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IVG: Trump struggles to position himself and Biden loves his indecision.

By ki0nk Apr10,2024

A federal ban on abortion was not something that Donald Trump promised to do. Those who support conservatism are irate.

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The United States of America A pirouette, a weather vane, and a little man, he was little. The contender for the presidency of the United States of America in 2024, Donald Trump, is the subject of this children’s rhyme, which features lyrics that have been rewritten to explain his stance on abortion. Due to the fact that he had been contemplating the possibility of enacting legislation at the federal level on abortion for a number of months, he made the announcement in a video that was uploaded to his Truth Social network on Monday, April 8th, that he would finally allow the states to decide on the matter.

For the purpose of comprehending the significance of this assertion, we must go back in time a few years. The American Supreme Court is the highest legal court in the country, and during his tenure as president, which lasted from 2016 until 2020, Donald Trump selected a number of conservative judges to the court. At this point in time, six of its nine members are located on the right side of the political spectrum.

A decision made in 1973 by the Supreme Court known as Roe v. Wade, which protected the right to abortion at the federal level, was overturned by the Court in June of 2022 as a result of this equilibrium. Legislation on the matter can now be enacted by the states in any manner they see fit. Over the course of the past two years, over twenty states have either outright prohibited or severely restricted access to abortion.

Fake news regarding the Democratic Party

On the other hand, this is not sufficient for conservatives. The establishment of a restriction at the federal level is something that they are adamant about. And they believed that Donald Trump, who was once again running for the presidency and was anticipated to compete against Joe Biden in the election, was going to be their Messiah once more. It was a poor choice.

“The states will decide either through a vote or through the law, or possibly both. In the video that he posted on Truth Social, he makes the statement that whatever they decide, it must have the authority of law. Some states will be more conservative than others, and that is the way it is. “A lot of states will have a different number of weeks” as the pregnancy limit, and “some will be more conservative than others.” He continues by saying, “At the end of the day, it is the will of the people that counts,” but he does not provide any information regarding any restrictions at the federal level. There are circumstances in which Donald Trump expresses his support for abortion, including rape, incest, or situations in which the mother’s life is in jeopardy.

In addition to being a supporter of fake news, the billionaire goes on to criticize Democrats who would be in favor of abortion up until the final months of pregnancy and would even back “an execution after birth.” This claim is completely devoid of any foundation.

In the context of the campaign, IVG is a really stimulating topic.

On the other hand, Donald Trump had consistently stated that he was in support of a federal ban on abortions that occurred after 15 or 16 weeks of pregnancy. However, it is certain that he and the highest level of the Republican organization are aware of the fact that this contentious issue has the potential to cost him the election that will take place in November of next year.

Due to the ruling that was handed down by the Supreme Court in 2022, Republicans have, in fact, been subjected to significant disappointments in the course of national or municipal elections. Because of this, the most recent turn of events that Donald Trump has undertaken is intended to appease the most moderate supporters, who might vote for his Democratic opponent in November of next year if he backed too radical ideas on abortion. The only problem with this tactic is that it is fraught with danger: his speech on Truth Social does not have any appeal either to elected officials or the most conservative groups.

Former Vice President Mike Pence, who is deeply devout and severed connections with his former employer, Donald Trump, referred to the words made by the billionaire as a “slap in the face” for the millions of people who opposed abortion and voted for him in 2016 and 2020. Senator Lindsey Graham, a powerful opponent of the Republican nominee, expressed her disagreement with President Trump by saying, “I respectfully disagree with President Trump.”

Trump is said to have gotten “tangled” and tackled Biden.

The anti-abortion organization known as Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life, for its part, has voiced its “deep disappointment” in the situation. “Unborn children and their mothers deserve to be defended and protected at the national level in the face of the brutality of the abortion industry,” she responded in a press release. “Because of the horrific nature of the abortion industry.”

Donald Trump, in response to criticism, increased the number of messages he posted on Truth Social and defended his position by saying, “People like Graham, who never stop, will allow the Democrats to win the House of Representatives, the Senate, and even possibly the Presidency.” In spite of this, his statement is still ambiguous, and it is not completely out of the question that the real estate magnate may change his mind once more.

Nevertheless, the democrat takes great pleasure in the errors committed by his adversary. He made fun of Donald Trump’s ability to strike a balance on the issue of abortion, which he described as being “completely tangled.” He did this in a press release. As he once again published on X, Donald Trump expressed his concern that voters will hold him accountable in 2024 because he is the one responsible for overturning the Roe v. Wade decision. The news that I have for Donald is that they will.

By ki0nk

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