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Trump trial: no jurors after day one

By ki0nk Apr18,2024

No jurors were selected by the end of the first day of the Trump trial. Approximately fifty jurors put up their hands, acknowledging that they were unable to be impartial.

At the end of the first day of Donald Trump’s historic trial in the Stormy Daniels scandal, not a single juror was found to be credible.

Roughly fifty of them raised their hands, appreciative that they were unable to affirm their objectivity in front of the outgoing US President. Ten or so others were not included for unclear reasons.

On Tuesday, the selection process is scheduled to recommence.

“I’m not in Georgia, Florida, or North Carolina, where I should be, to campaign, so I can’t attend my son’s graduation or the US Supreme Court.” Democrats on the left will love this. They really do want this.

As Donald Trump attempts to retake the White House, this is the first criminal prosecution for a former president, so turning the court into a political soap opera.

Pro- and anti-Trump parties battle politically in court

His admirers and his critics square up over this bribery scandal in New York at the exit.

For each of his three social media statements this month on Stormy Daniels and her former attorney, Michael Cohen, the prosecution has asked for a fine against Donald Trump.

In an effort to hide facts that he believed would hurt his 2016 campaign, he is also charged with forging internal Trump Organization records. especially considering that at the time of his remarks regarding women, his reputation was in decline.

The main emphasis of the charges is money given to two women: playboy model Karen McDougal and porn star Stormy Daniels.

In order to avoid jeopardizing his candidacy, the Republican nominee for president would have tried to conceal an affair with porn star Stormy Daniels, whose actual name is Stephanie Clifford.

NEW YORK (AP) — After attorneys questioned potential jurors about their political opinions, personal life, and social media posts, the first seven jurors in Donald Trump’s hush money trial were seated on Tuesday. This was done to ensure that the panel could fairly judge the former president.

A software engineer, an English teacher, an oncology nurse, a sales professional, an information technology specialist, and two lawyers make up the panel of chosen speakers.

Opening statements in the first criminal trial of a former commander in chief might start as early as next week, but eleven more people still need to be sworn in. Trump, who has attempted to delay his prosecutions until after the election in November and portrays himself as the victim of a politically biased legal system, is facing some serious consequences.

The trial centers the hotly heated debate between Trump and President Joe Biden over his legal issues. Of the four criminal charges against Trump, this is the first one to go to trial and might be the only one to get a verdict before voters choose whether or not to support the presumed GOP nominee for president.

The deliberate proceedings taking place in the Manhattan courthouse underscore the difficulty in locating impartial judges for the divisive defendant in the city where he established his real estate empire before to his election as president in 2016. Nevertheless, Tuesday afternoon’s jury selection went more quickly than anticipated. The plan was to continue on Thursday.

Trump halted in the hallway as he was leaving the courthouse to lash out at the case and accuse Judge Juan Merchan of “rushing” the trial. He has refuted any misconduct.

“We will persist in our battle against this magistrate,” declared Trump, who made vain attempts to get Merchan dismissed from the case.

Trump was asked about his impressions of the jurors he had met at an appearance at a Harlem bodega later on Tuesday. “A little bit early to see,” he stated, but he did say, “We’ll see what happens.”

Dozens of prospective jurors have been excused over the course of two days, citing their inability to serve as unbiased juries or their other commitments. A few people were questioned by Trump’s attorneys on their social media posts, and one person was fired for a 2017 tweet that screamed, “Lock him up!”

Regardless of their opinions toward Trump or his policies as president, a number of prospective jurors informed the judge they thought they could render an impartial verdict in the case.

In the courtroom, Trump observed as prospective jurors—whose identities are kept a secret by the prosecution, Trump, and their legal representatives—shared personal information about themselves and their opinions on him. At one instance, when the judge was questioning a woman about a social media post, Trump became agitated and made gestures, prompting the judge to reprimand him.

“I don’t know what he was saying, but I could hear it and he was making gestures. Additionally, he was addressing the juror directly, according to Merchan. “I’ll not put up with that. I will not put up with intimidation of any jurors in this courtroom.

Taking aim at Trump’s celebrity, prosecutor Joshua Steinglass informed the jury pool that lawyers were not seeking for someone who had been “living under a rock for the past eight years.” All they had to do was have an open mind.

“This lawsuit is unrelated to your personal political views… It’s not a popularity contest, a referendum on the Trump administration, or a choice of who to vote for in November. We don’t give a damn. “Whether this man broke the law is at issue in this case,” he stated.

Trump entered a not guilty plea to 34 felony charges of fabricating business documents in an apparent attempt to prevent sensationalized — and, he claims, false — rumors about his extramarital affairs from surface during his presidential campaign in 2016.

Several members of the jury pool mentioned their plans for Memorial Day and beyond, given that the trial is anticipated to stretch for at least six weeks.

After expressing concern that his capacity for objectivity would be weakened by “unconscious bias” stemming from his Texas upbringing and his employment in finance among individuals who “intellectually tend to slant Republican,” one guy was granted an exception.

Another said to the judge, “I’m not sure that I can say beyond a reasonable doubt that I can be fair.” “I could try it. However, I’m not sure if I can be impartial. She was fired as well.

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