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Lewiston Documents illuminate Maine’s bloodiest shooting

By ki0nk Jun8,2024

(The Portland area) In the thousands of pages of data that were provided on Friday by the Maine Department of Public Safety, there are vivid details of the turmoil and bloodshed that surrounded the state’s bloodiest shooting.

At the time of their arrival in October 2023, the police in Lewiston arrived at the two shooting places without knowing whether or not the gunman was still present. Some of the victims, both alive and dead, were lying on the ground. During the time that he was needed to seek for the shooter, a police officer reported hearing desperate survivors yelling for assistance.

According to a letter that was written by Lewiston Police Officer Keith Caoueutte, “They are grabbing our legs and trying to stop us, and we are unable to help them.” We have no choice except to carry on, continue our search, and keep believing that they will still be alive when we get back.

The initial thought that appeared in the mind of another law enforcement official was that a terrorist act had been carried out. This impression was further strengthened by the heavy presence of law enforcement officers and the flashing blue lights. According to what Auburn Lieutenant Steven Gosselin wrote, “I really felt like we were at war.”

More than three thousand pages of documents were made public on Friday by the Maine Department of Public Safety in the United States in response to freedom of information requests from the Associated Press and other news organizations. These documents include their descriptions of the scenes that occurred at a bowling alley and bar, where 18 people were killed and 13 others were injured.

Before the website that had the records was taken down on Friday afternoon, journalists from the Associated Press had already gone through more than a third of the pages. Officials from the state stated that the records would be accessible once more on Monday.

The lines from a note that was left by the gunman, a 40-year-old Army reservist named Robert Card, were included in the report. Card wrote that he simply wanted “to be left alone.” The “Portland Press Herald” has reported that this was one of the information that was included in the investigation. Not only did the memo contain the password to his phone, but it also contained the passwords that were required to access his numerous accounts.

A psychological breakdown was reportedly experienced by the gunman in the months leading up to the shooting that took place on October 25, 2023, according to reports from his family and fellow Army reservists.

It was two days after the shooting that the body of Robert Card was discovered in the back of a tractor-trailer on the property of his former employer, which was located close to Lisbon. According to the findings of the autopsy, he had committed suicide.

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