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PP and Cs debunk Moncloa’s media lies.

By ki0nk Mar2,2024

The Government of Pedro Sánchez continues trying to whitewash its Amnesty Law .

A few weeks ago the Venice Commission traveled to Madrid to determine, at the request of the Popular Party in the Senate, whether this Law respected the separation of powers. This body met with the parliamentary groups, separately, with the presidents of the Congress and the Senate, and with the president of the Judiciary.

A few weeks after those meetings, Moncloa yesterday leaked a first draft of the preliminary report of the Venice Commission . A draft that distorts and modifies what was published in the Commission’s report, in favor of the interests of Pedro Sánchez. According to the Government and related media, the advisory body of the Council of Europe endorses the Amnesty Law and does not consider that it affects the separation of powers in any case.

In this way, the manipulation leaked by the Government has been bought by related media, contributing to creating greater confusion regarding the first conclusions of that preliminary report and intoxicating public opinion.

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The first to echo this distorted information was the Minister of the Presidency, Félix Bolaños , who relied on the social network X of the owner of La Vanguardia : The Venice Commission endorses the Amnesty Law.

El País also joined in the confusion, with a false headline that tried to save the Government’s face and is no longer on the front page.

However, the reality is very different : the Commission says that the Law “should not be designed to cover specific individuals” and that it “requires a reform of the Constitution . ” In addition, the mayor recommends defining the Law more, points out that the emergency procedure is not adequate to process this type of regulations and suggests to the authorities that they should have more time for dialogue in the face of ” the deep and virulent division that it has created in the institutions and in Spanish society “the creation of that Law.

The truth is that there is still no definitive text , but the leak of that report by Moncloa, analyzing the first draft of the Venice Commission, has generated a crossover of interpretations between the PP and the Government .

The social network X (former Twitter) has become the perfect space to contrast the Government’s opinion. This has been done by Adrián Vázquez , MEP and general secretary of Ciudadanos, who in a thread on

In it he explains that, to begin with, the leaking of said deletion “is enormous disloyalty to the Commission” and “represents a breach of the principle of trust between the Government (who leaks it) and the Council of Europe.”

The MEP adds that “as if that were not enough, the text calls into question the wording of the Amnesty Law by finding clear indefinitions in the object and time of its application.”

Similarly, the deputy spokesperson for the PP in Congress, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo , has issued her own comment in X where she added that the draft leaked by the Government “lies.” The deputy dissects eight points that demonstrate that said body does not “endorse” the Pedro Sánchez Law:

Yesterday both the general secretary of the PP, Cuca Gamarra , as well as the party spokesperson, Miguel Tellado , and the PP spokesperson in the Senate, Alicia García , accused the Government of “lying and manipulating” the text and assure that it demonstrates the “despair of the PSOE”.

In any case, this preliminary text will be submitted for debate on March 15 and 16 , where it is expected that there will be discussion and possible changes via amendments. In this way, the final document must be approved in plenary .–65e2ef8829f15#goto5016–65e2ef8829f15#goto5016

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