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‘The Snow Society’ is one of Netflix’s most watched films and a theater hit.

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Following the Oscars, JM Bayona has been given a new boost with a fantastic Sunday that has brought the film to the attention of more than 500,000 viewers on Sunday.

‘The Snow Society‘ has reached a stage where its popularity cannot be disputed. In spite of the fact that it was already before his success at the Goya, the twelve trophies that JM Bayona took home on Saturday night have only served to underline the popularity of one of the most significant premieres of the year. As of right now, the numbers for the most viewed on Netflix and the collection of films that were released in theaters over the last week have arrived to substantiate it.

‘The Snow Society‘ is the third most viewed film in the world that is not in the English language this week. With approximately ten million hours seen and more than four million views this week, it has been in the top ten most watched for the past six weeks, and it continues to maintain a very high position throughout this time period. On the other hand, there is a more remarkable fact: its position at the very top of the list of the most viewed on the platform throughout history.

‘The Snow Society‘ is currently the second most popular non-English language film in the history of Netflix, behind only ‘Trol’, which it is approaching with inexorable steps and which it may end up surpassing (‘Trol’ has already finished its career with 103 million views, while Bayona’s film still has some time left, with more than 86 million and counting). ‘The Snow Society’ follows in the footsteps of ‘Trol’. Additional Spanish feature films, such as “El hoyo,” which has received about 83 million views, are not included in this list.

A potential and non-existent Global Top 10 is something that Netflix splits its tops into English-speaking and non-English-speaking productions, but there is no list in which they converge. It remains to be seen, in these words, whether at some point it would enter such a list. To do this, it would be necessary for it to surpass the over 136 million views that ‘Rescue task’ has received, but it is a task that is not completely impossible to accomplish.

Nevertheless, there is one more domain in which “The Snow Society” continues to stand out, and that is the theater audience. As Pau Brunet notes in his report that tracks collections and crowds, there was a surge in the number of viewers on Sunday, the day immediately following the Goya. There are currently more than 500,000 people who have attended the presentation. Following the release of the season on Netflix on January 4, a little less than half of those half a million episodes have been streaming.

In light of the fact that Netflix’s method of releasing films in cinemas and then immediately shifting them directly to the platform has been called into question on a number of occasions, this particular element is highly noteworthy. It is, in fact, what has led to chains like Cinesa or Yelmo refusing to screen the film (something that Bayona did not forget to underline in his acceptance speech at the Hoyas), and it is the reason why other chains have also refused to screen the picture. Despite this, the picture is racking up a significant number of collections.

There has been a curious instance of a “perfect storm” of remarks and distribution on networks with regard to ‘The Snow Society’: to its values as a production, a story that, despite the fact that it has already been told on film a couple of times, is precisely what makes it unique. This is what has contributed to it being talked on on social networks: it has spawned Twitter threads describing the true tragedy that occurred in the Andes and the cinematographic precursors of Bayona, in a tornado of references that has kept the film among the most commented trends throughout the course of the prior weeks.

In the early 1970s, a Uruguayan rugby squad embarked on a journey to Chile in order to compete in a match. There were those who brought friends or family members, while others did not bring them. Everyone seemed to be wild with enthusiasm while they were aboard their small chartered plane. However, while they were flying over the Andes, the plane began to descend, which was a significant amount of time too early. They were shattered into bits after colliding with a mountain. It is a miracle that some of the forty-five individuals on board managed to survive, although they were in extremely dangerous circumstances.

The film Society of the Snow, directed by J.A. Bayona, who has won both the Gaudí and Goya awards for his work (The Impossible and A Monster Calls), recounts the very impossible actual story of the Andes airplane catastrophe that occurred in 1972. The film is Bayona’s first Spanish feature picture since The Orphanage, which was released in 2007. It brought the Venice Film Festival to a conclusion in 2023 and has been nominated for the Academy Award for Best International Feature picture at the 96th Annual Academy Awards. For those who are not familiar with the story, Society of the Snow contains graphic depictions of the accident and what the victims had to do to prevent themselves from starving to death, including cannibalism. The narrative is not for people who are easily frightened.

In the course of preparing for the production of the film, Bayona and his creative team engaged in significant conversation with the relatives of the victims and survivors. “Those who survived played a significant role. According to what Bayona shared with Netflix, “their enthusiasm fueled the film and my perspective.” For the [actors], it was absolutely necessary to establish connections with the families of the survivors and the other families.

“Recalt came to my house, we got together with the family, he went to the hospitals, he saw my patients, and he was talking to my wife and to my sons,” I said. “He was also talking to my patients.” In an interview with Tudum, Flight 571 survivor Roberto Canessa, who is now a pediatric cardiologist, discusses the actor’s preparation for the role of the character. The other actors who were portraying my pals who had passed away, we gave them an account of how our friends were.–healthcare/10683545–666d3bb2c43bb#goto8093

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