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Eight unique Madrid escape rooms to beat boredom

By ki0nk Mar22,2024

Demonic nuns, job interviews that go easily, or outdoor enigmas to get to know the capital are all examples of aspects that highlight the eclectic nature of a kind of leisure that has ceased to be fashionable and has become an established alternative.

Some of the businesses that have flourished the most in Madrid over the past few years include Argentine empanada restaurants and butcher houses, but escape rooms are among the most popular of these establishments. Nevertheless, considering that the oldest ones are already more than a decade old and that a significant number of them have survived a pandemic, it appears that the phenomena has managed to avoid being labeled as “fashion” and has instead established itself as an additional leisure alternative.

We do this for those individuals who are not very interested in the most recent forms of leisure, despite the fact that explaining the notion may appear to be unneeded at this moment in time – there is even a movie that is based on its premise. It is described as “an activity that takes place in a place with one or several rooms, which are full of puzzles to solve and strange objects,” as stated on the website of Cubick, which is one of the most successful companies in the city.

Even though we have not yet entered our room and the time is not yet running out, there are instances in which the personnel will welcome us with a polite greeting, just like they would in any other business. However, there are also instances in which the experience begins with simply entering the front door. It is possible to find escape rooms that are horrific, themed, historical, and even comedic.

The figure of the game director or master, who is a guide who is frequently also the most formidable adversary of the players, the resolution of puzzles through material things (some players had better be skilled with padlocks), and the ultimate goal of escaping the room in which the group has been confined are all characteristics that almost all of them have in common. On the other hand, as we will see in the following section, there are no rules or features that have been chiseled into stone.

In the following, we have compiled a list of several of the most intriguing and sophisticated escape rooms in Madrid, with the intention of having a good time while having a little bit of a terrible time. We have provided just the perfect amount of information so as to avoid falling into spoilers that produce surprises and interest.

The most traditional type of escape room is a prison or cell. Consequently, convincing and impressing based on this theme has an additional merit that is worth considering. It is accomplished to a high degree by this one from BrainBreak. The idea behind this is straightforward: the most dangerous inmate at Isla Negra Prison is making preparations to flee the facility.

Following the acquisition of the prison schematics, he has meticulously crafted a strategy to escape from the facility. It is a fortunate turn of events that officials in charge of the prison have been successful in removing him from his cell, using the fictitious justification of conducting an unexpected questioning on him. During the time that the prisoner is being detained, it is the responsibility of the players to infiltrate his cell and locate the plans. A space that is uncomplicated and efficient, comparable to a delicious dish of bravas that can be found in any bar.

They are experts in shock therapy, which is what they do at Shock. A sense of mystery and, if we may use the word, “uneasy” mood permeates each of its chambers. The most exciting element of the event is unquestionably La Santa, in which participants are required to escape from a demonic nun, which is the only thing that is more terrible than a nun.

This escape room, which is located in a dark area named Santa Clara Abbey, stands out for its ability to integrate tale, funk, and puzzles. Its evident influence comes from the character from the movie The Warren File and The Nun. According to the website for Ocio dread, the game is a real recital of dread to which its creators devoted more than two years of preparation between the narrative, setting, and the elaboration of the riddles.

The search for employment is one of the most stressful and laborious processes that can be found in the world. The best thing about this escape room is that once you make it through it, every job interview will feel like a piece of cake. You can say goodbye to those jitters that can play tricks on you at such a crucial moment. Within the confines of this Cubick room, a well-known corporation is looking to fill a few position openings in its personnel.

Obtaining big rewards requires a high level of credentials as well as a strong desire to put in a lot of effort. The fact that this is not a conventional organization and that there is something terrible hiding behind the selection process is something that will not take long to find. It is something that is even more sinister than an interview in which they do not disclose your wage or the working circumstances that you will be subjected to.

In this escape room at Escape College, which is “based on real events,” we are transported to the time of the Industrial Revolution. Up to the time that Nikola Tesla, an employee of Thomas Edison’s electrical company, began to establish a name for himself in Europe, the company had no competitors. Having been disregarded by Edison, he goes on to establish his own business, which is founded on a ground-breaking new innovation known as alternating current.

Consequently, this marks the beginning of the Current War, in which Edison gets concerned with demonstrating how hazardous alternating current is by utilizing it to burn various kinds of animals alive in front of enormous audiences. Tesla comes to the conclusion that he should take things a step further by developing the electric chair. An individual from the team will be taken captive in this chamber so that he can be subjected to various experiments. The objective of the expedition will be to save him and get away from the electrical system that Edison has designed. A journey in which sparks shoot through the air.

Night at the Museum, a legendary film that was a part of the youth of an entire generation, taught us that these seemingly immovable settings actually conceal a wide variety of secrets and mysteries. The EXIT room, which is a true institution in the world of escape rooms and has a history that is getting close to ten years, makes use of a similar principle. On this particular occasion, the guard is the one who departs, leaving us confined within an exhibition. The game is based on the history of the Duque Contemporary Culture Center, which is the location where the game is currently being played.

We have a problem, Madrid: the Altair shuttle has sustained significant structural damage as a result of an emergency landing on the moon. It is necessary for players to repair them in order to return to Earth before they run out of oxygen… Additionally, BrainBreak supports topics that are not commonly used in the world of escape rooms, such as traveling across space. A technical room that is devoid of keys and padlocks (which is clumsy because this is our property), but is packed with mysteries. This room is a fantastic step for escape rooms because of its carefully calibrated level of difficulty and its careful atmosphere beyond the atmosphere. All of these factors combine to make this room an unsettling walk for man.

A room at Escape College in which the originality lies in the fact that it is a return to the beginning: there is no tale, only the resolution of enigmas (what those who are knowledgeable about the subject call the “Budapest style”). A white room, resembling a town in the Sierra de Cadiz, is where players enter the game. In it, there are very few components that do not appear to have any logical connection to one another. The team must use their mental agility to solve the difficult challenge, which only has three clues. To be able to act fast, it is necessary to think slowly. Given that there is no prior information about what is going to be found within the room, with the exception of a few brief instructions on how to play the game, the primary mystery is figuring out what the mystery is.

An escape room that is located outside? Despite the fact that they are not rooms, they do exist; they are referred to as street escapes, and the pandemic has led to an increase in the demand for them. This one from Enigma Exprés is without a doubt the most emblematic of Madrid, mostly due to the fact that it provides an unrivaled opportunity to become acquainted with the city itself. Due to the fact that it has been so successful, it is today split into two halves, each of which has a different route. The two events bring us back to May of 1808, when the people of Madrid came together to free themselves from the occupation by Napoleon. During this journey to the era of Francisco de Goya and Lucientes, our primary purpose is to ensure that the trajectory of history does not undergo any significant shifts. Having a nice time outside that is loaded with adrenaline and at the same time successfully defeating the French once more—what else could you possibly ask for?

Escape rooms with a specific theme, which are based on works of popular culture such as books, television programs, or movies, are something that can be fed to them independently. Despite the fact that they do not typically stand out for having the most intricate riddles or the most suggestive settings, they are a great thrill for fans of the work that is being referenced. For once, they feel like the protagonists of their own obsessions, as if they were that character that they adore so much.

There are a number of significant examples, such as The Last Hope, which takes place in the Star Wars universe, and The Magic (Platform 9 3/4), which is a trip to Hogwarts and the world of Harry Potter. Both of these examples are excellent examples. Our most recent geek guide provides you with additional information regarding these and other rooms that are reserved for daring fans who, for a day, have the opportunity to assume the role of their favorite heroes and heroines.–65fd1a4c30e31#goto5509—-qatar-656204093

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