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View Halle Bailey’s Sweet Moment with Halle Berry

By ki0nk Feb27,2024
View Halle Bailey's Sweet Moment with Halle Berry

Over the course of the weekend, Halle Berry and Halle Bailey shared a tender moment, and they wanted to make sure that the internet witnessed it.

Both of the women were there at the home opening for the Los Angeles Galaxy, which was played against Inter Miami at Dignity Health Sports Park in California on Sunday. Following the star-studded event, Bailey posted a snapshot from their interaction on social media. The photo was taken during the event.

The Little Mermaid actress tweeted, “My night was made tonight i was so nervous with the icon @halleberry ✨,” as the description for the post on X, which was once known as Twitter.

When the photographs are taken, the two women are seen smiling for the camera while standing shoulder to shoulder. Berry is seen in one of the shots holding Bailey close to her while she is being filmed saying something to the camera.

In the comments section, there were a lot of admirers who were happy that the two of them were finally able to snap a picture together.

One fan commented in the responses, “I didn’t know that I needed this crossover sooooo badly,” and other fans echoed this sentiment.

“So glad you 2 were able to take a picture this time, so iconic,” another person commented.

Bailey and Berry, together with their respective partners, DDG and Van Hunt, were present at the sports event.

It has been a long time coming for the photo opportunity to be presented to the 57-year-old Oscar winner and the 23-year-old star of The Color Purple. Because of the striking similarity between their names, the two have been subjected to confusion on social media.

In 2019, when it was announced that Bailey was going to play the role of Ariel in the live-action adaptation of the Disney classic, fans were quick to confuse their names when they expressed their excitement at the news.

Berry moved to Twitter in order to put an end to the rumors and to offer her congratulations to the young actor so that she could get ready for her major role.

In the event that you required a reminder… Halles, get something done. Berry congratulated Chloexhalle on the incredible opportunity that has been presented to her, and we are looking forward to seeing what she does.

A response was written by Bailey, which stated, “This means the world.” I’m delighted to share names with you, and I must add that I love you very much.

Bailey revealed the story of how she first met the actress who had won an Academy Award at the 93rd Academy Awards, which took place the previous year.

“She treated me with such kindness. I couldn’t help but say, “Oh my goodness, I love you!” The statement was made by Bailey on the show Live with Kelly and Mark. “She has always been really supportive to me on social media, so we have had a few exchanges through our inboxes, but it was the first time that I had the opportunity to officially meet her. Furthermore, she is akin to an angel.

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