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Multiple shootings occur during celebrations.

By ki0nk Jul5,2024

Thursday, July 4, historically one of the deadliest days of the year in the United States, saw three shooting deaths: an armed man making threats in Yellowstone National Park, two ladies at a Chicago house, and a police officer serving an arrest warrant in Cleveland.

Summertime brings with it more people attending social gatherings, teenagers not attending school, and warmer weather, all of which contribute to an upsurge in violence and mass shootings.

The shooting on Thursday in Chicago, which police said resulted from an apparent personal argument, also injured three boys, ages eight, seven, and five. There were 42 and 22 ladies who died.

According to Deputy Chief Don Jerome, after two cars drew up in a south side area, a number of people got out and started shooting at the house. According to him, numerous shot casings from a handgun and a rifle were discovered at the scene.

Jamieson Ritter is the name of the deceased Cleveland police officer. According to local media sources, Police Chief Dorothy Todd stated that the 27-year-old officer was a member of a squad that was sent to serve a man with a warrant for felony assault at around one in the morning. Todd claimed that as the suspect was seen running from the house, he discharged a revolver several times, hitting the officer.

Gunfire broke out in Yellowstone on Thursday as well, involving an individual who the authorities claimed had threatened park rangers.

According to a statement from park officials, the shooting took place at Canyon Village, a location in the park’s center that has a campground, lodging, and visitor center. The statement described what it called “a significant law enforcement incident” that started overnight, although it did not say exactly where the rounds were fired or whether the visitors were impacted.

The message did not say how the ranger was hurt, only that he was in stable condition at the hospital.

A dispute broke out between two groups of teens on Wednesday night, leading to the fatal shooting of a thirteen-year-old girl in a suburban Seattle mall. According to Lynnwood, Washington, authorities, one of the young people discharged a firearm.

Authorities added that Jayda Woods-Johnson, who died, was a bystander who was not a part of the altercation and that the teenagers had left the area. Later that evening, the mother of a 16-year-old boy suspected of shooting a gun took him to the police.

Over a dozen individuals lost their lives and over sixty were injured in a string of gunshots that occurred around July Fourth of last year. Two years prior, seven individuals lost their lives in a mass shooting that occurred at a Fourth of July parade in the Chicago area.


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