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Four gymnasts accuse Pedro Mir of maltreatment.

By ki0nk Mar7,2024

Fernando Mir, the coach of the gymnastics team, has been accused of mistreating his players and abusing his power.

A former employee of the Sports Tecnificació Center of the Balearic Islands, along with three former gymnasts, have come out to accuse the coach of mistreating them and abusing their position of authority.

Even though the coach has denied everything and his defense has avoided going into “speculations,” the complaint has been added to the more than twenty testimonies that have already been presented.

Carlo Ancelotti, in response to the request for imprisonment made by the prosecutor, stated, “I am convinced that I am innocent.”

The number of allegations that have been leveled against Pedro Mir, who is the coach of the Xelska artistic gymnastics club and the Center de Tecnificació Esportiva de les Illes Balears (CTEIB) in Palma, continues to increase. If there are already twenty testimonials that speak out against his activities, pointing out harassment, humiliation, and humiliation in the elite center of Mallorca, then now four athletes have formally filed a complaint against him at the headquarters of the police and the court system.

There have been three former gymnasts and one former employee of the CTEIB who have gone to the National Police and a court of first instance to denounce the coach and report that they were victims of harassment, situations of psychological abuse and also physical abuse, as well as being victims of abuse of power and attack on health, according to El País, which provides details on this matter.

According to their evidence, which was reported by the publication mentioned earlier, they have also stated that they were compelled to compete and practice despite the fact that they were injured, and this occurred while the bulk of them were still juveniles.

A total of 27 testimonies have already been filed against Pedro Mir, who has defended himself by ensuring that “everything is absolutely false,” as he pointed out in a writing that was echoed by local media such as Última Hora. The complaint, to which additional athletes are also expected to join, is an addition to what is already a total of 27 testimonies against Pedro Mir.

Additionally, the gymnasts are not the only ones who have leveled charges against instructor Pedro Mir.
According to the material that was released by El País, it is worth noting that the charges are not solely originating from athletes. In January 2022, the problem was also reported by a total of five physiotherapists and four physicians. These individuals presented the matter along with some examples to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Sports of the Balearic Government.

In addition, three different reports from professionals in the socio-educational sector pointed in that direction, and the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office launched an investigation into the matter. Despite the fact that it occurred in May 2022, it was not archived until October, which was five months later. This was due to the fact that it was determined that the actions in question did not constitute crimes, and the Ministry was strongly encouraged to investigate administrative consequences in accordance with the sports law of the Balearic Islands.

While the coach continues to manage the CTEIB gymnastics program, he has lately traveled with the Spanish Gymnastics Federation (RFEG). In the meantime, the coach, who is represented by his attorney Jaime Campaner, has denied the accusations and has refused to join into “speculation.”

The former gymnasts demand that a “exhaustive investigation” be conducted, and they are particularly adamant about the mistreatment that they were exposed to.
Despite the fact that the center has informed the gymnasts that the case has been handed over to the legal services, the gymnasts have also gone to the RFEG itself in order to present their objections. In a letter that was also written to the Higher Sports Council, the Balearic Federation, and Marga Prohens, the president of the Balearic Government, they reveal the practices that they have been subjected to and highlight their commitment to seek justice and “protect young gymnasts from future harm.”

The individuals report that they experienced “coercion” from the coach and that they were “under the threat of being excluded from the team or suffering retaliation.” They further stress the “abusive” tactics and maltreatment that the coach engages in.

As stated in their letter, which is quoted by El País, they are demanding a “ thorough investigation” and the “necessary actions to guarantee the safety and well-being of all gymnasts.” Furthermore, they are demanding that the investigation be conducted extensively.

Currently, a “monitoring” of the case is being carried out by many entities, which are referred to as the services legal while discussing the matter. This is happening despite the fact that these kinds of charges about Pedro Mir continue to be duplicated. These accusations relate to a “habitual panic” concerning his guidelines.

Even if the procedure is taking a long time, the complaints are still coming in.

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