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US sues Apple over iPhone practices

By ki0nk Mar22,2024

A lawsuit has been filed against the Californian giant by the United States government, alleging that it engaged in anti-competitive and monopolistic actions in relation to its smartphone.

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA – Because this is a legal action, it ought to generate a lot of buzz in the United States. As of this past Thursday, March 21, the United States government filed a lawsuit against Apple, accusing the company of engaging in anti-competitive and monopolistic actions in connection with the iPhone and the limitations imposed by a Californian organization on program developers.

This lawsuit focuses on other areas of the iPhone ecosystem, according to a document that was issued this Thursday by the Ministry of Justice. In recent years, Apple has received the greatest criticism for its practice of requiring third-party companies to go via its app store and pay exorbitant commissions on all purchases.

All of the decisions that Apple has made have developed and strengthened the defenses that safeguard its monopoly in the field of cellphones, according to the American government, which has joined forces with prosecutors from multiple states in order to bring the subject before the federal civil court system in New Jersey.

Apple caused harm to “users, developers, and other parties who helped make iPhone what it is today,” according to the subpoena, which continues.

The Cupertino group is said to have hindered or disrupted the production and offering of “streaming” services on iPhones, as well as digital wallets that are capable of being used on many platforms, as stated by the Department of Justice.

In addition to this, it has impeded the development of messaging services that can be utilized on several platforms, and it has voluntarily restricted the possibilities of using its connected watches with devices other than the iPhone.

Merrick Garland, the Attorney General of the United States, issued a statement in which he emphasised that consumers should not be required to pay higher costs because businesses break competition regulations.

“This legal action threatens who we are and the principles that distinguish Apple products in a fiercely competitive market,” the firm reacted in a statement that was emailed to AFP. “Apple products are highly competitive in the market.”

“It would set a dangerous precedent, allowing the government to weigh heavily in the design of consumer technology,” the business said in a statement if the approach resulted in a decision that was binding on Apple.

For a number of years, Apple has been accused of imposing stringent limitations on businesses who provide services on the iPhone. In particular, Apple has been accused of prohibiting those businesses from establishing their very own application store, which would allow them to directly monetise their content.

Apple is one of the six top technology companies that are required to expose their platforms to competition as a result of the European Digital Markets Regulation (DMA), which went into effect in the middle of March.

Apple stated in response to this text that it will soon make it possible for its customers in the European Union to download software straight from websites, bypassing the need to go via the application store itself, which is known as the App Store.

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