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Mellon’s goal to rule Europe and embrace Trump

By ki0nk Mar17,2024

Western elites were wary of a prime minister who had previously professed affection for fascist when Giorgia Meloni initially came to power in Italy in 2022. Meloni had declared admiration for fascism in the past.

In spite of this, Politico reports that the far-right political movement has been able to accomplish a number of significant victories in the first two years.

To begin, she was successful in persuading Western leaders to extend steadfast support to Ukraine. While he has taken advantage of the recognition he receives to establish himself as a preeminent figure among the right-wing movements in Europe.

It was Meloni’s efforts to exert pressure on other right-wing leaders that ultimately resulted in Brussels abandoning its plans to impose limitations on the use of pesticides and reducing the size of the climate package.

Another factor that contributed to the shift in Europe’s perspective on immigrants was the pressure exerted by Meloni. Mr. Meloni witnessed a shift in migrant policies, which shifted from awarding refuge and redistribution between EU states to paying third countries to keep migrants beyond the boundaries of the bloc.

As well as this, she continues to have a subtle but significant impact on prominent leaders in the European Union, such as Ursula von der Leyen, the President of the European Commission.

A migrant deal will be signed by von der Leyen on Sunday, and Meloni will travel to Egypt to be there to support her. The agreement stipulates that the European Union will pay Cairo up to 7.4 billion euros to help stabilize the government’s finances and reduce immigration.

On the other hand, Melon’s influence has a great deal of space for expansion.

During the month of June, citizens of Europe cast their ballots in elections for the European Parliament.

The results of the survey conducted by POLITICO indicate that it is highly probable that the elections will result in the enlargement of the right wing political party within the European parliament.

It is possible that the Italian Prime Minister could soon assume the role of spiritual leader of that bloc, which would considerably increase the bloc’s influence in Europe.

In spite of some positive headlines, Italy’s economy is not particularly robust within the EU, which undermines Rome’s credibility when it comes to making significant political decisions. Paris and Berlin are still, structurally speaking, the pacesetters for European politics, with Poland, which under Prime Minister Donald Tusk has become an increasingly crucial role. This is despite the fact that the current state of ties between France and Germany is quite grim.

Opponents of Meloni in Italy have also expressed concern that the right-wing administration is employing a campaign against surrogacy in order to subtly undermine the rights of LGBTQ+ individuals.

Both the current President of the United States, Joe Biden, and the past President of the United States, Donald Trump, will be up for election in November. Should Biden emerge victorious, Meloni has the potential to further a relationship that both the White House and her office have characterized as “positive.” If Trump is the victor, Meloni has the potential to become a European partner of the MAGA movement, but she would be less poisonous than Viktor Orbán, the leader of Hungary. She has the potential to become a “Maggie Thatcher with Ronald Reagan across the ocean,” as the publication Politico puts it.

“She is by far the closest politician to Trump in Italy,” said Marco Damilano, an Italian political expert. “She is at the height of her political career.” “And at the European level, her government would be better positioned” to connect with the administration of Donald Trump, according to the statement.

Meloni is liked by 41 percent of Italians, which is an extremely high percentage for an Italian prime minister after two years in power. This is despite the fact that Meloni just encountered a setback in Sardinia. The question that needs to be answered now is: What will she do with her political capital, and will she continue to align herself with the pro-NATO and pro-Ukraine side in the event that Trump is elected back to the White House?

Meloni is demonstrating that he is skilled in the Italian diplomatic tradition of playing both sides for the time being. Meloni has remained within the “tent” without becoming a European predator “à la Orbán.” Instead, he has been having a growing effect on the politics of the European Union over the course of the previous two years.

When asked about his preferences for the upcoming presidential election in the United States, Nicola Procaccini, who is a co-leader of Meloni’s faction in the European Parliament, responded, “We hope Trump wins.” However, he quickly modified his statement by adding, “But obviously Giorgia is also the head of the Italian government, and she has a very good relationship with Joe Biden, the president of the United States.”

Meloni’s group is making an effort to maintain cohesion with both camps in the United States. She has been flying to Kiev on the second anniversary of Russia’s invasion, and she has also met with the G7 to discuss ways to assist Kiev. On the one hand, she is making a concerted effort to express her support for Ukraine and her support for NATO.

By the same token, she is doing all in her power to keep relations with anti-Ukraine MAGA Republicans, and she is establishing connections with the Trump camp with the help of members of her right-wing party, the Brothers of Italy, who are located in Florida.

While Meloni was in Florida for the CPAC 2020 conference, she was able to rally her followers. It is a priority for her camp to cultivate relationships with members of Trump’s inner circle in the United States. “As the leader of a major European economy, she would be the point of reference for Trump in Europe,” stated Andrea di Giuseppe, a congressman for the Brothers of Italy stationed in North America who is in charge of outreach to American Republicans. “She would be the point of reference for Trump in Europe.”

