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In Mexico, migrants’ anguish at the Texan barrier

By ki0nk Apr4,2024

Piedras Negras is a Mexican town that is located on the border with the United States. Since the governor of Texas strengthened the barbed wire wall, South Americans have been unsuccessful in their attempts to enter the town.

Reynier Reyes and his two companions are on their way, with their suitcases on their backs and their phones fully charged. A group of young people from Venezuela have been making their way to the United States of America for the past seven months. At this sanctuary in Piedras Negras, which is located in the state of Coahuila and borders Texas, there are around 250 migrants who are hoping to make it to Eagle Pass, which is the American counterpart of the city.

They are making preparations to cross the Rio Bravo in the expectation that they will not be stopped by either the Mexican military or members of the Texas national guard. Piedras Negras has emerged as the new focal point of friction in the United States about migration in recent months. Every single day from September through December, this small town with a population of 150,000 people was visited by approximately one thousand individuals.

However, their hope of obtaining refuge was swiftly dashed when they encountered a border that was extremely secure. There was barbed wire, floating buoys equipped with circular saws, containers, and patrols operating around the clock, both on land and on the water. The mastermind behind the creation of this safety measure…

El Paso, Texas, witnessed a confrontation between migrants, which resulted in arrests for assault and property damage. As a result of this episode, recurring border issues, federal interference, and conflicts between Texas and the administration of Vice President Joe Biden have been brought to light.

The rise in border crossings strengthened Trump’s position, forced Vice President Biden to take a defensive stance, and brought to light an antiquated immigration system that no one likes.

In order to serve as a deterrent, the coils of barbed wire that were placed around the border of Poncho Nevarez’s ranch on the Rio Grande were installed. Instead of doing anything else, they simply tore at the bodies and clothing of desperate migrants who had made their way to Eagle Pass, Texas at any cost.

According to Nevarez, the fence that was built by the National Guard was both horrifically barbarous and mostly ineffectual. This is similar to the majority of the border-enforcement push that has been implemented surrounding his 500 acres, including the state police, helicopters, drones, and river buoys.

In front of a heap of discarded clothing, diapers, and other items that migrants had left behind on his property, Nevarez, a former Democratic state lawmaker, stated, “None of this stuff solves the problem.” Nevarez was standing next to the heap.

The subject of immigration has emerged as a defining issue for the ballot in 2024, with a study conducted by Bloomberg News and Morning Consult indicating that it is the second most important concern for voters, behind only the economy. During the month of December, federal officials saw 10,000 migrants crossing the southern border each day. As a result of this upheaval, the United States system has been revealed to be underfunded, opaque, and bursting at the seams. Courts are also seeing unprecedented quantities of paperwork.

The manner in which it is handled and who becomes president will be determined by this, according to Nevarez.

The conflict between the state of Texas and the federal government on the management of the border between the United States and Mexico has become even more intense when the governor of the state, Greg Abbott, made the announcement that he would defy the administration of Vice President Joe Biden and the United States Supreme Court by ordering the installation of even more razor wire to discourage migration.

On Monday, the Supreme Court of the United States voted 5-4 in support of the federal government’s authority to remove the controversial concertina wire that had been put along parts of the border in Texas because Abbott had directed it to be removed. In spite of this, Abbott, a deeply conservative Republican, is stepping up his efforts to try to construct a fence around portions of the border between the United States and Mexico.

Furthermore, this week before the Supreme Court, federal officials were given additional assurance that they are permitted to remove the razor wire. This is because the enforcement of immigration law falls under the jurisdiction of the federal government. On the other hand, Abbott has contended that there was nothing that could stop him from using his authority to order the Texas National Guard to continue laying down further razor wire. In the end, the national guard is a component of the United States military, and the president of the United States serves as the commander-in-chief. However, with the exception of certain circumstances in which the president expressly assumes leadership of the federal government, the national guard in each state is directed to carry out its duties by the governor of that state.

In the case of Arizona v. United States, which was heard by the Supreme Court in 2012, it was established that immigration matters are officially the responsibility of the federal government, and not of individual states. According to his argument, Abbott has repeatedly claimed the invasion clause, which is effectively a loophole, in the constitutions of both the United States and Texas. He has compared migrants to a public foreign adversary, which gives him the authority to enforce border security and immigration concerns.

In a statement, Fatma Marouf, a law professor at Texas A&M University’s School of Law and the head of the immigrant rights clinic, stated that Abbott’s move to lay down additional wire “seems to defy the purpose of the supreme court’s order.”

Marouf stated that the Supreme Court had ruled in favor of “the federal government to continue its control of the border area after the decision was made.”

The requirement that authorities from the United States Customs and Border Protection be able to approach the bank of the river in order to help migrants was the primary topic of the briefing. People were said to have died as a result of becoming trapped in the wire, according to reports. Therefore, continuing to lay the wire is a significant step that undermines the objective of the injunction.

Abbott accused Vice President Joe Biden of using taxpayer resources to “tear open” the border in a statement that was released on Wednesday. The statement was an announcement of Abbott’s plan to continue going around the federal government, which is being challenged in court.

It is clear that the federal government has violated the agreement that was made between the states and the United States. According to Abbott, the executive branch of the United States of America has broken the constitutionally mandated obligation to enforce those laws, which it has also violated.

The consequence of this is that he has broken all previous records for illegal immigration.

Other deterrents, such as a floating barrier of buoys with nets and barbed wire in the Rio Grande, were deemed “inhumane” by civil rights organizations such as the League of United Latin American Citizens (Lulac), who opposed the use of razor wire and other deterrents.

“Lulac today supports the supreme court ruling that only the federal government has jurisdiction over all border and immigration issues,” stated Domingo García, the national president of Lulac, in reaction to the ruling that was handed down by the highest court. There is no progress being made toward resolving the humanitarian issue at the border as a result of the political stunts that are being done by Governor Abbott of Texas, which are costing millions of dollars to taxpayers.

“Not to mention the human tragedy of innocent women and children coming to their deaths on barbed wire walls,” the speaker said.

In the beginning of this month, a woman and her two children, all of whom were from Mexico, drowned in the river close to Eagle Pass. Eagle Pass is a region of the border where state officials physically stopped federal agents from accessing a portion of the banks of the Rio Grande. A fiery statement was issued by Luis Miranda, the spokesperson for the United States Department of Homeland Security, in response to their deaths. Miranda stated that “the state of Texas should stop interfering with the United States Border Patrol’s enforcement of US law.”

The utilization of razor wire is a component of the Operation Lone Star program, which is a collaborative endeavor between the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Texas Department of Military Affairs that was initiated in 2021 with the purpose of preventing unauthorized people from entering the state. This occurred at the same time when an increased number of immigrants entered the United States illegally because they were unable to claim asylum at an official crossing point or by appointment. On the other hand, serious discussions on legislation to strengthen border restrictions are still taking place in Washington.

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