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Alcohol, smoke, Piaf: “Saturday Night Live” segments gently criticize France.

By ki0nk Apr10,2024

Has the stereotype of the Frenchman wearing a beret and a baguette become obsolete, despite the fact that he is well-established in other countries?

Whatever the case may be, it is yet another cliché that the hosts of Saturday Night Live, an American comedy show, presented to us on the sixth of April, 2024.

According to HuffPost, the presentation genuinely depicted French people as being more inclined to champagne than to litrons of red, smoking from a very young age, and dancing in an odd manner to minimalist tunes. This was done in a very good-natured and “sporting” approach.

The show begins with “La maison du Bang,” which is a spoof of our variety shows from the 1970s, such as Maritie and Gilbert Carpentier present, and features choreography that is considered to be rather absurd. but in a weirdly familiar way!

Young people with mustaches who are also smokers and drinkers

This presents an opportunity for actors Bowen Yang, who is fluent in French, and Chloe Fineman to present their alleged child with a flute of champagne while wearing a full mustache of their own.

The person who is presenting this funny comedy makes a joke, but he does so in a very deadpan manner. “Interesting fact: in France, the legal age for smoking was 11 years for young girls and 4 years for little boys,” he says.

Belgium, also known as the “other France”

Another pastiche sequence is called “Tippy Tornade,” and it features a singer playing the role of “varietoche” who chants “Ah no, ah yes, stop… I’m dancing” to a new grotesque choreography and to the rhythm of music that is strongly reminiscent of the song “Parso on danse” by Stromae (who is Belgian, and not French, eh, SNL friends?).

In conclusion, a sketch appears to depict a specific Coco Dubois, who is portrayed by actress Kristen Wiig and has a figure that is evocative of that of Édith Piaf. She is described as a “heavy smoker who, in 1974, contracted emphysema directly,” and after taking a long drag on a cigarette, she notices a difference in her range of motion.

It is my blog that serves as my show; it is not even close to being as exciting or significant as the spectacle that you provided for us, but the message was easily understood. Begin working on it. I am aware of a well-known proverb that you have to utter.

We have not yet moved on to the letter M. Because of this, I’m going to investigate one M word that might appear in some form or another across the entirety of this blog.

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Author Benoit Clerc dissects, discusses, and analyzes the process of writing and recording each and every tune, and page after page displays fascinating and often rarely seen photos of the band. In addition, the author provides a comprehensive analysis of the work.

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Due to the fact that it is about the songs, the fact that it is classified under the “music” M word is self-explanatory. I will freely admit that, up until very recently, the musical side of Queen was never that essential to me. The only thing I cared about was listening to it and having fun with it from my ears.

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