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Joe Biden may trip over his red line.

By ki0nk Mar14,2024

Following the first announcement of a truce, Vice President Biden later retracted his comments and issued a caution to Israel, which is an ally of the United States: there is a red line that it is imperative not to cross.

Is this a hypothetical commitment that is nothing more than a single step in the routine diplomatic dance, or is it a genuine threat that might have ramifications for the relationship between the United States and Israel?

It is clear that prior to demonstrating a great deal of firmness in the speech, you need to make certain that you have the resources necessary to accomplish your goals or even measure the length of the response.

Both allies and adversaries are aware of the disadvantages that the United States possesses, beginning with the challenge of persuading the American populace of the necessity of increasing military spending or being open to the idea of military operations.

When George W. Bush made statements about a “Axis of Evil,” the countries that were mentioned came to different conclusions as a result of his threats. When it came to North Korea, we persisted on the diplomatic path while doing nuclear testing, but when it came to Iraq, we invaded under a completely false pretense.

The fact that Barack Obama put his reputation in peril in 2013 by deviating from the recommendations of his advisors and asserting that if Bashar al-Assad’s Syria pushed forward with the use of weapons and chemicals against its population, it would cross a red line is something that I have not forgotten.

We are aware of everything else. In later years, President Obama was able to acquire evidence of the use of chemical weapons; but, he did not follow through on his threat. Instead, he handed the ball over to Russia, which came as a blow to his allies and caused him to lose face in the eyes of the opposition.

In the process of evoking his red line, Vice President Biden took care not to mention the consequences that would be suffered if Israel disobeyed him, as Prime Minister Netanyahu had proposed doing.

Would it be possible for the United States to impose sanctions on its ally without putting an entire region at risk of becoming unstable? Joe Biden went so far as to inform his interlocutors that Bibi would have his “come to Jesus moment,” his moment of truth, and his “revelation” on a recording that was made without his knowledge after he had delivered his State of the Union speech.

Since the beginning of Israeli military operations following the attack by Hamas, the Israeli prime minister has proceeded to either disagree or ignore the American president from the beginning of these operations.

It is quite unlikely that the 46th President will eventually make the decision to take action, given that he has been adamantly refusing to do so for a considerable amount of time. The fact that he will not stop providing his ally with weaponry and that he will not turn against him is something that he has already said without hesitation.

In the past, the “red line” was seen as a severe warning; however, it has since evolved into a meaningless formula that serves no purpose other than to temporarily soothe the public opinion in the United States. Regarding the Israeli government, do you believe it is trembling?

By ki0nk

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