated that he was ready to “take a bullet” for him.

The following is an excerpt from his mea culpa that he presented on Tuesday: “In order to remain loyal and do what he told me to do, I violated my morals and suffered the consequences, as did my family.”

Her statement is similar to that of Stormy Daniels, who, at the end of the previous week, provided an unfiltered account of the sexual connection she asserts she had with Donald Trump in the year 2006.–romania-2024/lipofix-sunt-pic%C4%83turile-eficiente-pentru-pre%C8%9Bul-de-sl%C4%83bit-%C3%AEn-romania


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