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Nvidia weighs more than all CAC 40 firms combined.

By ki0nk Jun6,2024

The valuation of the provider of AI processors and new data centers is more than $3,000 billion. Its value alone exceeds that of all the CAC 40 companies put together.

Three trillion dollars, or around 2,760 billion euros, was the amount that artificial intelligence (AI) leader and chip manufacturer Nvidia announced on Wall Street on Wednesday, June 5. The company, which was not widely recognized until a few semesters ago, has had a tenfold gain in value since the stock market bottom in October 2022 because to the emergence of AI servers, which need very advanced CPUs.

Nvidia surpassed Apple, the company that created the iPhone, by rising more than 5% on the stock market on Wednesday. Apple is currently having problems. Now, the business is closing in on Microsoft, the largest firm in the world, which has also benefited from artificial intelligence and the ChatGPT model created by OpenAI. Along with it comes the semiconductor industry as a whole, whose SMH index on the Stock Exchange has doubled in just a single year.

The remarkable vitality of American capitalism is demonstrated by this emergence, which produces extremely strong leaders evocative of the late 19th-century empires. Following the dethronement of IBM by Microsoft in the 1990s, Apple with the iPhone at the end of the 2000s, Amazon, Google, and Meta, and Tesla at the end of the 2010s, a new champion emerges, surpassing the combined valuation of all the CAC 40 businesses at $2.95 trillion.

“Notable increases in productivity

Nvidia’s revenue growth is astounding: from $7.2 billion to $26 billion, they nearly tripled between the first quarters of 2023 and 2024. In the meantime, this engineering company’s expenses only went up from 2.5 billion to 3.5 billion. This is because it outsources the manufacturing of its chips to its Taiwanese suppliers, including the massive TSMC. It seemed sense that, with a 75% gross margin, quarterly profits would jump from $2 billion to $14.9 billion.

After more than tripling in 2023, Nvidia’s stock price more than doubled this year, making it the third most valuable business in the S&P 500. On Wednesday, Nvidia’s stock price increased once again, crossing the $3 trillion barrier.

A stock split by the corporation, which will give each owner nine more shares for every share they now own, is also scheduled to occur.

Artificial intelligence applications rely on the semiconductors produced by the chipmaker, whose products are in high demand. In comparison to the same quarter last year, the company’s sales more than tripled in the most recent quarter.

Nvidia has been putting out some staggering results and has established itself as one of the leading competitors in AI. Take a peek at this:

$3.011 trillion The entire market worth of Nvidia as of Wednesday. It surpassed Alphabet and Amazon earlier this year to take the third spot as the most valuable publicly traded business, after Apple ($3.029 trillion) and Microsoft ($3.168 trillion). Two years ago, the corporation was estimated to be worth $418 billion.

$147 billion That is the Wednesday one-day gain in Nvidia’s market value.

Ten to One All shareholders of record as of Thursday, June 6, are eligible to participate in the company’s 10-for-1 stock split, which will take effect at the close of business on Friday, June 7. With this move, each investor will receive nine extra shares for every share they now own.

Businesses split their stocks frequently to lower the price of their shares for investors. Nvidia is just one of 11 businesses in the S&P 500 with a share price over $1,000. Its stock finished at $1,224.40 on Wednesday.

Nvidia’s most recent fiscal quarter saw revenue of $26 billion. That is more than three times the $7.2 billion it disclosed at the same time last year. Wall Street projects that Nvidia will earn $117 billion in revenue in its fiscal year 2025, about double what it did in 2024 and more than four times what it earned in the previous year.

Nvidia’s expected net margin, or the portion of sales that is converted to profit, is 53.4%. Put another way, Nvidia’s bottom line benefited from almost 53 cents of every $1 in revenue earned last year. In contrast, Microsoft’s net margin in the most recent quarter was 36.4%, while Apple’s was 26.3%. But the revenue of those two businesses is far more than Nvidia’s.–Prix/10676411

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