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US: Doctor declares 81-year-old Joe Biden “fit” for presidency.

By ki0nk Apr22,2024

The physician at the White House referred to Joe Biden as a “healthy, active, and strong” individual on Wednesday,

following the completion of his yearly examination. Despite the fact that he is the subject of a great deal of criticism over his age and his deteriorating memory, the President of the United States is “fit” to carry out his duties. At the age of 81, he is running for reelection to the presidency of the United States of America.

During this annual medical examination, which was the final one before the election in November, Joe Biden stayed at the Walter Reed military hospital in the suburbs of Washington for two and a half hours in the morning. After that, Joe Biden joked to journalists that the doctors “think I look too young.” Biden is hoping to be re-elected in November against Donald Trump, who is 77 years old. If there are any surprises, Biden will be able to defeat Trump.

As early as February 2023, Dr. O’Connor had already arrived at the conclusion that Joe Biden was “in good health,” “vigorous,” and “fit” to serve in the role of vice president. Following that, a “small” malignant lesion that was located on his skin was excised.

At the conclusion of his second term, the Democrat will be 86 years old if he is victorious in the election that will take place in November. Joe Biden’s ability to govern effectively until the end of a second term is being called into doubt by the American people, which in turn damages his prospects of being re-elected. This is due to the fact that there have been images of the president falling down stairs and statements made during speeches or news conferences that have been ambiguous.

His doctor told him on Wednesday, February 28, that Joe Biden, who is the oldest sitting president in the history of the United States, is still “fit” to exercise his powers. This assurance came after the yearly examination of the 81-year-old leader, which took place at a time when his ability to govern is being criticised by the republican opposition.

Kevin O’Connor, the physician at the White House, stated that the President of the United States “continues to be fit to exercise his functions and fully assumes all of his responsibilities without any exemption or accommodation.”

The conclusion reached by his longstanding physician, which was included in a letter that was distributed by the White House, was that “President Biden is a healthy, active, and strong 81-year-old man.”

One of the special prosecutors who was in charge of examining a case involving sensitive papers that the President of the United States of America had in his possession decided not to pursue legal action against him at the beginning of February. The special prosecutor explained, among other things, that a jury would be reluctant to condemn a “elderly man to the wrong memory.”

Following this, the Biden camp strongly condemned the statements as “gratuitous” and “inappropriate.” As a matter of fact, the president hastily called a meeting of the press and declared, “I’m an old man and I know what I’m doing, damn it.” I do not have any issues with my memory.”

During the course of his discussions with the president, this special prosecutor gave the assurance that the president had forgotten the date of the passing of his eldest son Beau.

Figures from the conservative camp then asked for the introduction of the 25th amendment to the Constitution, which allows the president’s powers to be terminated if the latter is no longer able to assume them. This amendment was proposed by representatives of the conservative camp.

In a statement made by Mike Johnson, the leader of the Republican elected members in the House of members, it was stated that “when we do not have the faculties required to be judged (…), we certainly do not have the faculties required to be in the Oval Office.”

In spite of the fact that he is practically certain to win the nomination for the Republican Party in November, Donald Trump continues to make fun of his opponent by calling him “Sleepy Joe” and making fun of his timid attitude. The former president, who is not free of slips of the tongue or uncertainty in his talks, also commented on February 14 that “Biden is not too old, he is too incompetent!” Biden is not too old when it comes to his incompetence.

The current president defended himself by asserting that he is more powerful “than the other guy” in a televised interview that took place on Monday. The discussion was directed toward Donald Trump, who is four years younger than the current president.

Trump published a brief letter from his physician on November 20, the same day that Joe Biden celebrated his 81st birthday. In the letter, Trump stated that he was in “excellent” health, that he had lost weight (without mentioning how much weight he had lost), and that the results of his cognitive test were “exceptional.”

A survey conducted by NBC found that 76 percent of respondents were concerned about Joe Biden’s physical and mental competence to serve a second term, whereas only 48 percent of respondents were concerned about Donald Trump’s ability to do so.

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