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Should the US decriminalize cocaine to win the “war on drugs”?

By ki0nk Jun22,2024

In the United States, the campaign against this hard narcotic has been unsuccessful, and the country is grappling with the challenge of preventing trafficking. Cocaine would be less harmful if it were legal, regulated, and subject to very high taxes.

To put it simply, prohibition is ineffective in the United States. The same holds true for cocaine, but considerably more so than it does for cannabis. This hard narcotic has continued to flow across the Atlantic despite the enormous attempts that have been made to limit the trade ever since Richard Nixon initiated the “war on drugs” fifty years ago.

Washington wasted ten billion dollars on Colombia between the years 2000 and 2020 in an effort to eliminate the country’s culture. This is a terrible waste of time since as soon as one field on a hill is destroyed, another one arises on the other slope.

It is the countries that produce the goods that are the ones that have to pay the highest prices. In comparison to the United States, Colombia has a homicide rate that is three times higher than the United States.

In the event that production continues to break the law, it will be carried out by criminal organizations. The actual solution is to completely legalize marijuana, which would enable official producers to sell a narcotic that is controlled and heavily taxed, similar to how cigarettes and whiskey are manufactured.

It is politically impossible to achieve complete legalization.

Because it would not be mingled with other items, legal cocaine would be less harmful than its underground counterpart. As a result of gangs cutting cocaine with fentanyl, which is a less expensive but significantly more toxic opioid, the number of deaths that have been related to cocaine usage in the United States has grown by a factor of five since 2010.

Another advantage of legalization would be that it would lead to the elimination of gangs. Despite the fact that some of them would find other ways to make money, the loss of profits from cocaine would make it more difficult for them to recruit new members.

Due to the fact that cocaine is very addictive, it is inevitable that this would result in an increase in the number of people who use marijuana. To evaluate the extent to which it is comparable to tobacco or alcohol, however, investigations are unfortunately not conducted frequently enough. More work is required to be done in order to treat this addiction.

The funds that are saved by putting an end to this “war” could be used to finance this.

In the near future, it appears that complete legalization is not conceivable from a political standpoint. Nevertheless, those who favor it must continue to advocate for this cause, the advantages of which much outweigh the costs.–66766e60872c0#goto8447—Eczemaron-Cream-Revie/10688779–eczemaron-cream-review-2024-india-906881982


By ki0nk

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