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Trump-Biden impasse six months before 2024 election

By ki0nk May13,2024

The Republican contender finds it difficult to campaign since he has four days a week of court appointments. His Democratic opponent, who is down in the polls, is attempting to turn the focus of his campaign back to China and immigration.

Unsettling election campaign. With less than six months until the US presidential election, Joe Biden and Donald Trump are virtually certainties in their electoral positions. The duelists don’t seem to be able to break the spell or offer a pledge or gesture that would alter the course of events. Nothing is changing in America due to populism and political fragmentation.

With 3.1 points in his favor in the seven states that will decide the result of the vote (Wisconsin, Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Nevada), the polls continue to show Donald Trump narrowly ahead of the outgoing president. RealClearPolitics reports that when three other candidates are taken into account (Kennedy, West, and Stein), this lead increases nationwide from 1.2 points in the contest to 2.7 points.

On the ground, though, the populist leader is not very visible. He’s been waiting in Manhattan’s port four days a week since the end of April. He is accused of having made payments under false pretenses during the 2016 election campaign, which allowed for the purchase of a porn actress’s quiet on her infidelity.

A celebration of coarseness

Trump is in the wrong position. He fell asleep in court. Actress Stormy Daniels had to endure him talking in great detail about how she looked in pajamas, how she didn’t have a condom, etc. The judge in New York threatened to put the outspoken politician in jail after he repeatedly disobeyed the court’s judicial order to refrain from criticizing it on social media and failed to stop himself.

The candidate has just Wednesday and the weekend left to promote and raise money in order to catch up to Joe Biden financially during this trial, which could take up to two months.

Nevertheless, despite the vulgarity festival and the populist leader’s humiliation, his supporters, who accuse him of political machinations, remain unconvinced. Furthermore, Donald Trump views this insignificant show as a less serious inconvenience than his three ongoing criminal cases, which are expected to be adjourned until after the election.

The Georgia judge assigned to hear the 2020 election case may need to be changed because to a romantic relationship with a coworker, and the case has been placed on hold. The 2021 Capitol assault proceedings in Washington, DC have been postponed until after the Supreme Court renders a ruling. The trial on the hiding of confidential archives in Florida has been postponed indefinitely by the judge that Trump appointed.

Radical politics and negotiating

Due of his lack of physical presence, Donald Trump is relying on his remaining resources, which are political extremism and negotiating. He made a number of promises on the cover of “Time” on April 30, including that he would pardon the rioters from January 2021, order the National Guard to deport illegal immigrants, and warn of possible bloodshed in the event that he lost the election.

Because of his prominence as president, he can increase the stakes for the vice-presidential candidates vying for his residence at Mar-a-Lago: North Dakota’s wealthy governor, Doug Burgum; Ohio’s senator, J.D. Vance; and Senator Marco Rubio, a Latino.

In April, the candidate also requested a billion dollars in donations from the heads of the oil and gas industries, promising them unrestricted drilling, limitless exports, and unblocking support for electric cars.

Biden caught between campus uprising and inflation

In the meantime, Joe Biden and his running mate, Kamala Harris, are scouring the ground in the key states, dramatizing the issues: protecting democracy, women’s and minorities’ rights, and standing up to Trump.

The Democratic candidate has suffered a setback due to the recent increase in inflation. He is currently attempting to speed up the billions of dollars in subsidies that he passed, which are being disbursed too slowly. He wants to speak to the centrist Republican voters in order to rekindle his campaign. He’s gearing up to unveil severe tariffs on Chinese solar panels and automobiles, as well as severe limitations on immigration from Mexico.

Even though he was able to pass 95 billion dollars in aid to the United States’ allies, he is suffering domestically from the rot of the Gaza War. Regarding the pro-Palestinian uprising on US campuses, Democrats are split. Joe Biden is hoping that the summer will remove the tents and let people move past their resentment.

For him, the worst-case scenario would be for Chicago to catch fire during the Democratic convention in August, just like it did when students protested the Vietnam War in 1968. with Chicago’s mayor, who is currently well-known to support the demonstrators.


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