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USA calls for the fight against corruption and criminality! US Embassy: Increasing collaboration across the region

By ki0nk Feb29,2024

VALENTINA MADANI: To improve regional collaboration in the fight against organized crime and corruption, the USKOK of Croatia and the SPAK of Albania were brought together for a conference by the teams of the US embassies in Tirana and Croatia.

The meeting between SPAK and USKOK was reported by the US Embassy in Tirana yesterday, noting that “regional cooperation is essential to respond to criminals who know no borders.

” The US Embassy in Tirana released a proclamation stating, “The United States strongly supports specialized justice structures like SPAK and USKOK, as they investigate and prosecute the most serious crimes in the region.”

On February 21 and 22, senior officials from the Office for the Fight against Corruption and Organized Crime of the Republic of Croatia (USKOK) visited Tirana.

There, they had meetings with representatives from the US Department of Justice (OPDAT) in both Albania and Croatia, as well as the chief prosecutor for this prosecution, Altin Dumani, and other prosecution officials.

The Memorandum of Understanding between SPAK-USKOK, which was signed on November 27, 2020, was examined in this meeting. The major topic of discussion was the creation of specific contact points and procedures for its execution.

The United States of America has consistently used the legal system to punish the powerful and corrupt who are linked to criminal activity.

The US claims that corruption weakens democracy and human rights while endangering civil liberties and political rights around the world. As a result, requests have been made on all nations, including Albania, to honor their pledges to combat corruption.

The American embassy in Tirana made it clear that “the fight against corruption requires more than words, which is why the United States is the largest donor in the world for the main anti-corruption mechanisms, to ensure that countries fulfill their obligations.”

In order to gather information about drug trafficking and cultivation, as well as the individuals and organizations engaged in these illegal activities, the DEA has already established an electronic communication agency with Albanians.

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