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Joana Sanz’s’relacionadas’ palabras with Dani Alves’ víctima

By ki0nk Mar4,2024

A’reference’ to Dani Alves’ victim has been made by Joana Sanz on social networks, although she has been slow to respond to it.

By “accident,” Joana Sanz discloses the contents of the letter that Dani Alves writes to her while she is incarcerated.

Since Dani Alves was arrested and accused of raping a female in a nightclub in Barcelona, everyone has been keeping a close eye on Joana Sanz. Despite her desire to remain a little distance from everything that was going on, at least on social networks, Joana Sanz has been keeping a close eye on Dani Alves. As for her… This most recent one, which is’related’ directly to the victim, has been really powerful. She has been releasing small things on her networks that have provided a lot of material for discussion. EVERYTHING is disclosed to you!

Dani Alves had just recently been taken into custody and put on trial for suspected sexual assault. As a result of his actions, he was sentenced to four and a half years in prison. This was due to the fact that he had compensated the victim with 150,000 euros. In which it was discovered that he had paid. Everything is really powerful, right down to Neymar’s father. As a result of the fact that the mitigating circumstance of drunkenness was the most crucial aspect of the case, Joana Sanz has played a very significant role.

She has provided testimony in support of the football player for the reason that she has stated from the very beginning that she will always be at his side, regardless of the circumstances. And this has not been well received on social networks and among those who have been following the case from the beginning, but the fact of the matter is that the punishment has already been handed down, despite the fact that Dani Alves’ attorneys still have the ability to appeal in an effort to try to decrease the penalty. During this time, we have witnessed relatives leaving prison with a gloomy expression on their cheeks.

A criticism leveled against Joana Sanz for her statements that were’related’ to Dani Alves’ victim
When he shared the letter that Dani Alves had recently written to him in the’stories’ section of his Instagram account, he was already in a state of awkwardness when he did so. Nevertheless, she has posted a few things in Threads, under the impression that they are not going to get any further. She is aware that each mistake she makes would be commented on, and she has done so. He responds because he knows that you are going to go absolutely crazy over this…

It has been brought to our attention on Twitter, where it has been posted one and a half times; nonetheless, we wanted to verify whether or not it was accurate and… To the amazement of everyone, the answer is yes. “At this very moment, I would take great pleasure in having them grab my hair and pin me against the wall. On her account, where she has limited interactions and the majority of them are to remind her of what just occurred with her husband, she shared that it would be beneficial to herself because it would recharge her energy. it is her.

This is more than enough of a reason for everyone to pounce on him and say that he is laughing at Dani Alves’ victim, because she has been subjected to this as a kind of sexual assault by her husband. Nevertheless, it does not appear to have a significant impact on him, and she has put another note that reads as follows: “More than one person deserves to be fucked nicely. I can’t believe how sour some of these are. We are not nimble!

Taking to Instagram, the Spanish model, who is 31 years old, vented her displeasure and cautioned her followers not to accept the “barbaric things” that have been said about her. Joana made the following statement in a little video: “I was thinking that I should not give more hype to certain headlines that are incoherent.”

“However, it is rather astonishing how feminist they are for certain things, and for other things, they call me what I’ve been seeing out there? “What is the relationship between ‘small girl’ and ‘frivolous’? Is it because I am employed? Indeed, it is.

But then, if I don’t work, someone else is paying my bills or worse things, even more savage things that I’ve heard out there. “In short, they need to criticise us, no?”

The beautiful woman who was born in Tenerife stated, “Another thing is that what I publish on social networks is not my 24/7, and it does not always have to be how I feel or stop feeling, when I open up and want to express my feelings.”

“I do it and when I don’t, I don’t have to.”

Towards the end of her article, she cautioned her 947,000 followers not to put their faith in everything they come across on the internet.

The following is what she had to say: “I mean, my friends know that, my circle knows that, and in the end, they are the ones who are living with me, so stop being guided by malicious or distorted headlines that go nowhere.”

“Work, people, because in the end the fridge doesn’t fill itself.” Within minutes of the former player being convicted guilty of rape, Joana uploaded a radiant selfie on her Instagram account. This comes after the situation.

In addition, she inadvertently disclosed a peculiar letter that the convicted rapist had written to her while he was incarcerated.

As Alves awaited his trial on Thursday, he penned an intimate letter to his ex-girlfriend from his cell. The letter was written before Alves was handed a sentence of four and a half years in prison. Following that, Alves expressed his affection for Joana by writing that he loves her deeply, that he would never be apart from her, and that the two of them are more powerful when they are together.

The message also conveyed appreciation for the model’s ability to remain resilient in the face of the incident. It stated, “Within my imperfection, I learned that I cannot devote my time to what was, but rather transform my energy into what is.” This was the lesson that I had received.As it turns out, you are the person I have always imagined myself to be.

These are the things that I have dreamed about and continue to dream of. I yearn to travel down each and every road with you. Yes, you were the woman I had in mind all along; I was not mistaken. “There is not a single day, not a single minute, and not a single plan in which you are not present to fulfill your obligations.

Every every day, I pray that the day would come when I will be able to witness you waking up. Nostalgia is not about being unable to perform something at the present time. “It doesn’t matter where I am, what I’m doing, or what I’m doing; I’ll always have you. Odd sensations are coming over me. You have my love.

Following the posting of the love message on her Instagram account, the model promptly withdrew the post, stating that she had intended to share it with just her closest friends. “I made a mistake and posted something for everyone that was intended for my closest relationships,” she wrote.

“An incredible rate of change in the media. Are they going to initiate a follow-up on my Instagram account where I will receive notifications or something?

The victim was awarded a sentence of four and a half years in prison and a payment of one hundred thirty thousand pounds (one hundred fifty thousand euros) to Dani Alves for the assault. However, it has come to light that the Brazilian could be released from prison as soon as July 20th, which is when he will have completed one third of his term, according to Spanish media.

In accordance with Spanish legislation, Alves would be permitted to leave jail during the day in order to work or “participate in activities” before returning to jail at their respective times. The nature of these operations is not entirely evident at this time.

Agustín Martínez Becerra, the attorney for the disgraced footballer, has informed Globo G1 that the footballer might perhaps exchange a portion of his sentence in Spain for expulsion to Brazil.

It is possible for foreign nationals who have been sentenced to between one and five years in prison to submit a request to exchange their sentence for deportation to their country of origin, according to Spanish legislation.


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