Especially after the Italian prime minister was recorded whining about “Ukraine fatigue” to an African leader in November of last year, which turned out to be a joke in the end, Meloni’s openness to Trump is bound to create concern among Ukraine’s staunchest friends in Europe about its long-term position. This is especially true after Meloni’s comments were made in November of last year.

In spite of this, Meloni was the one who was successful in convincing Orban to approve a fifty billion euro aid package for Ukraine. This occurred in the midst of a conflict between Brussels and Hungary on funding to Ukraine.

A conference of Orban’s conservative figures took place in Budapest in September of last year, and Meloni was the guest star at the event. As a further demonstration of Mellon’s power, the two presidents then issued a unified statement in which they condemned Russia’s aggression in Ukraine.

Those who have worked closely with Meloni have identified a significant distinction between her and other individuals, such as Orbán or Mateusz Morawiecki, who served as the prime minister of Poland in the past. It is of the utmost importance to avoid crossing the bloc’s red lines regarding the rule of law or giving the impression of being disloyal to the NATO order that is led by the United States.

Adding to this her grasp of foreign languages, which is superior to that of many of her predecessors, as well as her winning and informal approach at international meetings, you have a high example of Italian diplomacy, according to Politico.

If von der Leyen is successful in gaining a second term, it would most likely be in a European Parliament in which, according to a poll conducted by POLITICO, right-wing parties will hold a much greater number of seats than they do in the present legislature.

There is a high probability that Meloni will play a significant part in the decision-making process of this group.

In the next months, it appears that Meloni’s influence on the activities of the EU will continue to grow. To achieve a qualified majority in favor of a second term, von der Leyen will require Melon’s support in order to achieve this goal.

Von der Leyen is likely to get the automatic support of twelve or thirteen conservative leaders if Mariya Gabriel is elected as Bulgaria’s prime minister before the election. This is because von der Leyen is a member of the European People’s Party, which is the largest grouping in the European Parliament. Nevertheless, in order to achieve the 15-seat requirement for a qualified majority, she will require the backing of at least two other leaders who are not members of the EPP.

Meloni and Petr Fiala, the prime minister of the Czech Republic, are reported to be the two leaders who are most likely to support von der Leyen in order to clear the threshold, according to an EPP operative who spoke to Politico on the condition of anonymity.

This is further supported by the fact that von der Leyen traveled to Italy on a significant number of occasions. She visited Rome three times in 2023 and once in the beginning of 2024. She also visited Emilia Romagna three times and Lampedusa, which is a popular destination for migrants who arrive in Sicily by boat.

“Meloni is inevitable if von der Leyen wants to be sure of having a qualified majority in the Council,” according to the intelligence officer. “Continuous travel to Italy says it all.”

The European People’s Party (EPP) is increasingly being perceived as an ideological driver that is pressuring the party to go to the right, despite the fact that Meloni’s right-wing party grouping will not yet be the largest in the European Parliament. In the same vein as von der Leyen, Manfred Weber, the chairman of the EPP, has voiced his approval of Meloni.

Operative members of the EPP discuss the likelihood of Meloni becoming an official member of their organization. However, there is no ban against ad hoc partnerships with the conservative bloc, which is a concept that Procaccini, who is the co-chairman of the group, appears to be in favor of.

“I have a very honest conversation every day with Manfred Weber,” he explained to reporters. In many respects, we share a lot of similarities with the EPP. Additionally, we share a plan in common. The majority in the European Parliament is not the same as the majority in national parliaments; it is subject to change throughout each vote.

In the event that Orban’s Fidesz party joins, Meloni would also be able to lead a significantly larger group of European Conservatives and Reformists. This would bring with it a minimum of twelve lawmakers (Fidesz was kicked out of the European People’s Party in 2019).

Procaccini stated that it was “too early to say” whether Fidesz may join the ECR; nevertheless, he indicated that a decision about this matter could be taken after the election if Fidesz files a formal bid to join.

Meloni, in her capacity as leader of a G7 nation, would be able to preside over an expanded right-wing faction in the European Parliament, which would have the potential to create ad hoc partnerships with the far-right ID group. This would be possible with Fidesz by her side.

As stated by Leo Goretti, a specialist on Italian foreign policy at the Institute of International Affairs in Rome, “Meloni has been clear about what he wants to do,” Meloni has made his intentions crystal plain. “She wants to unite conservatives and nationalists, mirroring the leanings of her centre-right coalition.”

“As prime minister and president of the European Commission, she will ask for things, most likely a much bigger portfolio for the Italian European Commissioner,” a separate official from the European People’s Party (EPP) said in response to a question about how Meloni can use her newly acquired influence on the European and global stage after the European elections.

The fragmented groups of right-wing and far-right parties that make up the European Parliament. It remains to be seen whether this will occur among these groups. According to the official, Meloni will make an effort.

“She will present herself as the informal leader of everything to the right of the EPP – that’s her dream,” according to the intelligence officer.

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