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United States: heated discussion between confident Trump and perplexed Biden

By ki0nk Jun28,2024

In the first fight of the campaign, the two American presidential candidates squared off on Thursday, June 27 on CNN. Weary, Joe Biden was unable to quell age-related worries in the face of a self-assured Donald Trump, so he continued to spread lies as usual.

During their first debate on Thursday, June 27, the two US presidential contenders sparred over issues including inflation, immigration, and Ukraine. Donald Trump skillfully chained incorrect statements, while Joe Biden was aggressive in substance but incredibly unclear in style.

The 78-year-old former Republican president said, “Inflation is killing our country,” right away. He sounded quite confident, restating a point he knows will appeal to Americans, and he reassured them that his opponent was doing a “bad job,” even in the face of strong jobs and growth.

A “moral sense of a depraved person”

The 81-year-old Democrat, whose voice is frequently raspy in front of CNN’s cameras—the network hosting the discussion—attacked the billionaire on a topic he knows is sensitive to him by calling out his “terrible” action against the right to an abortion.

Before getting more personal, he also charged that Donald Trump had been “lying” when he claimed that illegal immigration was the reason for the rise in crime.

Recalling that his opponent was a “repeat criminal” due to his conviction in a case involving undisclosed payments to a former porn actress, the Democrat assessed that he possessed the “moral sense of a depraved person” and labeled him a “crybaby” on multiple occasions.

The former president, who was accused in multiple other cases, defended the “rigged” legal system by saying, “I did nothing wrong.”

He started to resemble a Palestinian.

Despite promising to accept the results of the polls if the election was “fair and equitable,” the Republican, who never accepted loss in 2020, did not pledge to unconditionally accept the results of the polls in November. Without even approaching the level of attacks he uses in his speeches, Donald Trump confirmed his opponent’s “not cut out” status as president and painted him as a weak leader.

Although he has changed to resemble a Palestinian, people still dislike him since he is a terrible Palestinian. The Republican referred to Joe Biden’s stance on the conflict between Israel and Hamas as “weak” (Palestinian). He added, “If the United States had a “leader,” the war in Ukraine would never have broken out.

After claiming to have taken two and “perfected” the “cognitive test,” Donald Trump went on to brag about his golf prowess while his opponent grinned.


Without any assistance from the two CNN journalists presenting the event, the former real estate mogul made a number of incorrect claims and exaggerations.

Apart from posing queries, the latter effectively made sure that each person’s allotted speaking time was honored by shutting off the microphone as soon as it was finished, so averting any unnecessary disruptions.

When the two men came on the CNN set in Atlanta, Georgia, they did not shake hands because, very plainly, they detest each other. A reporter confided in the set that they did not look at each other throughout the first commercial break.

In a nation where political polarization is high, the debate shouldn’t significantly shift the lines, barring any surprises.

However, given the close race, the stakes are still quite high. Should one of the two candidates be able to win over a few independent voters, that could be enough to give them the advantage come November. In order to accomplish this, Joe Biden must specifically reassure the public about his health and vigor. In this sense, even if he appeared more at ease throughout the debate, his performance on Thursday is likely to be viewed as a lost opportunity.

Hazel Reitz, 55, remarked, “It’s sad that I don’t understand a word he’s saying,” as she watched a video of the Republican debate in San Francisco. Still, she plans to cast her ballot for the Democrat in November.–capsule-price-in-usa-730633875–u42616706\

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