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“The dirty Rama-Berisha pact”—Flucura Açka investigates Parliament normalization:

By ki0nk Mar9,2024

Flutura Açka, the deputy of the Democratic Party, has referred to the confidential negotiations between Bledi Çuçi and Gazment Bardhi, the leaders of the parliamentary factions, for the purpose of normalizing the Parliament as “a dirty Rama-Berisha pact.”

It has been written by Deputy Acka that the democratic and aargat parties in Albania are keeping a close eye out for the shady Rama-Berisha alliance.

“After we threw Basha into complete trust, after we threw Berisha into complete isolation, after we threw the internationals into complete disrepute, we will throw Rama into complete domination,” says the author.

After the agreement that was reached in 2008, this is the second agreement that has been reached between the current head of government and the former prime minister, according to Flutura Astaka.

April 2008 marked the beginning of the Rama-Berisha Pact! The Rama-Berisha Pact, the second one, in April of 2024 “Take note, you will require it when the time comes to lodge a complaint,” the member of parliament advises.

We will throw Rama into complete dominance after we have thrown Basha into complete trust, after we have thrown Berisha into complete isolation, and after we have thrown the internationals into complete dishonor.

Following a period of five months, Speaker Lindita Nikolla called a meeting of the heads of the various parliamentary groupings in order to find a solution to the political impasse that had been established in the Albanian Parliament and in the Parliamentary Commissions.

At the meeting, Bledi Çuci, Gazment Bardhi, Dashamir Shehi, and Mesila Doda were present. The Speaker of the Assembly sent an invitation to the chairmen of the parliamentary groups, requesting that they find a solution to the crisis that has been developing within the parliamentary body.

It has been brought to our attention that following the strenuous negotiations that have taken place over the course of the past two weeks between Bledi Çuçi, the head of the socialist parliamentary group, and Gazment Bardhi, his democratic counterpart, it is anticipated that the opposition would abandon the blocking tactic during the session commencing on March 21.

fter the socialists have partially accepted one of the two non-negotiable demands of the democratic party, the one for the Investigative Commissions, the agreement has been reached. According to sources that have been corroborated, the compromise will most likely be completed at the beginning of the following week. It is unknown which of the eight demands made by the opposition for the establishment of Investigative Commissions have been accepted by the majority, but it is known that two of them have been accepted.

For the other request, which is the Democrats’ ideas for modifying the composition of the Electoral Reform Commission, including the co-chairman, the language that would constitute a compromise has not yet been established. Following the conclusion of the negotiations, Speaker Lindita Nikolla convened the heads of the various parliamentary groupings in an effort to break the impasse in negotiations.

The fact that she has interacted with Gazment Bardhi, Dashamir Shehin, and Mesila Doda is common knowledge. The possibility of a compromise has been brought to my attention by sources close to the SP and DP, which are led by Sali Berisha. In response to the opposition’s call for the establishment of investigating commissions, it has been discovered that it has been agreed upon to establish two commissioners following the resale of the object. The opposition has already criticized the new law on investigative commissions in the Constitutional Court, and this court will respond to its criticisms. However, this is the easiest part of the discussions because the opposition has already opposed the law for the first time. Undoubtedly, the electoral reform continues to be the most challenging negotiation.

Removing the right of veto from Lulzim Basha and Enkelejd Alibeaja is something that the Democratic Party (DP) led by Berisha wants to do in order to lead this change in the name of the opposition. In light of the fact that there are only a few days remaining until the Special Reform Commission’s mandate comes to an end, it is still unclear how this matter will be addressed. In addition, it is not yet clear whether this agreement would be applicable to all laws, which, like electoral reforms, require 84 votes to be approved.

It appears that the third request made by the opposition has been discreetly resolved. This is because the socialists have shown that they have honored the condition that Gazment Bardhi, and not Lulzim Basha, be recognized as the chairman of the Democratic Party parliamentary group. Up until this point, the socialists have acknowledged Bardhi as the leader of the Democratic Party group.

Since the beginning of the crisis in the Parliament, even the most prominent ambassadors accredited in Tirana have made multiple attempts to find avenues of conversation between the two factions that are currently present in the parliament. Following the approval of amendments to the law on investigative commissions by the majority, which were strongly opposed by the opposition, the British ambassador Alastair King-Smith convened a meeting with Elisa Spiropali and Klotilda Bushka from the SP, as well as Gazment Bardhi and Enkelejd Alibeajn, in an effort to find a way to engage in dialogue and bring the parliament back to a state of normalcy.

The newly appointed ambassador of the European Union delegation has also participated in the efforts to engage in conversation between the parties. It remains to be seen if the majority and the opposition will be able to come to an agreement that will bring back normalcy to Parliament or whether the impasse will continue to exist. Concern has been expressed by the Democratic Party (DP) led by Lulzim Basha regarding the meeting that was organized by Speaker Lindita Nikolla with leaders of the parliamentary groupings. Additionally, at the most recent session of parliament, Minister Spiropali provided indications that the majority is heading in the direction of recognizing the Berisha-Bardhi minority group.

You are invited to attend the Conference of Presidents in order to reach a consensus on the facilities, as we have further discussed your requirements. Please make your way to the Electoral Reform Commission and bring recommendations that are of significance. Spiropali declared, “I have a strong belief that we are very close to discovering a solution to this absurdity.”

However, Enkelejd Alibeaj has requested clarifications from the SP over the conversations with Gazment Bardhi. This has raised significant concerns regarding the possibility that the majority and the DP Parliamentary Group are attempting to negotiate for the collapse of the Electoral Reform.–65ec1668655e7#goto5152

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