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Where and how to watch all the ‘Star Wars’ films

By ki0nk Jun27,2024

In many respects, the “Star Wars” franchise is not like any other. On the other hand, there is particularly one instance in which it cannot be compared to any other saga, either inside or outside of the genre. The song begins in the middle from the very first bars, which were recorded in 1979. A ‘Chapter IV’ that would be followed by ‘V’ and ‘VI’ and in a few years, with the introduction of the prequel trilogy (parts ‘I’, ‘II’, and ‘III’), that numbering would change to form an official part of the names of each chapter. Additionally, the prequel trilogy would be named after the fourth chapter. The fact that the original films were simply a small part of a much larger plot was made very plain by George Lucas with this statement.

This point of view has not been lost over the course of time. In this day and age, it is nearly impossible to encounter new episodes of the saga, series, or movies without immediately questioning at what point in the chronology of the series they enter. This is because the saga, series, or movies are constantly being updated. When did Luke Skywalker come into existence? Prior to Obi-Wan, or perhaps earlier than that? It is only with the official films and series that we are confronted with a decent chronological jumble, despite the fact that Disney made an effort to tidy up the Star Wars chronology by deleting a significant number of storylines that were developed in comics and books in a single fell swoop.

It is for this reason that we are going to explain to you today the order in which you should watch the movies and programs that are associated with the ‘Star Wars’ franchise based on many factors. A number of other chronologies, including the canonical chronology, the machete order, the order of the story, the completeist order, and others, will be discussed. Caution is advised because the viewing experience is radically different depending on the option you choose. Let us bring some kind of order to this chaotic realm of the galaxy.

It is possible to see the entire story on Disney+. You may access all of the content that is associated with the Star Wars series by using this category that is dedicated to the series. There are various sections inside it that are dedicated to original Disney+ content, including shows, movies, and shorts. Additionally, there is a vintage category that has products from the eighties that are not considered canon. What is left is for them to make a decision regarding whether or not to show us the Christmas Special. Let’s move on to the ways in which you can take pleasure in them.

The original trilogy, the three prequels, and the three sequels that were very recently produced make up the three major installments in this collection. Even though it is not always simple, there are a few extra series that can be injected at very particular moments. These series are located in between. Listed below is the sequence of events that occurred in the saga:

“Star Wars Force of Destiny,” an anthological online series that follows some of the female characters in the saga, might possibly be included. However, each episode of the series takes place at a distinct point in time within the franchise.

However, what is not included? After Disney made the decision to discontinue the Expanded Universe, all of this was removed from the chronological line of items (although there are some products, such as the Tartakovsky series, that are considered to be among the greatest of the brand), and it was included into the “Star Wars Legends” packaging line.

The Clone Wars is a web serial created by Genndy Tartakovsky that takes place in the time period between “Episode II” and “Episode III.” It is not in chronological order, but ‘The Clone Wars’ in computer-generated imagery can be interpreted as a recreation of the original material.

This one-of-a-kind approach of viewing the films takes into account Darth Vader as the central figure in the story (no nonsense, considering that the prequels were about him), and it provides a solution to one of the most significant issues that arises when you choose to watch the films in chronological order. To put it another way, if we have already witnessed the full story of Anakin Skywalker becoming Vader and becoming Luke Skywalker’s father, then one of the most significant disclosures of the epic, which is that Vader is Luke’s father, does not have any importance.

This problem can be solved by incorporating the prequels into a lengthy flashback sequence that is placed before “Return of the Jedi.” For the reason that it does not connect Anakin and Luke, “The Phantom Menace” would be excluded from the discussion. Even films that are connected to Darth Vader, such as “Rogue One,” would be deemed spin-offs that may be seen independently. If we were to follow this order:

An alternative to the Machete order is the Ernst Rister, which is named after the first Internet user who offered it in a forum. The Ernst Rister would propose that the premiere order be maintained until the conclusion of “The Empire Strikes Back.” But you should go back and include “Episode I.”–667d0ec1c3e23#goto8671—-saudi-arabia-763703114


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