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Trump denounces “political persecution” on historic criminal trial’s first day.

By ki0nk Apr16,2024

On Monday, Donald Trump made history by becoming the first past president of the United States to appear before the criminal court system.

He is currently facing a trial in New York, which puts the Republican candidate at risk of being convicted just a few months before the presidential election.

Just prior to the hearing that was scheduled to take place at the courthouse in Manhattan, the Republican candidate, as is customary, condemned what he referred to as a “political persecution” committed by the administration of the Democratic president, and he referred to his prosecution as “an attack on America.”

in the conclusion of the first day of the hearing, Donald Trump asserted that he had “a real problem” with Judge Juan Merchan, who is presiding over the proceedings in the Manhattan court. Merchan assured Trump that he would not have “the right to a fair trial.”

A few days before the election in 2016, which he won by a razor-thin margin against the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, the billionaire is being prosecuted for payments that were intended to purchase the silence of Stormy Daniels, a former porn star.

In the presence of the prosecutor, Alvin Bragg, the judge began the session by reviewing the appeals that were submitted by the defense. Notably, he denied a candidate’s plea to disqualify himself from the case.

Additionally, the prosecution has requested that fines be imposed on Donald Trump, who, according to them, has breached an order to refrain from insulting witnesses that was posted on social media in recent days. An appearance before the judge was scheduled for the 23rd of April.

Around 2:30 in the afternoon, a first set of 96 potential jurors was allowed to enter the room. This came after a significant amount of time had been spent on procedural matters.

After raising their hands in response to the judge’s request for those who believed they were incapable of being impartial to report themselves, around fifty individuals were freed from the requirement. Around ten other people were taken into custody for reasons that have not been explained.

A nurse working in an oncology department or a bookstore, for example, were among the other individuals who were required to appear in court and answer questions regarding their occupation, their family status, or their interests. These individuals were anonymous civilians who were catapulted overnight into the frenzy of this unusual trial.

The lengthy questionnaire invites respondents to express their feelings of sympathy or bias against the individual who is being accused.

After that, the hearing was postponed until the morning of Tuesday morning.

Trump’s “Encouraging Act”
It is possible that this critical phase will take several days to complete, but its purpose is to pick the twelve jurors who will unanimously decide whether Donald Trump is guilty or not guilty of the charges against him.

After leaving the White House in disarray for more than three years, Donald Trump is now in danger of receiving a prison sentence, at least in principle. In spite of the fact that this would not preclude him from running for president in the election that will take place on November 5, where he has a desire to exact revenge on Joe Biden, it would cast the campaign into the unknown.

Instead, it would be a huge victory for the Republican nominee if he were judged not guilty of the charges against him.

Especially considering that he has been successful in postponing his three prior criminal trials up until this point. Two of these trials are for illegal attempts to change the results of the 2020 election, while the third trial is for allegedly careless handling of secret data.

In a piece that was published in the Los Angeles Times, Richard Hasen, an expert in electoral law, expressed his disapproval of the possibility that this particular case, which he describes as “a minor campaign financing offense,” would be the only one that is tried before the election.

In this particular instance, he believes that any verdict that is not the harshest possible penalty “will only continue to encourage Trump.” A “witch hunt” that was devised by the Democratic government of Joe Biden, the former president’s opponent, has been condemned by the former president.

There are allegations that Donald Trump fabricated accounting documents for his firm, the Trump Organization. The documents are said to have been created with the intention of concealing, under the guise of “legal fees,” the payment of $130,000 to Stormy Daniels by Michael Cohen, who was serving as Trump’s personal attorney at the time.

As part of the agreement, the latter committed to maintaining silence on a brief sexual encounter that she had with the billionaire in the year 2006. In his defense, Donald Trump asserts that the payments were made in the private sector, despite the fact that he has consistently denied the existence of this relationship.

The prosecution, on the other hand, plans to provide evidence of fraudulent techniques that were used to conceal information from voters a few days before the election.

Monday saw a gathering of a few dozen individuals, both pro-Trump and anti-Trump, in the vicinity of the court, which had been placed under extremely strong security. According to the statute of the state of New York, the hearings will not be broadcast on television, despite the presence of media cameras from all over the world.

During the course of the trial, one of the issues that will be faced is determining what information Donald Trump had at the time that these payments were transferred.

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