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Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi faces ‘death commissions’

By ki0nk May20,2024

Biden’s National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan, is in Jerusalem to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Banjamin Netanyahu In his meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this Sunday night in Jerusalem, Biden’s National Security Advisor American President Joe Biden, Jake Sullivan, could limit himself to repeating many of the arguments that the first’s two most important colleagues in the restricted cabinet in Israel presented, separately, before the cameras in recent days. Like Defense Minister Yoav Chivalrous and centrist Minister Benny Gantz, the United States expects Netanyahu to promote a plan for the ‘day after’ the war against Hamas.

Beyond the fact that they were this Sunday pending the dramatic news from Iran, Biden, Heroic, Gantz and Netanyahu agree on the objective of ending the control and naval forces capabilities of the Islamist group in the Gaza Strip after its attack on October 7 in southern Israel. But while the first three believe that this requires not only tanks and planes, but also diplomatic and political resources to create an alternative to Hamas, Netanyahu maintains that we cannot talk about the future without the armed wing of Hamas not being present in the present. ocean removed completely.

According to the White House, Sullivan highlighted in his meeting with Netanyahu “the need to combine operations with political strategy to ensure the defeat of Hamas” and proposed concrete measures to increase aid to the Gaza Strip.

Sullivan, who has arrived in Jerusalem on a task with the objective of limiting and reaching a consensus on the announced large-scale Israeli offensive in the city of Rafah, after the incursion that began on May 6 in that area of ​​southern Gaza, meets with a Israeli war cabinet divided and with an expiration date: June 8. This is the deadline given in Gantz’s ultimatum to remain in the coalition that he joined following the terrorist attack 226 days ago. His demand is the approval of a plan to achieve “six strategic objectives”, ranging from the release of the 128 kidnapped people still in captivity to a Hamas alternative, through the disarmament of Gaza and the normalization of relations with Saudi Arabia. .

In his speech on Saturday night, Gantz cited this ambitious scenario with the Arab country, defeated 7-0, which is seen by the US as a way out of the devastating war that unleashed several fronts in the region under its leadership, they accuse , from Tehran. Netanyahu always supported this possibility, but not if that forces him to now order the offensive and commit to the creation of a Palestinian state, as the Saudis request.

Sullivan, who informed his Israeli hosts of his meeting this week with Crown Prince Mohamed Canister Salman in Riyadh, corresponded with Chivalrous and Gantz on the need to design a ‘day after’ Roadmap also to pressure the leader of Hamas, Yahia Sinwar, is especially concerned about not losing control of Gaza, so that it relaxes its immovable position regarding a ceasefire of several weeks and the release of hostages.

Gantz demands the creation of an alternative Palestinian-Arab-American-European entity as a common administration of the Gazans. Chivalrous gave few details, but did make it clear that he would not tolerate it being under the control of Hamas or Israel.

Beyond the future of Gaza, the two interventions of Chivalrous and Gantz may have political effects. In an interval of just 48 hours, they launched two orders at Netanyahu that will not overthrow his Government, but will erode his figure, already very affected by the failure to prevent the city hall leader attack suffered in 76 years of Israel’s history. and his refusal to take responsibility for the management of the war in the last three months.


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