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Max is here: The HBO disparities Max and Warner’s new platform news

By ki0nk May27,2024

Warner may be changing the look of its platform, but underneath it’s business as usual.

There was a lot of bewilderment when Warner revealed that HBO Max would be rebranded as Max. Many wondered why the company would give up the respected HBO name. So, how exactly is the new platform different? Here are our thoughts after testing and comparing Warner’s new release in Spain, which has been out for about a year in the US.

First of all, we need to log in again and download new applications if we want to use them, regardless of where we are. Warner has previously warned of this. In order to participate in this test, I had to install the latest Max apps on my computer, phone, and smart TV. On certain devices (smart TVs), the app will remember your preferences and even provide a shortcut to the app store when you download a new version; on others, (mobile devices), you may see an error notice. Regardless, getting the new app is the way to go. Even when using a web browser, the old address still points to the new one,

Upon navigating through a data usage permission and privacy policy screen that is particularly perplexing (with multiple boxes pointing in different directions), we are able to access the platform. To our delight, we discover that it is remarkably identical to the one we were previously familiar with. So, let’s dissect the details since that’s where the problem lies.

The layout of the page is remarkably similar to what we were already familiar with from HBO Max, with the exception that the brand’s new color, blue, now takes center stage. Under a header that displays a few featured contents in a loop, we can see personalized recommendations based on our viewing history, with the most popular series and movies displayed in the center. One of the most noteworthy additions is a section for live sports broadcasts. For instance, today there are a plethora of Roland Garros matches, but you’ll need to pay 5 euros per month for the sports supplement to see them.

We begin to find solutions at the upper portion of the platform, where we have direct access to numerous categories. Series, which starts with editorial and personal suggestions before branching out into categories like “Critically acclaimed series,” “Inspired by real events,” “Crimes,” and so on, is part of the hierarchy. Home takes you back to the main page.

For movies, there are a lot of similar categories with subheadings like “less than 90 minutes,” “European,” “Spanish,” “HBO originals,” and “franchises” like “Harry Potter,” “DC,” and “The Lord of the Rings.” HBO: Interested in their own section outside of “Series,” which gives us access to the brand’s Original content. An entry point into the platform’s Sports section, which had previously served as its flagship: Countless live sports broadcasts, including the aforementioned Roland Garrós matches, are available at the moment. The sports supplement covers the costs of certain events, such as the Giro d’Italia, while other events, like UFC fights, include free content, such highlights.

This category is where we can locate the rare and original content that makes it to Max (most of it is repurposed from HBO Max). In addition to fresh premieres like “Dune: Part Two,” the new programs available on HBO Max consist largely of contests, documentaries, and reality shows that didn’t belong on HBO Max initially. To find these, you have to travel deep into the “Series” section.

A few examples include Marta Flich’s long-lost dating reality show “Naked Attraction,” separate genres for cooking, renovation, survival, and dating shows, and reality/documentary franchises like “Gold Rush” and “90 Day Fiancé,” indicating a trend toward more mainstream and popular programming. A new animated series called “Gremlins: The Secrets of the Mogwai” has surprised everyone with its arrival among the curious new series. Looking at it from that angle, there are no surprises; Discovery content has been steadily making its way into HBO Max for the past year.

As long as you maintain your existing plan, your 50% lifetime discount will be honored regardless of any plan modifications. Regardless of whether you’re a cheap customer or subscribe to HBO Max, the features you contracted will remain. For new users, we’ll go over the features of both the Standard and Premium plans. According to Warner, we will advise clients in advance of any changes in this area in the future.

Max is just a cosmetic update and a tenacious adherence to what we were previously aware of, for everything else. Distinguishing between HBO and Warner’s other programming is a rather murky issue in Spain, but it has a significant impact on the audience in North America. Adult Swim, DMAX, Cartoon Network, Kids & Family, HBO, Max, DC, Discovery, Harry Potter, and a new series of vertical content are all shown in a single category. Modest structural adjustments for a platform that maintains a solid selection of documentaries and series and has recently added, without complication, a substantial amount of material tailored to all demographics.

An American subscription video on-demand over-the-top streaming service, Max[b] was previously known as HBO Max. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of WBD (Warner Bros. Discovery) Global Streaming & Interactive Entertainment.[6] In the US, Max debuted on May 27, 2020, under the name HBO Max.

The site features shows and documentaries from many networks, including Warner Bros., CNN, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Animal Planet, TNT, Eurosport, and Discovery Channel. In addition to HBO shows, original content from third-party library deals (like those with film studios for pay TV rights) and co-production agreements (like those with BBC Studios and Sesame Workshop), the service also features first-run original programming under the “Max Originals” banner and shows from the HBO pay TV service.

Under its original name, HBO Max, the service replaced two earlier iterations of HBO’s subscription video on demand (SVOD) offerings: HBO Now and HBO Go. Subject to availability and device support, HBO Now and HBO pay television members in the US were moved to HBO Max at no extra cost. Additionally, DC Entertainment’s DC Universe service was superseded by HBO Max as its streaming component, and all of DC Universe’s original series were transferred to HBO Max as Max Originals. International expansion of the HBO Max service started in 2021.

On June 30, 2021, there were 69.4 million paying subscribers worldwide for HBO and HBO Max, according to AT&T. Of this number, 43.5 million were HBO Max subscribers in the US, 3.5 million were HBO-only subscribers in the US (mainly hotel and business customers), and 20.5 million were subscribers to either HBO Max or HBO alone in other countries.[7] A total of 73.8 million paying subscribers from around the world were members of HBO and HBO Max by the end of 2021.[8][9] Quarter one 2022 saw 76.8 million paying customers for HBO and HBO Max around the world.The tenth

Max is one of the two main streaming services run by Warner Bros. Discovery after the merger of WarnerMedia and Discovery, Inc. in April 2022. The other is Discovery+, which mainly airs factual and reality shows from the Discovery brands. Despite WBD’s initial announcement that HBO Max and Discovery+ will join in 2023, the business has decided to keep Discovery+.

A number of shows from Discovery+ have been moved to Max as part of the deal, with WBD keeping the others on Discovery+. Subsequently, WBD supplanted HBO Max with a rebranded service that debuted in the US on May 23, 2023, Latin America on February 27, 2024, and Europe on May 21, 2024. The service was shortened to “Max,” had a new user interface, and added more Discovery content in addition to new series and films. With the exception of the UK, Germany, and Italy, where the rebrand will take place in 2026, and the Netherlands and Belgium, where the name “HBO Max” will be kept alongside the redesigned Max logo, the rebranding will also be implemented in 2024 throughout a number of additional territories.

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