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What is the Broncano mystery? Is it still the same, or has it been solved?

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According to those who are familiar with him, the host of “The Resistance” exudes an air of oddity while simultaneously bringing people together.

It was a little embarrassing that we had a little bit of damage done to our apartment, which was forty square meters in size, when I lived with a partner. His favorite thing to do, however, was to come over and play some board games. Without prior notice, he would occasionally turn up with a friend. I am not sure what he was doing. On top of that, he would be overjoyed if we brought him some pickles and something to drink.

Sergio Bezos, a comedian, has this to say about his buddy David Broncano, who is Santiago de Compostela and is 39 years old. He made the acquaintance of David Broncano a while ago, a week before the storm Filomena. “When he was already a teenager,” Bezos says.

Although it was somewhat embarrassing, I lived with a partner in an apartment that was forty square meters in size, and we had it a little bit wrecked. On the other hand, he enjoyed coming over to play a few games of board games. Unannounced, he would occasionally turn up with a friend. I am not sure what he was doing back then.

If we got him some pickles and something to drink, he would be overjoyed more than anything else. Sergio Bezos, a comedian, discusses his friend David Broncano, who is Santiago de Compostela, 39 years old. He met David Broncano some time ago, a week before the storm Filomena, and he says, “When I was already David Broncano and it made me very nervous.”

On the other hand, a game of paddle tennis and a subsequent supper with comedians Jorge Ponce and Pablo Ibarburu were sufficient to comprehend how Bezos felt about the host of The resistance, a program that has recently finished airing for six years on Movistar Plus+. The fact that he is interested in people is not something that is typical. I am an egomaniac, and as such, I always think about my own jokes rather than the humor of other people,” he says.

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That scene, in which one of the presenters spends the afternoon in a room where the vacuum cleaner has not been vacuumed for a long time, while enjoying an aperitif on a sofa that seats more people than it can accommodate, may be the reason for some of the popularity and notoriety that this Galician with a Jaén accent has received. Because she gives the appearance that he takes what is right seriously, that he enjoys what he does but does not go crazy, and that everything happens like this, as if by inertia, without the need to emphasize that he works twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

At the competition Meter by meter of Telemadrid, which took place in 2006, we were introduced to the Advertising student for the first time. This student participated in Comedy Club and was featured on radio shows such as Yu: Don’t miss anything AND Modern life, introduced the hilarious news show crazy world, and now he does it with crazy world.

The fight against it The impression I get is that he is an extremely typical guy. A member of our team, one of the individuals who decides to join the WhatsApp group of coworkers. It is possible that he is one of the individuals who control stickers, or that he is one of the others who read more than interact. It is possible that it is a member of the family, either birth or adoption. David, the cousin. Those individuals who are able to maintain their composure in the face of the most oppressive of practically all social groupings asking, “What’s wrong? Are you deivid? and give yourself a pat on the back.

We discovered the meaning of the word “pachacho” through Broncano, and we are aware that he is a fan of tennis, Roger Federer, Monty Python, and all of the personalities who are associated with Chanante time. María Teresa Campos was invited to dance by Bertín Osborne, who also drove María Pombo insane.

Who hesitates the visitors almost as much as he himself, who received a mare as a gift from Bertín Osborne, who invited María Teresa Campos to dance likewise. After he had entered the show asking for the Spanish song and without knowing what the moment of consecration in a Eucharist consists of, he told the influencer, “Just like the ones you think are your reddest friends are Albert Rivera and others,” drawing laughs from the audience. He said this to the influencer.

As a producer, Álex Pinacho has collaborated with him for a length of time. A sufficient amount of time to verify that Broncano “does not work on proximity, that is exactly how it is.” that his reputation for being competitive is genuine, and that the success he achieved in his area did not make him insane, “because he was already crazy before.

” whom he does not care about receiving accolades, being famous, or having people talk about him. Regarding a “niche” program such as Modern Life, what should be done? As the program’s tour came to an end in 2019, he was able to maintain his sense of reality by gathering more than 8,000 people at the Wizink Center.

In January of 2018, David Broncano was present in the presentation of the story “La Resistenza.”According to Getty Images, Samuel de Roman
He possesses both empathy and intelligence. According to Bezos, “He possesses emotional intelligence and does not give off status.” Bezos also provides an analysis of Broncano’s success, stating that “David’s success consists in the fact that he created a program not to work, because he is a kind of walking entertainment.” He acts as if the words “I will laugh at her” is the motto that guides his existence, as if it were the sentence that Mila Ximénez, who is highly desired, speaks.

And it is precisely this kind of thing that can sometimes work against them. When he displays that carelessness that is exasperating and that does not hide, it does not matter to me who comes to have fun tonight. After only a few minutes of interviewing him, the actress Nathalie Poza told him, “Take care of yourself, friend.” She then went on to say that she appeared mad and endless.

It’s the elevator chats, you know, the ones that are dull. La Zowi, a trap singer, reprimanded him by asking, “Let’s see, what questions do you have, chufla or music?” It was after Broncano had asked her, among other things, to select the place that had the best Wi-Fi out of all the cities in the globe. she resided, and as well as her preferred river of hers.

The thing that is the most annoying is not having prepared as thoroughly as you should have and believing that everything will go well because it has occurred in the past and it always occurs the same way. A few jokes concerning foosball tables and bumper cars, as well as others about coworkers, aunts, drugs, and other topics, as well as some viral jokes. in order to record the subsequent program. It is a euphemism like any other to say that their job is not exactly to get the most out of individuals who sit on their show, and that “particular” manner of interviewing is a euphemism that some critics characterize as belonging to the same category.

When heterosexuality and Peterpanism are brought together, the result is a parrot hut where quinoa is consumed for dinner in an effort to eradicate preconceptions. The comedians who are straight and who occupy everything, such as Isa Calderón and Lucía Litjmaer, who are also known for their podcasts Deformed on a weekly basis prior to his reconciliation with the resistance following his arrival. In the interview with YouTuber Wismichu, those jokes about Torbe, the director of pornographic films who was found guilty of committing offenses related to child pornography.

The following is what Pilar Miró said to Pedro Piqueras when he offered to give the news on TVE: “A camera takes an x-ray.” It is possible to trick the camera for a few days, a few weeks, or even a month, but significantly longer than that. Paloma Rando, a scriptwriter, claims that Broncano is aware of this and does not engage in deception. Rando also claims that the presenter engages in unusual behavior. In addition, it’s possible that this is the case. That he is a boy who is both competitive and indolent at the same time, as well as a boy who is both weird and close at the same time. It is a pachacho.–65f7d12ad59d6#goto5378


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