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Gaza strikes: Washington threatens to cut Israel’s military aid

By ki0nk May11,2024

The Israeli army shelled Gaza on Thursday as the US vowed for the first time to cancel arms transfers to Israel if a big offensive in the overpopulated city of Rafah occurred. Around 80,000 Palestinian refugees have evacuated Rafah since May 6, according to the UN agency.

The Israeli army bombarded Gaza on Thursday as the US vowed for the first time to block arms transfers to Israel if a big offensive in Rafah, near the border, occurred. Egyptian. It’s the sharpest warning from the US, Israel’s closest ally and key weaponry supplier, over its conflict sparked by Hamas’ murderous attack on Israeli soil on October 7.

Army infrastructure targeted by IDF

This warning comes during indirect discussions between Israel and Hamas via Qatar, Egypt, and the US in Cairo on Wednesday to achieve a truce and avoid an attack in Rafah. Israeli activities in Rafah and its crossing point “aim to hinder the efforts of mediators,” claimed Hamas political bureau member Ezzat al-Rishq on Thursday.

AFP reporters reported frequent artillery fire Thursday in Rafah, near the southern point of the Gaza Strip. “Tanks and jets are firing,” said Rafah resident Tarek Bahloul on a lonely street. “Every minute we hear a rocket and we don’t know where it will land.” Israel said it hit Hamas military facilities in Zeitoun, including sniper sites.

Israel finds Joe Biden’s threat “very disappointing

In the case of a big Gaza Strip offensive in Rafah, Israel’s ambassador to the UN called US President Joe Biden’s warning to cease arms deliveries “difficult to hear and very disappointing” on Thursday.

Gilad Erdan told Israeli public radio, “This is a very hard and disappointing statement to hear from a president to whom we have been grateful since the start of the war” with Hamas. He said, “It is quite clear that any pressure on Israel, any restriction imposed on it, even from close allies concerned about our interests (…) gives hope” to Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iran.


Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister, threatens to launch a ground offensive on Rafah, where Israel claims the final Hamas battalions are hiding and where 1.4 million Palestinians, most displaced by the war, live. President Joe Biden told CNN that “civilians were killed in Gaza because of” American airstrikes, setting the first criteria for military aid to Israel, a staunch US ally.

Joe Biden claimed, “If they enter Rafah, I will not deliver to them the weapons that have always been used (…) against cities,” as the Israeli army prepared a “limited” operation in Rafah, leaving the UN to fear a “bloodbath”. In response, Israel’s UN envoy told Israeli public radio on Thursday that the warning was “difficult to hear and very disappointing.” After Israel ordered Palestinians in the east of Rafah to evacuate on May 6, the UN agency for Palestinian refugees said that 80,000 people had evacuated.

Last week, a senior US official stated on condition of anonymity that Israel will not receive “1,800 2,000-pound (907 kg) bombs and 1,700 500-pound (226 kg) bombs” used in the battle. The Israeli army gained control of the Egypt-Palestine border last week, blocking off humanitarian supply convoys. The army said rocket fire hit Kerem Shalom, the Israeli crossing point near Rafah, on Wednesday after it reopened after Hamas attacks on Sunday.

“Blind shell fire”

Israeli forces maintained their “targeted operations” on Wednesday on the Gaza side of the eastern Rafah crossing point due to “terrorists operating in the area.” “We’re terrified. Mouhanad Ahmad Qishta, a resident of eastern Rafah, told AFP that the occupying army continued to fire shells on communities and intensify airstrikes. He continued, “Even areas presented as safe by the Israeli army are bombarded.”

The Palestinian humanitarian catastrophe may intensify because to Rafah crossing point closures and military actions. Southern Gaza hospitals had “three days of fuel left” on Wednesday, “which means they could soon stop functioning,” warned WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

On October 7, Hamas commandos from Gaza launched an unprecedented onslaught on Israel, killing at than 1,170 civilians, according to AFP. from official Israeli data. The army says more than 250 people have been kidnapped and 128 are in Gaza, 36 of them have died. The Israeli army responded with an attack in Gaza that has killed 34,904, according to the Hamas Ministry of Health.

A “convergence” of views

Al-Qahera News, close to Egyptian intelligence, reported a “convergence” of views on mediation talks in Cairo. An Israeli official said Benjamin Netanyahu and CIA Director William Burns met in Jerusalem on Wednesday to negotiate a “pause” in military operations in the southern Gaza Strip in return for hostages.

Hamas approved a mediators’ plan on Monday, hours before Israeli troops entered Rafah. Israel called this plan “far from its demands” and repeated its resistance to a definitive truce as long as Hamas, which it deems a terrorist organization and the US and EU, did not fall.élules-franceélules-france.htmlélules-france.184901678–prix-france

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