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Biden battles for 2024 US presidency.

By ki0nk Jul4,2024

Despite grave worries about Joe Biden’s fitness, the White House on Wednesday firmly denied that he would quit his candidacy for a second term.

According to his spokesman Karine Jean-Pierre, the 81-year-old president is “absolutely not” thinking about giving up, almost a week after a dismal showing during his discussion with Donald Trump. “I made a mistake,” the principal involved admitted in an interview that would be broadcast in its entirety on Thursday with a local Wisconsin radio station.

A person close to him said, “I will be in the race until the end and we will win,” on a conference call meant to inspire his campaign personnel. Raul Grijalva, an Arizona Democrat elected to the House of Representatives, was the second person to publicly urge Joe Biden to “get out of the race” in an interview with the New York Times.

Heavyweights in the party have not yet responded to these calls, especially the Democratic governors, who he convened on Wednesday at the White House and who are powerful players in American politics.

Two Democratic governors, Wes Moore of Maryland and Tim Walz of Minnesota, gave a brief press conference after the meeting with the assurance that they “will support him.” The president was deemed “fit” to carry out his duties, according to the second.

Though she did not meet with media, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who is regarded as a rising star in the party, posted on X following the meeting: “Joe Biden is our candidate.” I back him because I know he’s here to win.”


However, one of the Democratic Party’s largest funders and Netflix co-founder Reed Hastings stated in an interview with the New York Times that Biden ought to give up. “Biden must step aside so that a strong Democratic leader can defeat Trump and keep us safe and prosperous,” he stated.

The American executive is attempting to douse the flames reignited by CNN and New York Times reports. Based on assurances from unidentified sources close to Joe Biden, the two media outlets assert that the former is doubting the viability of his candidacy.

White House spokesperson Andrew Bates stated, “It is false to suggest that there is any thought of ending the campaign.” Even after almost a week has passed, the Democrat’s 90-minute encounter with his Republican opponent, in which he stumbled, looked blank, and occasionally lost his train of thought, has left a very bitter memory.

Donald Trump is leading the country, according to two polls published on Wednesday by the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. In an effort to show that he can speak without a teleprompter, Biden will speak alone at a news conference the next week and in an interview with ABC television this coming Friday.

He will also make stops in two states that matter: Pennsylvania on July 7 and Michigan on July 5.

“Two images”
Following his visit to Florida on July 9, Donald Trump has scheduled a trip to Pennsylvania for July 13. Assuring voters on Wednesday, the 78-year-old Republican “will beat any Democrat” in November. Two pictures of Joe Biden are available. One is that of a warrior, aggressive, impetuous guy serving his country and defending the interests of the American people. Additionally, Biden is portrayed as an elderly man who most likely needs his car keys taken away. Which of these pictures will win out is the question, says George Washington University professor Peter Loge.

Biden needs to persuade his own party to come together as rumors swirl that Vice President Kamala Harris, who has remained steadfast in her support of him, may succeed him. He spoke with Democratic leaders in Congress on Wednesday in addition to calling a meeting of governors, as lawmakers are concerned about their prospects in the general election in November.

The young volunteers who are in charge of overseeing the campaign across the nation are burdened by all of this. “His cognitive abilities seem to have diminished considerably and that is a huge problem for a presidential candidate,” Yampiere Lugo told the AFP news agency.

The North Carolina-based Democratic activist, 25, feels that Joe Biden will have to “throw in the towel” if the polls continue to decline.–66866917e0bb9#goto9010


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