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It is. I must die every night, first great Mexican LGBTQ series

By ki0nk Jun26,2024

This journalistic chronicle, “I have to die every night,” was brought to the stream in the form of a series by the hand of filmmaker Ernesto Contreras. Contreras shared with CNN the specifics of his production and adaptation, as well as the topics that he touches on in relation to the LGBTQ population in Mexico.

Over the course of the last few years, there have been two significant shifts in the content of streaming television that have occurred around the same time. To begin, there has been an increase in the number of international television shows, mainly on Netflix, but also on Amazon Prime and other platforms. Additionally, there has been an increase in the number of episodes in other languages that monolingual English speakers watch with subtitles or dubbing. In the second shift, there is a tendency toward telling more stories that highlight people from marginalized groups. These groups include women, people of color and other non-white people, persons with disabilities, and LGBTQ+ individuals and families. Why not take advantage of these encouraging trends and watch some of the most popular LGBTQ television shows in languages other than English?

The following is a list of well-known worldwide shows that feature LGBT characters and are available to view online. Whether you are wanting to improve your language abilities or you are simply looking for more content that is queer, be sure to add these LGBTQ television shows to your list of shows to watch from start to finish.

In this original series produced by Netflix in Spanish, a murder mystery that takes place in a preparatory school in Spain is revealed through a series of flash-forward scenes that are interspersed with a plot that takes place in the present day and involves sex, love, and corruption. In addition to its challenging coming out stories, the show is known for its complex gay and bisexual characters and storylines, which range from hot threesome sex scenes to painful coming out stories. It is always recommended that you watch the show in its original Spanish language and put on the English subtitles. The experience of watching the show with the English subtitles is inferior for the aims of language learning as well as for the quality of the show itself.

Call My Agent!, which is also known by its French title Dix Pour Cent (“Ten Percent”), is a film that depicts the narrative of four agents located in Paris who are employed by a talent agency. As the agents strive to resolve difficulties with their film star clients, the show takes viewers behind the scenes, where they are treated to a combination of entertaining and serious moments. When it comes to LGBTQ television series, this one does a particularly good job of emphasizing challenges of queer parenting, such as having relations with the sperm donor and introducing a partner of the same gender into your child’s life. One of the main protagonists is a gay woman.

The Italian version of this criminal drama was the first original series produced by Netflix. The story of bloodshed between mafia gangs, corrupt politicians, and clergy figures from the Vatican is told in this film, which is based on the novel of the same name and the film of the same name. One of the main characters is a member of a gay gang who is secretive about his sexual orientation. He is confronted with a number of challenges, including a planned marriage to a woman and a family that is a devout Catholic. It is important to mention, however, that Suburra is characterized by the Roman dialect of Italian, and even natural Italian speakers who are not from the region have difficulty communicating in the language. Having said that, the Roman dialect might prove to be an intriguing addition to your language study experience.

A affluent and dysfunctional family that operates a successful flower store in Mexico is the focus of this soap opera-style comedy with a dark comic undertone. While attending a family party, the mistress of the family patriarch divulges all of his secrets, which causes things to spin out of hand. The series does not shy away from LGBTQ topics and the reality of homophobia, and the primary cast includes a number of queer characters who provide representation of bisexuality, gayness, and transgender identities.

The action of this period drama takes place in Berlin in 1929, during the time of the Weimar Republic. It is based on a series of historical fiction novels that have received recognition for their realism. A police officer named Gereon Rath travels to the city in order to investigate a pornography ring. However, he finds up finding a broader political plot during the course of his investigation. The crazy sex parties that are shown in the program appear to be rather accurate in terms of historical accuracy. One of the characters frequents a gay club, which is a place where cabaret artists dress in drag.

Super Drags is a Brazilian adult animated comedy that tells the narrative of three friends who, during the day, work in a department store and, during the night, safeguard the LGBTQ community by acting as drag queen superheroes. Despite the fact that it was only broadcast for a single season, the show is a lot of fun, bright, and openly queer. Even if the English dub version includes the voices of several of the contestants from RuPaul’s Drag Race, we still encourage that you watch the Portuguese version with subtitles so that you can improve your language skills.

Due to the fact that it was made in the aftermath of Russia’s hateful “anti-gay propaganda” law, which effectively prohibited talking about being queer or promoting LGBTQ content to kids, this Russian web series is particularly significant. Despite the fact that YouTube’s limitations may undoubtedly be readily evaded if children really want to watch, the developers of Here I Come made an attempt to get around the law by creating an independent web series that is exclusively available to adults. It is possible to watch the show on YouTube with English subtitles, and it follows the narrative of a law student in Moscow who is coming to grips with his sexuality.–667bf438ee678#goto8648

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