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The latest ‘Star Wars’ game is getting bad reviews.

By ki0nk Mar16,2024

There is a great deal of controversy about the recovery of this classic game because of the shortcomings of the servers concerned.

For the first few days that it has been available for purchase, the ‘Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection’ has been receiving an overwhelming number of unfavorable reviews on Steam. This collection is a re-release of the classic games in the Star Wars franchise, and given the fantastic work that it has done in the past, more reviews were anticipated. Within a short period of time, Aspyr has completed the remastering of the first three ‘Tomb Raider’ games. On the other hand, the reactions are almost universally negative.

Bad impressions and negative points follow one another, as many people describe the launch as being unplayable. Some of the negative comments include “one of the worst launches of all time,” “extremely disappointing experience,” and “a botch.”

At the moment, there are 3,401 reviews that are unfavorable, while there are 860 reviews that are positive. On opening night, there were 10,000 users waiting to enter one of the three enabled servers, each of which had a capacity for only 64 players. This is the primary issue that has been raised regarding the size of the servers.

To be sure, that is not everything. There are further issues with the launch that are being discussed in the subreddit that is dedicated to the game “Battlefront.” These issues go beyond the fact that players are unable to play because there is not enough capacity on the servers. Aside from the persistent graphical faults and, of course, the persistent crashes that force players to leave the games, there are rumors that the control is rather bad and imprecise.

All of this is in addition to the fact that the game requires 62.87 gigabytes of storage space, which is particularly astounding when you consider that the original games only took a total of 12.39 gigabytes of space. For the time being, the only response that Aspyr has provided is a brief statement in which they concede that “we experienced critical errors with our network infrastructure.” Because of this, the ping was extremely high, there were errors in the matchmaking process, the server crashed, and the browser did not display any servers. According to them, they are making efforts to rectify the errors.

The Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection was released on Steam this week, and the majority of the reviews that were received were bad. Players have reported experiencing bugs, malfunctions, and server troubles.

From the moment it was released earlier this week, the Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection appeared to be a straightforward victory for the producer, Aspyr Media. The PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch collection felt like it was a surefire hit, providing that the servers were up and the number of problems was kept to a minimum. The collection featured two Star Wars games that are considered to be among the all-time classics as they were released in the early 2000s.

The debut of the Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection, on the other hand, did not quite go according to plan. Fans of the game complained about a shortage of servers, excessive ping, and general game crashes once it was released on Steam, where it received generally unfavorable reviews.

Another thing that was even more frustrating was the fact that Aspyr Media did not address the situation, since the corporation did not make any statements on social media sites. After a launch that was nothing short of a disaster and was riddled with problems, Aspyr Media has now issued a statement regarding Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection, in which they explain what went wrong.

While it is true that the launch of Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection was not exactly the smoothest of launches, it is important to note that it was published overnight on both consoles and personal computers. Users using personal computers were dissatisfied to learn that there were only three servers available to join at the time of debut, despite the fact that the game had entered the top five of these charts.

The early problems have resulted in “mostly negative” reviews on the Steam website, despite the fact that the server issues have subsequently been fixed and users are now allowed to join games. Due to the fact that Aspyr has not yet addressed the issues on X (which was formerly known as Twitter), we can only hope that this was merely a temporary hiccup and that the game is able to achieve its destiny rather than succumbing to the Dark Side.

Two of my favorite games from the first generation of Xbox consoles are making a reappearance this week with the release of Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, personal computer, and Nintendo Switch.

The Classic Collection will be available on all platforms on March 14, and it will include both the multiplayer classic from 2004 and the successor to that game, Star Wars Battlefront 2, which was released in 2005. According to the Steam countdown timer, the game should turn on at approximately four o’clock in the morning GMT, which implies that players in the United Kingdom should be able to begin playing on Thursday morning.–65f51c5876e11#goto5330—oman-977019101–65f544dc26065#goto5340

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