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American bear cub plucked from tree for selfie

By ki0nk Apr23,2024

A bear cub that was taking a selfie inside of a tree in the United States of America was accidentally ejected from the tree. It is a dangerous activity that has been condemned by the local agency that protects wildlife.

An individual or group was captured on camera on Tuesday, April 16, in the state of North Carolina, United States, removing a bear cub from a tree in order to snap a selfie with it. After spotting two bear cubs inside the tree, a number of people can be seen walking towards it in the video that was captured by a resident of the area.

They then proceed to move the branches in order to evict the cubs without any hesitation. While another individual is taking a picture of her, one of them is being carried by a woman who is holding him in her arms. The other person is taking the picture of her.

After that, the cub is able to get away and is heading in the direction of a barrier. While a young woman runs behind him, he makes an attempt to climb back into the tree, but he quickly becomes disoriented. According to the woman who filmed the incident and shared her account with ABC News, “A maintenance worker intervened and told them to stop.”

An individual cub was discovered in a pond, which it had jumped into in order to get away from the other cubs. Subsequently, a specialist from the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission (NCWRC) arrived at the location and transferred the individual to a rehabilitation facility. “Lethargic” and having a low body temperature were the descriptions given to the animal when it was discovered.

Following the occurrence of this incident, an inquiry was initiated, and the National Center for Wildlife Resources (NCWRC) cautioned that a bear cub should not be handled in the wild since it can pose a threat not only to humans but also to the bear itself.

The organization provided an explanation in a statement, stating that it is possible that the cubs were placed in the tree by their mother. There is a possibility that the bear assaulted the group. The organization went on to say that “handling a cub increases the likelihood that it will be separated from its mother and makes it more likely that the cub will sustain an injury.”

On Tuesday afternoon, a group of individuals were seen on camera removing two bear cubs from a tree in North Carolina. It appears that the purpose of the action was to take photographs with the animals, however the act left one of the cubs without a father and perhaps damaged that youngster. In an alarming video that was filmed by an onlooker named Rachel Staudt, a group of approximately five individuals can be seen approaching a tree that is lining the fence of an apartment complex in Asheville. The two young cubs are seen sitting on branches of the tree.

At first, the cubs are largely hidden by the vegetation that is around them. When the group gets closer to the tree, however, a couple of the individuals reach directly through the leaves to grab hold of the bears and begin to tug until each animal loses its grip on the branch to which it was holding. This continues until the bears are no longer able to hold on to the branch. An individual is successful in removing one of the pups from the nest earlier than the other. This individual ends up holding the cub as if it were a young child, patting it with one hand, striking a pose, and smiling as another member of the group looks to be taking a picture of the cub.

After some time has passed, it appears that one of the two cubs has temporarily escaped from its confinement and has darted out of the area surrounding the tree where the group has assembled. The young animal makes its way over to the fence, where it stands on its hind legs, makes a quick change of direction, and then makes another attempt before another person approaches from behind it and appears to be attempting to grab it.

She reacted after getting a tip that numerous people were taking cubs from a tree in order to snap pictures, according to a statement that Ashley Hobbs, a special projects biologist with the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, provided to CBS News. There is currently an investigation being conducted into the occurrence by the agency’s enforcement division.

He came to find the group of people still present, with only one of the two cubs present and sitting in a retention pond on the property of the apartment complex. Hobbs was surprised to find himself in this situation. According to her, it was limping, lethargic, and had a low temperature throughout its body. There was no longer any sign of the other cub on the property.

“I confronted the offending people while I was at the apartment complex and explained the danger of approaching and handling wildlife,” Hobbs said in the statement. He included a specific mention of the fact that attempting to hold bear cubs can pose major threats to both the humans and the animals involved.

“There’s always a chance that the mother is nearby and may attempt to defend her cubs,” she explained to reporters. Additionally, it puts the bear cubs at danger. There is a possibility that a bear cub could sustain an injury if it is handled, and there is also an increased likelihood that the youngster will become separated from its mother.

Hobbs is one of the wildlife specialists who believes that it is more important to refrain from interacting with any wild animal and instead leave it alone. It is important to “leave the animal alone and contact your state wildlife agency for assistance,” according to Hobbs, even in circumstances where a bear cub or similar animal appears to be injured or orphaned.

The cub was taken to the Appalachian Wildlife Refuge Center, which is a rehabilitation facility located in Candler, and according to Hobbs, it is currently doing quite well in its recovery. According to what she shared with CBS News, the cub will continue to be cared for at the facility until it reaches the age where it can be released into the wild. Due to the fact that bear cubs are incapable of surviving on their own, the refuge center will wait until the cub is a subadult. Subadults are bears that have reached the age range of four to six years old, at which point they become independent of their moms while not yet being considered to be emotionally mature.–6627965ac4c83#goto6279

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