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Trump claimed “Hitler likewise did beneficial things”

By ki0nk Mar15,2024

According to a book written by CNN anchor Jim Sciutto, the former president of the United States expressed his respect for the Fuhrer.

New York City β€” Overall, “Hitler had done some good things,” as the saying goes. Although there is nothing that is surprising about Donald Trump, the fact that he shares these beliefs with General John Kelly, which the former chief of staff of the White House disclosed to CNN journalist Jim Sciutto in his book “The Return of Great Powers” powers”), ought to cause the Republican Party and its voters to contemplate the kind of person they would like to see return to the helm of the United States of America.

The following is an excerpt from the conversation that took place regarding Hitler: “He said, ‘Hitler did some excellent things.’ ‘What?’ I exclaimed. As a response, he stated, “He rebuilt the economy.” However, what had he done with the economy that had been rebuilt? It had been used against his own people as well as the rest of the planet. “Sir, you can never say anything positive about Hitler,” I told him. “It is impossible.” None of it. Mussolini was a decent individual in comparison to him.

After that, Kelly continued by saying, “It is pretty hard to believe that he missed the Holocaust or the 400,000 American soldiers who were killed in the European theater.” However, I believe that it was his intention to give the impression that he was harsh. “Complained that Hitler maintained the loyalty of his staff, when he frequently did not,” Trump is quoted as saying by the general. He was aware of the fact that the German generals as a group were not loyal to Hitler and had attempted to kill him on multiple occasions. I had brought this to his attention. However, he was unaware of it. When he appointed us generals to positions within the administration, he had the firm conviction that we would be devoted to him and would carry out his directives without question.

According to Kelly, the president “believed that Putin was a good guy, and Kim was a good guy, and we had backed North Korea into a corner.” In his opinion, it was as if we were trying to provoke these individuals by saying, “If we didn’t have NATO, Putin wouldn’t do these things.” He continues to hold this belief. In point of fact, Hungarian Prime Minister Orban disclosed that at their recent meeting in Mar a Lago, he confirmed to him that “if he is re-elected, he will not give a penny to Ukraine,” so compelling Ukraine to undergo defeat at the hands of Russia.

Bolton, who had previously served as a national security advisor, noted that Trump “considers himself to be a big shot.” Therefore, he enjoys dealing with other powerful individuals, and individuals such as Erdogan in Turkey have the ability to imprison individuals without the need to seek permission from anyone else. He has a certain amount of affection for him.

Donald is not a tough guy at all, in fact just the reverse, according to Kelly, who says that he is absolutely not. On the other hand, that is how he envisions himself. After that, he continued by saying, “My theory as to why he likes dictators so much is that he is just the way that he will always be.” Every new president is taken aback by the fact that they have so little power and do not have to go to Congress, which is a positive development.

The lesson is on civics, the separation of powers, and the three branches of government that are equal to one another. However, he was taken aback by the fact that he did not possess the dictatorial powers necessary to direct the United States military to any location he desired or to transfer funds within the budget. In addition, he regarded Vladimir Putin, the leader of China, Xi Jinping, and that insane person from North Korea as being comparable to him in terms of how tough they were.

Despite the fact that Kelly and Bolton had to step in to prevent the United States from withdrawing from the Atlantic Alliance, they are concerned that if he is re-elected, no one will be able to stop him from doing so: “The point is that he saw absolutely no use in NATO.” He was adamantly opposed to the idea of deploying military personnel in Japan or South Korea as a means of deterrence. Also, he will make an effort to retrieve them.

The fact that he has a deep admiration for the powerful men of today is well known: Viktor Orban, whom he recently saw at Mar-a-Lago, is “fantastic,” Xi Jinping is “brilliant,” and Kim Jong Un is “a nice guy.” On the other hand, Donald Trump would have said the most scary words above Adolf Hitler, “did some good things,” according to what CNN journalist Jim Sciutto reveals. This is based on information collected by former advisors of the billionaire who were questioned for his book titled “The Return of Great Powers.”

“He thought that Putin was a good guy and so was Kim, that we had backed North Korea into a corner,” retired general John Kelly, who served as President Trump’s chief of staff, writes in an essay that was published on the website via CNN Sciuto. Kelly was referring to the fact that the United States had backed North Korea into a corner. “For him, we were the ones provoking these guys, ‘if we didn’t have NATO, then Putin wouldn’t do these things,'” Kelly added, recalling the remarks of Trump, who he and other aides characterize as a man who frequently praises autocrats, even those who undermine US interests. Kelly was referring to Trump’s statements.

There is a “admiration for the strong man” regarding Trump.

The most disturbing statements are those that Trump allegedly made about the Nazi dictator, again according to what Kelly said: β€œHe told me ‘Well, but Hitler did some good things’ and I said ‘yes which ones?’ and he replied ‘he rebuilt the economy’, but what did he do with the rebuilt economy, the revolt against his own people and the world.”

The former general also recalls advising Trump, “Sir, you can never say anything good about him.” Trump remembers hearing this advice. “It is difficult to believe that he did not take into account the Holocaust, and it is difficult to comprehend that he did not take into account the 400,000 American soldiers who lost their lives,” continues Kelly, recalling how shocked he was by Trump’s words. However, I believe that even in that particular instance, it was about the admiration for the strong man. In point of fact, Kelly recounts how Trump expressed appreciation for the manner in which Hitler imposed “loyalty” on his senior officers, despite the fact that he complained that he could not actually count on it.

It is not the first time that revelations have surfaced regarding Trump’s affinity for Hitler; during the year 2021, a representative for the former president refuted the allegations. Now, the spokesperson for the Trump campaign, Steven Cheung, did not delve into the merits of the findings; instead, he focused solely on bashing Kelly and John Bolton throughout his remarks. On the other hand, Kelly comes to the conclusion that “my theory as to why he loves dictators so much is that that’s who he is.” When a new president takes office, he or she is often surprised to learn how little power they have without Congress. This is a positive development since it demonstrates the principle of separation of powers.

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