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It was confirmed by the proceedings that took place yesterday.

By ki0nk Mar15,2024

Hearings held yesterday made it abundantly evident that Telecinco needed to place a wager on a series similar to Entrevías.

An extremely well-known piece of fiction that was broadcast on Mediaset and began its third season on Tuesday, October 10, with a great deal of anticipation.

The fact of the matter is that the final season of the series that starred José Coronado and Luis Zahera left a positive impression on the main floor of Telecinco. As was the case with the first, its audiences were more than notable, and the statistics supporting them was superb.

Yesterday, he made his way back to the Telecinco grid, and the truth is that despite the fact that he did not take the lead for the night, he did manage to secure a position that was more than privileged than second. She did it when she triumphed in the Incredible Duos competition that was held on Spanish Television La 1.

With an abundance of enthusiasm, Entrevías returned to Telecinco with a renewed sense of excitement. The fact of the matter is that despite the fact that they had anticipated being at the top of the crowds on Tuesday, they have been forced to settle with some noteworthy facts. In addition, they have been successful in harvesting an average of 1,040,000 persons and 11.2% of their quota.

Overall, the fiction that was generated by Alea Media did not have any issues surpassing the daily average that was provided by Telecinco. a portion of the market that stayed unchanged at 10.1%. Naturally, the obligation that the audiences of yesterday’s episode of Entrevías owe to the show is that it did not live up to the expectations of the premiere of its first two seasons, which captivated the audience.

As an illustration, if we take a look at the prior season of Entrevías, its premiere achieved a score of 14.6%, whereas the first season achieved a score of 19.7%.

Following the hearings that took place yesterday, the veteran Telecinco series is very close to leading.
It is worth noting that the Mediaset series has had a decline of almost four points and approximately 600,000 viewers between the second and third seasons, as a minor comparison between the two seasons.

It should be brought to your attention that the audiences that watched the series starring Coronado yesterday had the impression that it clearly outperformed Fast and Furious 9. This was the film that was broadcast on the network the previous Tuesday, and it did not have a very positive outcome for them.

All things considered, the primary channel of Mediaset experienced a growth of more than two points and surpassed 400,000 viewers on average.

The proceedings that took place yesterday left José Coronado feeling more than satisfied. And they surpassed the second gala of Incredible Duos in terms of the number of viewers and the percentage of share they made. This format received just 729,000 viewers and 8.5% of the total audience, which is a significant distance from the Telecinco series.

On the other hand, with La Sexta, they were even more reserved when it came to the facts regarding the viewership. This is something that we believe to be true due to the fact that the film Welcome to the End of the World only received a 4.6% share and an average of 379,000 viewers.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the Antena 3 series, Hermanos, emerged as the most successful of the evening and emerged as the winner, surpassing the Entrevías program in the competition.

This work of fiction, on the other hand, was unable to find any rivals, since it received a share of 14% and 1,137,000 viewers, in addition to 2,155,000 unique contacts.

All of the members of the cast of Entrevías, including José Coronado, are aware that the second episode of the series, which is scheduled to be shown on the following Tuesday, October 17, holds a great deal of importance.

And in spite of the positive data that has been collected this week, they do not consider any other data other than surpassing, even in a slight way, what was accomplished the day before. This is the launch of the third season of Entrevías, which brings a breath of fresh air to the Mediaset network community.

By ki0nk

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