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US: Donald Trump refuses to testify at his trial, ending discussions.

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Tuesday marked the conclusion of the arguments, which took place in New York City during the historic criminal trial of Donald Trump for making covert payments to an adult film actress. The former President of the United States finally decided not to testify during the trial. According to the magistrate, this prepares the way for the conclusion of the arguments to be presented on the following Tuesday, as well as the beginning of the jury deliberations the next day.

At the historic trial that Donald Trump, a former president of the United States, is currently facing for making covert payments to an adult film actress, the examination of the case came to a close on Tuesday without him providing his version of events to the jurors. Trump will not testify at the trial. After more than four weeks of argument, the second and final defense witness has finished his hearing. This has paved the way for the very closing parts of this high-stakes trial for the Republican candidate for the presidential election that will take place on November 5.

“On Tuesday (next), you will hear the pleadings” of both the defense and the prosecution, and “I hope that you will begin to deliberate” the following day, Judge Juan Merchan told the jurors. “I hope that you will begin to deliberate” After that, the judge will entrust the jury with the difficult task of deciding whether or not Donald Trump is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of 34 accounting falsifications linked to the payment of $130,000 to porn star Stormy Daniels. This is done in order to prevent a potential sexual scandal at the very end of the 2016 presidential campaign. A sexual relationship that the actress, whose actual name is Stephanie Clifford, claims to have had with Donald Trump in 2006, when he was already married to his wife Melania, was the subject of this payment, which was intended to purchase her silence about the affair. Donald Trump disavows the existence of this connection.

Completely unanimously

It will be necessary for the jury to get a unanimous verdict in order to find him guilty. “Everyone says that there is no crime (…) All the experts say that there is no crime and that I have done nothing wrong,” he stated to reporters. The former president of the United States made history by becoming the first person in the history of the world to appear in a criminal trial when he arrived in court on Tuesday. The septuagenarian may still run for president even if he were to be found guilty of the crime.

The examination of the case came to a close with a defense witness, attorney Robert Costello, who is a seasoned veteran of the judicial system. The day before, Costello had questioned the version of the most prominent accused, Michael Cohen, who was a former trusted advisor to Donald Trump. The hearing that took place on Monday was particularly noteworthy since it was this witness who caused Judge Juan Merchan, who is typically unflappable, to lose his composure. Robert Costello was strongly admonished and put to order for his behavior, which was characterized by a dramatic and familiar manner of speech. He did not attempt to conceal his frustration at the interventions of the magistrate. As a result of the fact that he continued to look directly into his eyes, the judge eventually ordered the room to be evacuated for a few minutes so that he could provide an explanation to the witness.

The danger

In addition to the invoices and checks that are at the heart of the allegations, the prosecution called 19 witnesses and presented hundreds of documents to the court during the proceedings. These papers included text messages and emails that were exchanged between the three main characters. A pair of witnesses were called by the defense. In the days leading up to the trial, Donald Trump gave his word that he would testify. In the end, he gave up, just as many observers had expected he would, because he would have been subjected to a ruthless cross-examination from the prosecution.

During the course of the trial, there were periods of dry and technical presentation, as well as periods of impassioned testimony, such as that of Stormy Daniels and Michael Cohen. An act that she believed to be consensual but in which the “balance of power” with the businessman was “unbalanced” was described by the actress as having occurred in 2006, when she had a meeting with Donald Trump and a sexual relationship with him. Regarding Michael Cohen, he made a direct accusation against his former boss, asserting that he had given his approval for Stormy Daniels to receive a payment of 140 thousand dollars.

A few days before the election in 2016, the former attorney claimed responsibility for the payment himself, and he gave his word that Donald Trump had verified his repayment in 2017. The prosecution for accounting falsifications was brought about as a result of expenses that were allegedly concealed as “legal costs” in the records of his company group that is affiliated with the Trump Organization.–%C3%87MIMI-I-LEHTIMIT/10666338

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