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Three crimes are linked to the explosion in Lushnja, MP Çela.

By ki0nk Mar8,2024

In Albania, it is anticipated that the Special Prosecutor’s Office against Corruption and Organized Crime will conduct an investigation into the identity of socialist MP Bujar Çela.

This is due to the fact that he is accused of committing three criminal offenses, which are connected to the explosion that occurred on Friday in the city of Lushnja, within a warehouse that he owns.

where two people were killed and seven others, including himself, were injured throughout the incident. Considering that Mr. Çela is a member of parliament, the Fier Prosecutor’s Office, who initiated the investigation into the incident, said that they were unable to conduct the investigation effectively.

He is suspected of committing the criminal charges of “Violation of the rules of protection at work,” “Illegal construction,” and “Destruction of property due to carelessness.” These are considered to be serious violations.

In the meantime, the Court has granted permission for the security measures known as “Suspension of the exercise of a duty or public service” and “Prohibition of leaving the country” to be implemented for the chief inspector of the Inspectorate of Territory Protection, Lushnjë Municipality, as well as for three other inspectors of this Inspectorate and the general inspector of Municipal Unit no.

Municipality of Lushnjë, number 5. It is alleged that each of them has engaged in “abuse of duty” due to the fact that they did not perform any inspections or verifications on the activities that were being carried out in the warehouse of the socialist deputy.

The alternative that they presented was that they had not received any communication from the Municipality regarding the authorization that had been issued, and that the web system of this municipality had been inoperable for a number of months. Only one day after the explosion, the Inspectorate drafted two verbal processes in which the illegal construction was established, and then they ordered the removal of the structure.

Leonard Gjini, the proprietor of a construction company that had signed a contract with the communist deputy, has also been confirmed to have been arrested and imprisoned by the court. In the statement that Mr. Gjini provided to the judicial police officers of the Lushnja Police Station, he denied that his company had begun the works or that it had hired its personnel.

Leonard Gjini, a citizen, reveals that he is engaged in the business of building and the implementation of projects involving concrete and iron construction.

On the 27th of November, 2023, he entered into a business agreement with the citizen Bujar Cela for the purpose of constructing a warehouse. The construction permit number 200, which was issued on the 19th of September, 2023, was included in the agreement. It was certified on February 10, 2024 that the object had a value of 1,796,3280 ALL, which was the date when the works were planned to begin.

He makes it clear that the occurrence that took place there has nothing to do with the employees, and he has no knowledge what works were being carried out in the facility in question. He did not send any personnel or engage in any subcontracting in order to carry out works in this facility.

The material that the judicial police officers supplied to the prosecution reads as follows: “After the issuance of the permission to start the works, he waited for the moment when the release of the object would be ready for the moment when the works would begin.”

In the event that the Special Prosecutor’s Office decides to accept the case, which is a highly probable scenario, all of the security measures that have been implemented up until this point will undergo a reassessment. Additionally, it will be necessary to ensure that MP Çela is adequately protected.

The latter is the one who has been accused of committing a greater number of criminal charges than the other individuals who are now being investigated under the same circumstances.

As a result of the precedent that was established in the case of the former Prime Minister Sali Berisha, the Prosecutor’s Office will not be required to refer you to the parliament in the event that a restrictive measure is requested.

Only in the event that she determines that she needs to investigate the deputy and keep him under “arrest” will she be required to carry out this action.

Explosion of a gas cylinder, which feeds the equipment that makes it possible to cut metal structures through a high-heat flame, is considered to have been the cause of the Lushnja disaster. This is because the gas cylinder supplies the equipment. In violation of the safety regulations that govern the workplace, the bombs were fastened to the top of a crane.

Investigations have been launched by the prosecutor’s office in Fier as a result of the huge explosion that took place on the grounds of a warehouse in Lushnja, which resulted in the deaths of a father and his son.

The investigations are being carried out in three distinct directions, which include “Violation of the rules of protection at work,” “Violation of Urban conditions” due to the fact that the subject had gone beyond the boundaries of the construction permit that was approved by Lushnjë Municipality, and “Destruction of property due to carelessness.”

In order to determine the reasons behind the explosion, the prosecutors have issued an order for the performance of numerous experts, and the police have forwarded the materials to the prosecution body on Sunday.

Additionally, it is anticipated that the individuals who have sustained injuries will be questioned, which will include the deputy of the Socialist Party in Lushnje, Bujar Çela.

According to reports, the huge explosion that occurred on March 1 in the warehouse that was under construction and is believed to belong to MP Bujar Çela within the industrial zone in Lushnja resulted in the deaths of two individuals and injuries to seven others.

The explosion of an oxygen cylinder that Roland Hoxha, 51, and his son Elidon Hoxha, 23, were transporting resulted in their deaths. Roland and Elidon were working with their crane at the time of the accident.–65eae1e8ac24c#goto5138


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