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Reality TV is exhausting, and ‘X Factor’ and ‘MasterChef’ are losing viewers.

By ki0nk Jun13,2024

In the past few years, they were extremely catastrophic. A few of them are currently waiting in line to attend the hearings. As a result of overexploitation and controversies, as well as the abundance of attractive offers (on other channels or streaming), programs that were once at the top of the charts, such as “X Factor” (in its first edition) or “Master Chef,” are no longer the fan favorites of the general public. This is despite the fact that formats such as talent shows and reality shows continue to have success stories.

When there are ‘Survivors‘ galas, the return of Factor nights is scheduled to take place. 399,000 spectators, which is approaching the point where it will become an absolute minimum for this season (by a margin of only 50,000 individuals). For the sake of comparison, all that is required is to have a look at the audience numbers for the finals of all of the program’s editions:

What a poor choice! The inability of the ‘Factor’ to It had obtained 9.9% share, which was a significant decrease from the 15.1% share that it had gained when it first appeared on Cuatro. This was a highly noteworthy statistic, particularly for the network. Without a shadow of a doubt, the success of its direct competitor ‘La Voz,’ with its ‘Kids’ edition shining at the top of the ratings, has prompted Mediaset to dust off the format, but they have not been successful in doing so.

The positives and negatives of the show “Master Chef” A noteworthy 5.1% share and 1,033,000 viewers, which is the highest share of this edition, are presented in the last episode of the most recent season of “Master Chef,” which is the 12th season overall. These data are worthy of further investigation. But that does not mean that the show is a success; the finale has the lowest number of viewers in the show’s whole history. In addition, we should not minimize the importance of the culinary competition; it continues to be one of the shows that receives the most viewers on La 1, but it undoubtedly demonstrates the tiredness that the format has had. The following is a list of the audience figures for all of the finals, along with the gradual decrease that can be observed:

All those who are successful. We were discussing ‘Survivors’ as Telecinco’s sole potentially powerful asset, and it is not surprising that this is the case. This year’s edition, which is still in progress, has an average quota of approximately 19%, which is higher than the average of 17.5% that it had at the end of the previous year. Those are some truly remarkable stats. ‘La Voz Kids’ is a unique instance because it is broadcast on Saturday nights, and as a result, it is able to lead without any issues within that time slot (with the exception of rare circumstances, such as the Eurovision contest that took place a couple of weeks ago). The fact that it is going to have quotas of approximately 14% this year is really noteworthy. However, the circumstances surrounding these two examples are more unusual than they are typical.

The ‘Big Brother‘ model of governance. ‘Big Brother VIP’ had the lowest crowds in its history in its 2023 edition, with an average of 12.9%. This is in stark contrast to the 32.3% audience it had in its previous edition. Let us not forget this fact. It is one of the many plausible reasons why Telecinco wants to revamp the concept, and for the first time since 2017, it is once again giving access to anonymous contestants for its next edition. These contestants will enter the competition anonymously.

In the case of streaming media. It’s possible that this is not so much a question of weariness of the format as it is of exhaustion of reality television as it is presented by the major terrestrial and cable networks. Max’s shift, for example, towards programs halfway between game shows and reality shows , based on Discovery’s catalogue, shows that they are at least as profitable as fiction (and unquestionably much cheaper, from the brand new -and highly promoted – ‘Naked Attraction’ to titles like ‘Traitors’ or ‘Super stingy’). Additionally, platforms such as Netflix are betting on reality television formats, while experiencing their own losses. For example, this particular platform did not fare well with the show “Insiders,” but it has successful formats with several spin-offs, such as “Love Is Blind.”

Victory is achieved by “Operation Triumph.” It is not so much a crisis of the format as it is a reformulation for the current times, and the best illustration of this phenomenon is ‘Operación Triunfo’ and how well it has done on Prime Video. The Amazon platform has been able to gain knowledge from the history of the format and its classic stage on TVE, and it has been able to season it with the youthful character, the presence on networks, and the management of fans that was experienced with the comeback of the show beginning in 2018. The lesson that may be learned from this is that talent shows and reality television can develop along with their viewers.

The use of oxygen cylinders is required. There is no doubt that Mediaset ought to take note of the fact that the success of ‘Operación Triunfo’ on Prime Video represents a change in the status quo. This is especially true when considering the fact that the audience figures for the Amazon talent show might not be as spectacular if it were broadcast in public, or at the very least, it is highly improbable that it would achieve the resounding figures of its very first edition. ‘Operación Triunfo’ has benefited from the revitalization of style, but it is possible that the public (and, as a result, the statistics we saw above) is sick of seeing the same faces, the same tics, and the same springs… With ‘Master Chef’ having aired for a total of twelve seasons and ‘Survivors’ having aired for a minimum of twenty-three, the audiometers are starting to feel the effects of saturation.

The phenomena of reality television as a specific type of television is the subject of investigation in this thesis.
This research tries to explain the how of reality television, despite the fact that previous research has analyzed various different conceptions of what reality television is. This research investigates the question, “What is Reality Television doing, and how?” by collecting data from four different case studies of global Entertainment Reality Television formats that were broadcast between the years 2000 and 2018.


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