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Six issues of the presidential campaign

By ki0nk Mar4,2024

When it comes to this election year, what are the most pressing concerns of the American people? And what kinds of topics are most likely to sway people who are less politically active to cast their ballots? Brief summary of the six topics.

The ability to buy things, inflation, employment, and investments... Despite the fact that it has been 32 years since Bill Clinton’s campaign and the famous phrase “it’s the economy, stupid,” the topic is still very important. According to a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center in January, nearly three quarters of Americans continue to express “very concern” regarding the cost of food and consumer goods.

Additionally, 64 percent of Americans express the same concern regarding their housing situation. Casey Dominguez, a lecturer at the University of San Diego, provides an analysis that states, “Voters tend to care a lot about the economy, changes in the economy, and big news about whether things are getting better or getting worse.” This is something that has historically been a factor for those who are still uncertain. Despite the fact that inflation has led to a decline in purchasing power over the past few years, the possibility of a recession has not occurred, and the unemployment rate continues to be far lower than it has ever been.

People tend to view democracy as a very theoretical concept, which is an incentive to vote in order to guarantee adequate representation. The circumstance, however, has shifted as a result of the attack that took place on the Capitol on January 6, 2021, as well as the certainty that certain residents continue to have regarding the theft of an election. An NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist National Poll that was conducted in late January found that “Preserving democracy” was the primary priority of 44 percent of Democratic Americans who participated in the survey. According to Jason Opal, a professor of history at McGill University, “there is the fear of Trump as someone who will eliminate, in some way, democratic systems and traditions.”

This worry is prevalent among Democrats. In addition, two-thirds of Republican respondents in a national poll conducted by Grinnell College are concerned about a significant danger to the democratic system in the United States; somewhat more than half of those who are affiliated with this party are concerned about the consequences of electoral fraud.

Since the Supreme Court decided in June 2022 that the ability to voluntarily terminate a pregnancy is not a right guaranteed by the Constitution, this election is the first presidential election that has taken place since that decision. Since that time, the responsibility of enacting laws regarding access to abortion has been delegated to each individual state. There is a possibility that the issue will encourage folks who are normally less politically engaged to vote. The laws differ from state to state, but a proposal to change a state’s Constitution could be submitted to the ballot if petitions amass enough support.

This is especially true in the event that a referendum question that affects reproductive rights is put to a vote. It is Mr. Opal who makes the observation that “what I will look closely at is the participation rate among women.” In the years after the verdict in 2022, eight states have put abortion-related matters to a referendum. The lecturer emphasizes that there has been a significant number of votes cast by women in every election, even in states that are considered to be particularly conservative.

According to Mr. Opal, “Immigration, immigration, and immigration: that is the most important subject for Republicans.” This topic is indeed at the top of the list of worries in this party, as evidenced by a national poll conducted by NPR, the PBS NewsHour, and Marist. It is not a new idea: During his campaign in 2016, Donald Trump made a commitment to construct a wall along the border with Mexico; however, this wall has not yet been finished. The announcement that Joe Biden will be erecting new barriers along the border between the United States and Mexico was another thing that caused his followers to express their disapproval.

Critics of the current president who are members of the Republican Party blame the rise in the number of migrants to his laxity and the reversal of initiatives that were implemented by his predecessor. During the period of October 2022 to September 2023, customs officials at the southern border were responsible for the detention of over 2.4 million migrants. The total number of people over the same time period in 2018-2019 was 977,509.

During the Democratic primaries that took place on Wednesday, a little more than 100,000 people in the state of Michigan cast what is similar to a blank ballot in order to express their disapproval of President Joe Biden’s continued support for Israel in its conflict in Gaza.

In this election, the foreign policies of each candidate have the potential to sway the decisions that voters make or to cause them to withdraw their ballots out of protest. Due to the fact that Michigan is a swing state, which can make all the difference in the outcome of the election, Democrats are concerned about the discontent that exists in the state, which has a substantial population of Arab-Americans. In addition, members of other communities, such as African-Americans, have shown their solidarity with the Palestinians within Gaza.

It is still difficult to determine how the crisis will affect the election that will take place in November, and it may be contingent on how the situation develops in the Middle East. During the course of the campaign, there is a possibility that support for Ukraine, as well as the costs associated with it, may grow more prevalent.

By ki0nk

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